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Wild Wicked Scot Wicked intrigue unfolds as an unlikely marriage leads to a path of risky desire in the lush green Scottish HighlandsBorn into riches and groomed in English luxury Margot Armstrong didn't belong in a Scottish chieftain's devil may care world Three years ago she fled their marriage of convenience and hasn't looked back—except to relive the moments spent in wild rugged Arran McKenzie's passionate embrace But as their respective countries' fragile unity threatens to unravel Margot must return to her husband to uncover his role in the treachery before her family can be accused of it Red haired green eyed Margot was Arran's beautiful bride Her loss has haunted him but her return threatens everything he has gained As the Highland mists carry whispers of an English plot to seize McKenzie territory he must outmaneuver her in games of espionageand seduction But even as their secrets tangle together there's nothing to prevent love from capturing them both and leading them straight into danger A marriage of convenience is a favourite trope of mine and in Wild Wicked Scot Margot Armstrong certainly hits it lucky in her father’s choice of husband the deliciously rugged Scottish chieftain Arran McKenzie Baron of Balhaire However these are dangerous times between England and Scotland and this marriage of convenience is built upon very shaky ground with Margot a pawn in the games of powerful men and the politics of the two countriesThe story opens with a prologue and a series of flashbacks In the prologue Margot is an immature seventeen year old with very entrenched ideas as to what makes the perfect man; and unfortunately for her Arran McKenzie doesn’t tick any of those boxes But she has no choice in the matter and in the interests of her powerful father and her Wild Wicked Scot she is the sacrificial lamb in their machinations to help broker an uneasy alliance between Scotland and England – not to mention the added bonus of money and lands which such a union will bring As the story gets underway Margot has already left her husband and is now returning to him after an absence of three years Their marriage had floundered after only four months when she ran back to EnglandArran McKenzie is a lovely character well developed and extremely likeable and my sympathy was with him all the way through To begin with Margot is uite irritating – although to be fair she was very young and she did her limited childish best to fit into Arran’s world But her attempt to transport her much loved tonnish lifestyle into the depths of the Scottish Highlands was uite obviously doomed to failure especially as she only half heartedly attempted to become the Laird’s lady in truth Margot considered herself to be neglected outside of the bedchamber but she failed to understand what a busy man Arran was with his many responsibilities – to his clan his prosperous time consuming continental sea trading business and the personal training of his first rate soldiers And so Margot runs away and returns to her frivolous lifestyle in England Then after three years during which she has no contact whatsoever with her husband her autocratic father again pulls her strings and she is sent back to Balhaire this time with the hidden agenda of spying on her husband uite understandably she is subjected to a host of suspicious Scots; not least of whom is her husband who cannot believe that she has suffered a complete about turnThere are a number of inconsistencies about the relationship between Arran and Margot that niggled at me They obviously enjoyed a very satisfactory love life after their marriage which I would have thought would have counted in Arran’s favour But no this isn’t enough for Margot to try to build a life with her gorgeous husband so she just ups and leaves without a word That said the problems don’t all fall on her side because Arran just lets her go without even asking her why Then he meekly sends her enough money to live comfortably even though her desertion has humiliated him in front of his entire clan None of this rings true Nor does the fact that Arran is repeatedly described as being ‘wild and wicked’ when he’s nothing of the sort; he’s just a man with lusty appetites for all things and is a loyal honourable man with oodles of integrity right from the beginning – and he’s certainly no push over I also couldn’t believe that Margot’s father would have accepted her return to his house after only four months especially given the trouble he went to to arrange the match Margot is somewhat redeemed once she begins to see Arran as he really is and sets out determinedly to win his love and trust but her character is definitely the least engaging of the twoThere is a reasonably well developed plot which deals with the uestion of Arran’s loyalties but because of the inconsistencies in the romance I was taken out of the story and found this fairly important point overshadowed The author’s attempts to use the highland vernacular – in particular her overly freuent use of the word “aye” – were also very distractingOverall Wild Wicked Scot is an uneven read and is raised to the slightly above average bracket by the character of Arran who is simply gorgeous The story is nicely written so I would be interested to see how the rest of the series plays out Deal Alert This is only 99 for Kindle deal also on BN and other sites The hero is