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Adverse Effects This was soooo good although this is not my normal genre I am loving this series I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a REALLY good SciFi romance I will now skip over to the author's blog site to read Cosmic Inception book #3 in the Saving Caeorleia series The writer posted the 3rd book on line for free for her fans THANK YOU Great follow up to The ExperimentHere we get Dade's story He's another human Caeorleian hybrid and he's got some powerful and debilitating abilities since he's been modified His new empathic sense renders him incapable of touching or being touched without getting swamped by the person's emotionsWhen he discovers that he cannot feel Yeseke an immediate bond is formed Let me tell you that it gets pretty freakin' hotGreat world building and plot twists with traitors attacks and some nice setups for future books I was really excited to see book two in the Saving Caeorleia series I loved The Experiment and could not wait to see where author Alicia Nordwell would take us next in this series Adverse Effects is a must read I couldn’t stop and wanted when the book was done This series must be read in order Or you will be lost but it is so worth it highly recommend itThere is some uality world building going on in this book We really get to see how the Caeorleians live eat and the political system I loved that We also are really exploring the effects of the experiments on the humans now turned half Caeorleian Dade has had things happen to him that would break a lesser person The horrors he survived make him angry unable to be touched by anyone and scared all at the same time I am really glad he gets what I would consider to be the perfect mate for him Yaseke is first brought in to assess Dade’s mental state With the erratic behavior he displays its no wonder people are starting to wonder if the man is losing his mind Yaseke is honest sweet and different from most Caeorleians I liked his honesty and pure heart Dade really needs that in his life right now They are a perfect pair Dade all fierce and protective Then there is Yaseke who is calmer and level headed I loved that perfect ying yang combinationThere is great chemistry between the two characters but there is also a lot of trust I liked that because it would be unbelievable if Dade feel for someone who could not build that with him firstOver all the amazing story writing and world building really makes me want of this world I love where the series is going so far and hope there are many books to come I know This book and The Experiment are on my keeper shelf All I can say is Ms Nordwell please write faster Five Shooting Stars and a Star Dust Award Ok Really really enjoyed this Let me explain to the best of my abilityThis is the second book in Ms Nordwell's Saving Caeorleia series book 1 is The Experiment and it deals with Dade one of the two humans rescued at the end of book 1 Dade's a former soldier a BAMF really with a bit of potty mouth but he's pretty fucking smart and a good man He's angry about what's happened to him but over the course of the book he starts to come to terms with itand some good things happen too DSo I love the characters but also there's a fuckton of awesome world building here Ms Nordwell's taken pains with everything; the politics the Caeorleians' manner of speech even the flora and fauna is vividly detailed We make some new friends meet some new enemies Nick still needs snuggles Seral's still a bit of an overprotective jerk sometimes but Ryker still knows how to handle him I love these books I love these characters and I can't wait to go back to Caeorleia Another good editionStill seem to have too many 'close calls' attacked and almost kidnapped kidnappedentertaining but I didn't particularly care for the multiple times of fighting danger I enjoyed this second book in the series At first I thought the pace was going to go too fast but it sort of maintained it's steam all the way through to the climax The ending was a trifle abrupt to me but that's just my opinion I'm looking forward to the third installment which will hopefully be out soon Saving Caeorleia Book Two Dade human Caeorleian hybrid and ex military grunt doesn’t fit in—not with humans not with aliens not anywhere He’s always on the outskirts angry and people aren’t sure they can trust him When he encounters a compatible tziu named Yaseke secrets misunderstandings and attacks nearly prevent the two from making a connection Dade sorely needs Even after they unite Dade and Yaseke face challenges that two newly joined males should never have to endure From traitorous council members to sadistic aliens who plan to sell them as slaves to meeting a mysterious race of revered aliens called Collectors Dade and Yaseke manage to stay together—and even rescue two youths related to Yaseke who’ve lost their parents to the same betrayer Someone from Dade’s past is at the root of everything he’s suffered No way can he let them get away with what they’re planning but Dade isn’t sure he can stop them on his own If he doesn’t let go of his isolation and risk the pain letting others in will bring he’ll never save Caeorleia in time A little less successful than the previous instalment since all the action takes place on planet thereby depriving us of any spacefaring and along with it of any sense that we are dealing with galactic adventures this book doubles down on the intricate world building Pity this occurs not so much by way of descriptions of the exotic fauna flora places and people even the most attentive reader will still think he misses a satisfactory grasp of the Caeloreian society and culture as both facets remain broached on a strict need to know basis than by complexifying the political intrigue launched in Ryker and Seral's tale I must confess to mixed feelings about this almost overkill amount of court and status uibble that brings very little depth to the story of contrary Dade's mating I strongly suspect this imbalance to be the cover up of Mrs Nordwell's inability to enrich the character building and trajectory of her main leads for even though Dade is suitably pithy and entertaining as the alpha hero one must admit that there is not much to Yaseke's persona beyond the token alien soldier and mate This spoils much of the novelty and frankly put nearly all of the fun of having the formerly human character be top dog; what pray tell is the freshness of Dade's dominating decisiveness in the bedroom and outside of it with respect to his Caeloereian mate if the latter hero deliberately or not has been underwritten as a sort of doormat or to be specific