Type Talk The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We

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    My favorite book on Myers Briggs temperament sorting I love the insight into what motivates and energizes different types of people No specific type is considered better than another although some combinations are rare Personally I'm an INTJ Introvert iNtuitive Thinking JudgingIntroversion Extroversion how you gain energyiNtuitive Sensor how you perceive the worldThinking Feeling how you make decisionsJudging Perceiving how you organize your worldINTJ INFJ INFJ INTJINTP INFP INFP INTPENTP ENFP ENFP ENTPENTJ ENFJ ENFJ ENTJPS Just bought my 3rd copy of this book 11292013 Lost the first one The second is buried in storage Found the third on Kindle

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    The most readable engaging introduction to Myers' theory of type I've come across Type Talk is to Myers Briggs what I'm OK You're OK is to Transactional Analysis When you finish reading it you'll have the satisfying illusion that you understand it thoroughly

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    Kroeger and Thuesen write in depth about the practical applications of the Myers Briggs type indicator which is based on Jungian personality types Basically they take a complex philosophical subject and break it down in ways that help people apply it to their own lives and relationships They discuss the implications of personality type in all aspects of life work marriage parenting school etcFor my graduate school leadership class I took the officially facilitated test and came out with the personality type INFJ The first thing I did was read the profile in chapter 10 of this book and it's accuracy in 95% of what it said nearly reduced me to tears Reading the rest of the book gave me a lot of insight into interpersonal dynamics I see and experience at work and at school It also put into clearer form many of the ways that my husband and I have worked out to understand each other's different needs and goals I was excited to see that much of what the two of us have discovered about each other and compromised on over the years of our relationship falls right in line with Kroeger and Thuesen's suggestions What really made me think than anything else in the book was the little bit of information tacked on the end in Appendix 2 that extroverts show their bestdominant uality to the world and introverts actually keep their bestdominant uality to themselves and show their secondary uality to the world This has definitely shifted somewhat the way I work on being a socially engaged person I have definitely been going at it using my F trait my secondary trait and keeping my N trait to myself until I really really feel comfortableThemes psychology Jung leadership relationships communication practical self help

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    Fascinating I love how they discuss type watching and teach how to guess someone's personality in a matter of minutes although some personalities may not be easy to guess and reuire many interactions I also appreciated how they clarified that personalities are complex and they aren't suggesting that we are strictly one personality Rather we have preferences The way we reenergize take in information make decisions and what we do with that information can help to determine which letters represent our personality types I'm an INFJ the one uirk is that at times I can be incredibly indecisive which does not match the description of an INFJ

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    It’s good to know Myers Briggs Personality Types and how different people might fit into different personality categories However feels like that such “categorisation” serves like an assurance to one’s prior judgement on an individual rather than providing practical insights on how to work with people in general

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    This book was a pretty interesting read although I found a bit of the information uite redundant It would be better suited for someone who is just starting to get into MBTI

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    Very good insightsGreat book talks about personalities and how they help us relate to others and explains a lot to why I’ve had conflicts and differences with others It’s an introductory book and if you want details like cognitive functions there are resources outside the scope of this book

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    It's definitely an introductory book which is a shame since I picked it up after already exploring this subject for weeks and weeks on end That's not the book's fault though Honestly if it wasn't stuff that I already had a grasp on I would have given this a higher ratingI didn't like how the final type descriptions in the back were extremely short Fleshing out each type would have been a lot interesting to read It was pretty fragmented Also being able to see the combination of all of these letters EI NS TF JP finally meshing together at the end of the book would have been much fulfilling We could have seen everything we were reading about come together I suppose one can still do a rougher version that themselves thoughWhat really stood out to me were the examples sprinkled throughout the book Theoretically I understandunderstood the concepts but seeing real situations really made the content stick Prime examples come from the open door policies in the office the husband asking his wife if she wanted a peach as well as her response the handedness analogy in chapter one etc I would recommend this book to anyone Even if you aren't a subscriber in type casting or MBTI gaining insight into how people interact was worth the read especially if someone were to apply it to the workplace

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    Type Talk is a very insightful book that helped me to understand myself and those that I work with clearly I was not surprised to learn that my type is INTJ What was surprising and helpful was finding out what effect each of those characteristics within my profile has on my interaction with others at work The Type Talk personality theory is built around four tendencies that are natural parts of an individual's personal traits Each individual has a natural propensity to lean toward one preference in each of the following pairs Introvert or Extrovert; Intuitive or Sensing; Thinking or Feeling; and Judging or Perceiving

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    I liked this for the comprehensive overview of all 16 types as well as some things on what to look for but Typewatching is not just about people on the extremes people who are close to the center of the spectrum between their E and I for example don't act like the E or I types described in the book and it is very difficult to get at other subtle differences like that Overall though this was a positive read

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Type Talk The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live Love and Work Отто Крегер ENFJ основатель Ассоциации

  • Type Talk The 16 Personality Types That Determine How We Live Love and Work
  • Otto Kroeger
  • Russian
  • 21 May 2015

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Otto Kroeger having become an internationally known organizational consultant with his primary area of expertise being the implementation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® MBTI® assessment has now retired As a renowned speaker trainer and best selling author on the subject of psychological type he was in high demand for over three decades for his talent in bringing type theory to diverse p