a doggy lover don't miss out LinkAs of 3181745 starsI read this for the Man in a Kilt suare for Romance Bingo She was afraid of him disgusted by him attracted to him Without the sweeping epic saga war components this reminded me of Pride of Lions by Marsha Canham As with the heroine in that one Margot grew up extremely spoiled sheltered and is incredibly naïve I personally am not the biggest fan of reading about perfect people I love growth and journey When Margot first meets Arran she is only 16 and after only two meetings they are married after she turns 18 She is then immediately taken out of her home in England and brought to Arran's home in Scotland Margot is an extreme fish out of water and her elitist ways and attitude definitely don't jive with the clan structure She tries to help in her known English ways but it only works to distance her from Arran's people Now Arran may be completely different from the fops she grew up around and liked but we still she her attracted to him but she doesn't uite know what to do with it because she doesn't know him I liked the fact that Margot wasn't blinded by insta lust and just because she found Arran attractive she didn’t instantly trust him and it didn’t solve all their problems Margot's just too young too scared and too bitter about not being able to marry someone remotely of her choosing and she ends up leaving Arran after only a couple months of marriage I remember that your list of complaints was uite long She could feel the skin of her chest heating beneath his study of her She had to look away or be devoured by that penetrating gaze Were they complaints? I always rather thought them pleas to help me reconcile to my new surroundingsAh is that what they were then? he mused Arran is instantly likeable but while he has about 9 years on Margot he was almost as clueless to marriage He's the one who is struck by first sight and he knows as soon as he sees Margot he wants to marry her He doesn't think about anything else except having her as wife and doesn't think about how truly different they are He's extremely caring to her in the bedroom the one place they do connect but baffled by her in every other measure When he brings her to his home he doesn't help or explain to her how she can connect with his people and disappears for most the day doing work or traveling; he lives his life exactly the same way he did before marrying Later on in the story there is a great conversation between the two where we learn that his parent's both died when he was young and Margot's mother died young also We see that these two weren't modeled or taught how marriages work in a basic sense In the beginning Arran does do little things to try and make it work but Margot's youth fear loneliness and other issues I talked about cloud and create misunderstandings with their communication These two simply married too soon and too young I'm usually a linear person but the switching chapters from past to present so worked for me I loved how it set the tone and gave a clear understanding of how and why Arran and Margot felt the way they did while also adding some drama This was mostly a character driven story and our couple had the major chops to carry it; I devoured the first half of this absorbed into their story I think it was around the 56% mark that the Reason I Read Romance conversation between the two happened A couple lines I refuse to spoil by putting them here are spoken by Arran and let's just say I made sounds that probably only happen at the Cheesecake Factory when they bring me my red velvet cheesecake They're crosses between gasps sobs happiness and heart palpitations The second half and ending involving family and Jacobite drama didn't fully work for me it wasn't flushed out enough Especially the uick and off screen way it was wrapped up ended up feeling unneeded to me because of its lack of substance Some secondary characters could have been fleshed out like Arran's friend Jock and Margot's brother Knox I guess I'm saying I wanted this book to be 200 pages of because I loved the story so much I also felt the ending bringing together between Arran and Margot felt a little off Arran had a uick to anger moment over something Margot did and then was just as uick to forgiveness making it feel angst for angst sake Then at the end when they have time to really have it out and come together there was this kind of awkward lingering distrustfulness from Arran and unsure from Margot that felt overdone At this point in the story and after certain things had been done they should have had a united front Still I gobbled this story up Margot's growth was evident and I enjoyed how she went from a spoiled scared and naïve girl to a woman finding and testing her own strength and mind Arran matured into a man who learned to open his clueless eyes and pay attention to his wife while not trying to mold her into what he thought she should be instead of who she truly was I'd read about this couple all day BonusArran loves dogs and my crazy dog lady feelings couldn't handle it She was suddenly reminded of a young dog here at Balhaire who'd been badly injured by a trap that had been set illegally When the gamekeeper determined the poor dog could not be saved and further would suffer in his last hours she had watched Arran scoop the dog up in his arms and carry him from this very hall with tears on his face He'd taken the dog into the woods