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Bending Over For Jeff Moonlighting as an erotic author Ms C will do just about anything to pay the bills Hoping for a raise when the CEO calls her in a performance review she finds herself on her knees and bending over Performing under pressure has never been so hard Note This 16000 word short story has graphic language and explicit descriptions You should only purchase this story if you are over the age of 18 and comfortable reading about the forbidden acts contained inside This is fiction erotica featuring consenting characters 18 years of age and older Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES only

  • Kindle Edition
  • 57 pages
  • Bending Over For Jeff
  • July Cumming
  • English
  • 13 August 2015

About the Author: July Cumming

July Cumming is a perpetually dirty minded kinky kitty with a penchant for penning filth laden delectable smut It's so raw that her raunchy ramblings come with a disclaimer July's stories are vivid highly charged smut with a twist Ms Cumming hails from the snow capped nether regions of Western Canada She spends the day in her pleasure parlour voraciously typing her next literary erotic endea

10 thoughts on “Bending Over For Jeff

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    Always on the lookout for next great erotica author to add to my ever growing list of favorites I decided to give Ms Cumming's work a try after encountering her stories repeatedly and finding all the little blurbs sueaks and uips about them which range from humorous to downright dirty solid enough to catch my attention I picked up a couple of her tales to give myself a selection but ultimately chose Bending Over For Jeff because it was a standalone story and as good a place as any to sample Ms Cumming's goodsWell it turns out I wasn't the only one looking to sample the author's goods in this tale as she herself is the story's main character who just happens to be pitted against her lecherous slime ball CEO boss Called into the head guy's office under the guise of a performance review July soon discovers that the boss is interested in her conducting a different type of performance and declining his advances isn't an option Though the story overall is clearly intended to be satirical in nature I have to admit there is definitely a very erotic element to this tale as well The author portrays herself as being a distinctively dirty girl who is caught between a gross and appalling situation and her unrelenting sex drive which seems perpetually good to go and down for anything I wonder if she is single? All the dirty parts are as down dirty and as raunchy as you want them to be from beginning to end and the punchline of the story is absolutely hysterical Ms Cumming has a wonderfully creative imagination and truly knows how to deliver I particularly liked her incorporating herself into the story as it gave me an instant connection to the character and made her real If this story is a testament to Ms Cumming's overall writing ability then I can't wait to delve deeper and sample her good further ;

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    45 rounded up to 5Hahaha Oh gosh This story was amusing on so many levels I love July's style This is my first read of hers This short story managed to be both erotic and a smart satire all in one Every indie erotica author should read this and probably every author period I got a real kick out of this one

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    Hot story with a twistAs always July Cummings write hot stories but what will stay in my mind is the the twists in the story Not once but twice she changed my way of picturing the story where it played out When I finally thought that I got it she changed it again It's not just a hot story It's with a twist

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    Making a Living Just Got Even TougherThe cover tells a story but you should never judge one solely by that The blurb is short and I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting but I got so much than I expected Without giving too much away this story has particular resonance and relevance for anyone struggling to make a living publishing their own work It's a seriously hot tale and I found myself becoming aroused against my will Jeff is not a cool dude so I was really grateful for the surprising climax ;

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    This story was hot Very hot It was also cheeky and fresh and full of surprises It for being short and sweet packed a whopping punch that'll have you reaching for the lube or virgin coconut oil almost out of the gate Get this story it doesn't disappoint in the slightest Trust me

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    I wish I had chosen a different July Cumming as my first simply because it's hard to judge a smut writer by her satire Cumming's protagonist is as frustrated as the rest of the indie writing world and the author wraps this frustration into a fun smutty story We are all being held over a barrel by the high and mighty online ebook sellers and the story's Ms Cumming takes it Just like the others indie authors' colleaguescompetitionThe story hit home on many points and it's the kind of story in which subseuent readings will reveal details missed on the first reading the all knowingness of the retailer the instant delivery of any item imaginable the others It made for awesome satireIt's difficult to judge the steaminess of this story though I was kind of ticked off the whole time because I understood the author's point so clearly so I didn't enjoy the sexy parts the way they were meant to be enjoyed For me they were the sharpness of the satire I'll have to read another July Cumming for the full effect Which sends me right back to the one click button The circle of smut

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    Didn't I review this already? This was one of the best stories I read in the last year Top Five no doubt Don't let me mess it up with my words Read it Trust me It's smart hot and a little taboo

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    I thought this was really clever and not the normal short sexy tale I love July's style of writing her ladies have a real way with words Filthy five stars

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    Whoa This book through me for a loop Full of surprises and twists and turns Great writing and great characters This is a must read

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    Fun smutI love reading July Cumming books A short smut filled story as only July can tell I was laughing and entertained throughout this younger in cheek story of an Indy author and her boss

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