a literary peg if not a mere cipher on which to hang much of the plot Mrs Nordwell therefore only subverts the tired cliche of 'alpha alien versus beta human' to fall back on the 'bigger mate stronger mate' trope which unfortunately is hardly less hackneyed on top of sounding weak and contrived in this otherwise strongly put together plot; as a conseuence much of the narrative limps in my opinion The writing does not testify to stronger literary values than those in evidence in the previous story; the most I can state and if this is faint praise so be it is that the penmanship in this book has the good grace to make itself scarce neither enhancing nor weighing down the narrative ★★★ It wasn't bad but it wasn't good It was just okayFollowing on from The Experiment comes this side story about the other human experiment's that were rescued Dade and Nicklaus Although Ryker and Seral make appearances in this story their overall existence is minimal This is mainly about Dade's role on the alien planet and the secrets he hides Nicklaus my new favourite character only plays a small part in this story as well and I hope that Alicia writes his story soon as I found I wanted to read about him and FieoAs it stands all the humans rescued off the ship were damaged souls Not only psychically but mentally as well We start with the trauma that Dade is facing since being bought back to Ryker's home on Caeorleia Ryker has clearly settled in with his new alien mate Seral but Dade isn't into mating or pairing off with aliens He's a solider A surviver And no one owns him I like how Dade wasn't the sub in this story I automatically assumed the human's to be the weaker excuse my stereotyping element against the aliens and to automatically be the sub in the relationship Nope Not with Dade Although technically with all the enhancements he faced he is almost full alien now and with his modifications came teeth bonding claws and other Caeorleia traits that a normal alien male has So this works out perfectly for when a alien male walked into Dade's life and was suited to be a tziu the sub than the isit the dom and has a certain special part about his DNA that attracts DadeAgain Alicia delivers some great action and drama I love those edge of your seat moments that leave you breathless and this didn't disappoint If Dade wasn't get shot at he was being chased through the jungle surviving the desert or surviving the enemies that can be found in his very home Very exciting Also I like the romance and alien mating moments Although I don't personally like stories based from the Dom's POV and because of that I didn't really connect with Dade's story This is nothing against the book just I don't prefer these plot anglesThe politics were a strong point in the plot again And again I found myself finding that I wished for downtime with the new pair than all the political BS Also I didn't like how some aspects weren't covered The build up towards the end was a rush of excitement that left my head spinning I read and re read that one scene between Dade and the General and still don't really understand what happened that may be because I was reading late at night though The story had a conclusion but it was abrupt I do hope Alicia continues the story involving Nicklaus and Fieo to conclude everything that's happening on the planet of Caeorleia once and for allI won't criticise the grammar as I know this is unedited but some parts of the story didn't match up In one scene Dade is wearing shorts then he's wearing a wrap I thought he didn't have claws then in one scene he did Also I thought his blood was red not blue I don't know I realise a lot of this is down to editing and I can look pass those issues because of that reason and it's free so I can't complain ;I enjoyed this follow on from the first book but I didn't connect with Dade's story and because of that I didn't find it as interesting as the first book I hope that Alicia writes about Nicklaus from his POV in her next novel if she writes one but for now I'm was happy with reading about the alien's on Caeorleia Book two in the Saving Caeorleia universe I strongly recommend reading book one which gives the background for book twoThis picks up right on the end of book one but from a new character’s perspective The reader is introduced to Dade and Nickolas two survivors from the experiments the humans were conducting on their own people Dade is angry He’s an ex soldier in a situation he doesn’t understand in a body that’s been genetically modified with enhancements that left him open to registering other people’s emotions It’s been years since he’s been able to touch anyone or he’s allowed anyone to touch him The Caeorleian’s and Ryker are afraid of how volatile his is and ask Yaseke to assess Dade’s mental state and report back Yaseke refuses but sees a person in need a friend When Yaseke and Dade are physically threatened Dade realizes he wants from Yaseke than friendship I really liked this installment More action less heart to heart talking I enjoy a book where actions push characters forward and toward resolutions Heart to hearts happened “on the go” so to speak where the characters hashed things out while trying to resolve the situation they were caught in More cool aliens were introduced in this book as well from the nasty uad hive mind of the slavers whose name I’m not even going to try to spell to the Collectors of knowledge on a distant planet Yes Dade and Yaseke went off planet Loved it Nice amount of external tension between the actions of the Council member the aliens who got through the bio net and the attacks on Yaseke’s family This could have gotten too busy but the author tied the multiple plot threads up uite nicely A couple of Caeorleian children were rescued which added a nice dynamic I usually don’t care for kids in my romances but this worked I also greatly appreciated that both men remained strong and steadfast while being protective and concerned My uirks in this one• Dade and Yaseke are stranded on the desert planet If lips are cracked sunburned and peeling there isn’t going to be a mashing of lips and tongues Just too painful Ow • Still with the pulling of adult males into laps Children get pulled into laps adults are drawn in or sit down on • I’m still not comfortable with the term “little male” I do like how the author is using malefemale in the Caeorleian syntax but the descriptor doesn’t work for me Bottom line Adverse Effects was solid continuation of this series Review cross posted at Gay Book Reviews Book provided by the authorpublisher in return for a fair and honest review Thank you

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