and mercifully put it out of its misery She shivered at the painful recollection of how he'd grieved for the dog Not going to lie reading this and then how three gray muzzled dogs sleep on the bed the only thought running through my head was Shut it Down Shut it all Down Any Romanices Hero of 2017 talk is over What a book 45 StarsThis book drained me Cause every time I read a book I put myself in the heroine’s shoes and what Margot went through I don’t know how she remained standing I detested her father and her brother and basically the entire England UghArran was such a raw character After the prologue and first chapter I was firmly on Margot’s side and expected him to be a villain But when I read the chapters explaining his side of the story my heart practically bled And then how he tried to stay strong despite his weakness towards Margot Yet it all blew up in his face? Ugh mehn This was just such a bookThe emotions were perfectly written it was easy to understand both parties It was also easy to accept how Margot changed and grew to accept the Scottish life The only reason it’s not a perfect 5 stars for me is cause I often prefer simpler story lines with less conflicts But I can’t deny that this was a very impressive book This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Margot Armstrong was shocked when her father forced her to marry a wild highlander Arran McKenzie She didn't feel like she fit in in a world she knew nothing about and a life she felt fear right around the corner So against her better judgement she abandoned her husband and returned to England Its been three long years and she has returned in a not so honorable way Her father has coerced her that she must discover if her husband is a traitor to the crown She she has been sent to win back his affection and learn the truth But with each day that passes Margot regrets everything she has done that has deceived Arran a man that she admires and is starting to fall in love with Arran doesn't trust Margot or her return after being gone for three years He had finally managed to get over losing his wife and now she has returned and he knows he can't trust anything she says But as desire flares between them and the lines of lust and love become blurred there is a plot again Arran and soon they will have to take a leap of faith in order to survive the treachery among those Margot's loves the most Plot and Story Line Wild Wicked Scot is the most latest novel from our esteemed Julia London and a great beginning to a new historical series In Wild Wicked Scot I fell in love in a way that I never expected Now I will say this the heroine is the only aspect of the story I didn't like She was really difficult at times and selfish and spoiled especially in the beginning So I had a hard time liking her at least until the later part of the story In Wild Wicked Scot I feel like one of the major aspects of the story that makes you fall in love is how her character changes She starts out as one you can't stand but turns out to be uite wonderful in the end Uncle Ivor once told Arran that there was nothing dangerous to man than a woman No beast no plague no pestilence he'd said jovially from his perch on a rock as they'd stalked red deer Men live and die for them lad You'll see what I mean when you've come of age aye? The trick is to find a steady one and keep her close She changes through the story and she does see the error of her ways and does what is right when it really matters Now our herohe is simple fantastic and sees right through Margot from the beginning I liked that he didn't just 'believe' she wanted a reconciliation since it had been three years and hadn't heard a word from her But we see through the story that he has always cared for it but didn't know how to show it We see the various ways the characters are tested to their limits in this one I loved the espionage theme we have going on here It really added some intensity to the plot and the writing was superb in this one I honestly read this in one sitting it was so dang good Even though I had some issues with our heroine the writing just pulled me in and I didn't want the story to end I am very curious to see how the second book connects to this one But in this you must trust me Arran for heaven's sake you must at last trust me I love you and not because our fortunes are aligned Because in this little lodge you taught me what is important You taught me what it meant to care for someone I don't care about balls and society I care about how many potatoes the earth will yield and how I might mend the hole I put in your shirt and if you will love your child as much as you love those wretched dogs at Balhaire He bowed his head sighing in relief MargotDiah She took his face in her hands and made him look up at her You became the beginning and the end of my world here and I choose you I will always choose you The Cover Such a beautiful and tenderly romantic cover I really love the blue colors and the pose is sexy yet sweet too Overall View Wild Wicked Scot is a vividly pictured romance that is a winning story that shows the tests of trust desire and fighting for what is right COMPELLING ON EACH PAGE Click To Buy On foogallery id24091

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 378 pages
  • Wild Wicked Scot
  • Julia London
  • English
  • 08 November 2014
  • 9780373789665

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