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Lost Among the Birds Early in 2013 Neil Hayward was at a crossroads He didn't want to open a bakery or whatever else executives do when they uit a lucrative but unfulfilling job He didn't want to think about his failed relationship with the one or his potential for ruining a new relationship with the next one And he almost certainly didn't want to think about turning forty And so instead he went birdingBirding was a lifelong passion It was only among the birds that Neil found a calm that had eluded him in the confusing world of humans But this time he also found competition His growing list of species reluctantly catapulted him into a Big Year a race to find the most birds in one year His peregrinations across twenty eight states and six provinces in search of exotic species took him to a hoarfrost covered forest in Massachusetts to find a Fieldfare; to Lake Havasu Arizona to see a rare Nutting's Flycatcher; and to Vancouver for the Red flanked Bluetail Neil's Big Year was as unplanned as it was accidental It was the perfect distraction to lifeNeil shocked the birding world by finding 749 species of bird and breaking the long standing Big Year record He also surprised himself During his time among the hummingbirds tanagers and boobies he found a renewed sense of confidence and hope about the world and his place in it

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    I loved it Being a birder myself it was fun to relive some of the places I've been and seen the exact same birds Neil saw I'm not too sure how much a non birder would like this book but it was very entertaining and I'm glad Neil Hayward wrote about this adventures in his Big Year

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    Loved the intertwining of birding and personal growth Well written Very human Also loved zooming or walking around the country

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    Neil Hayward's book about his accidental Big Year is delightful if you are a birder but is so much If you suffer from depressionare facing a milestone birthday when you realize you aren't exactly where you want to be in lifeif you are afraid of commitment or if you feel disconnected to normal people Neil's book will give you hope and inspiration Neil is funny and self deprecating and so relatable Like Cheryl Strayed in Wild and Chris McCandless in Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild Neil finds his comfort in the outside world He avoids making decisions about his life by pursuing birds to add to his life list then realizes that he could possibly complete a Big Year which he then pursues with a singular passionobsession As he travels 250000 miles in one year and ultimately beats the record at that time he finds his happiness not only through the birds but the people he meets and his girlfriend who proved her love a thousandfold I loved this book and it makes me so happy that there are people that find joy in the beauty of nature and never lose their childlike wonder of the universe

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    Following a Big Year is a special kind of thrill for birders like me Hayward's sharp observations British humor and lively writing style earn this book a place in the pantheon of Wild America Kingbird Highway and The Big Year However the last hundred pages which cover the last three months and the last 30 birds drags His anxieties about failed relationships abandoned job and The Meaning of Life feel repetitive and the crazy obsessiveness of seeking brief views of new birds all seem sad than thrilling

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    This book made me want to do a big year It also made me wish I had gotten into this hobby a lot sooner in life But most of all it made me excited to go birding Highly recommended for birders or nature lovers

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    Not a uick read but the reader does get a sense of the excitement and frustration of chasing and waiting for birds weather luck It took a long time for me to finish this book as I looked up every single bird Mr Hayward talked about So now I am hooked on looking at bird pictures sort of a virtual birder I am blown away by the patience and skill the photographers exercised to take such beautiful pictures Birds are amazing Thank you Neil Hayward

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    A fascinating account of one person's uest to chase birds Hayward manages to mix stories of bird chasing and what was going on in his personal life to give insight into the insanity that is a Big Year As a novice birder myself I wanted to take notes of the places Hayward had been so that maybe someday I could also visit these places and see some of the birds he saw Well written Each chapter gives the play by play of one month's bird highlights near misses and the friction that happens in one's personal life when birding takes ultimate precedence The end of each chapter gives Hayward's bird count

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    I adored this audiobook Birds ❤️ and adventures

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    I abandoned this book I think you need to be a birder to enjoy it I thought the relationship and personal parts of the story were interesting but there was too little of that and too much about the birding for my taste And the relationship part was even a little boring bc we didn't actually seem to learn anything about Gerri as a person or character in the story I just was not interested in all the birding But I still gave it two stars because it's not like it was a terrible book just not to my taste

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    I wanted to like this SO much than I did I think it would have benefited from being about half its current length Some have commented that the relationship aspects of the book were a distraction but I thought they might have been an interesting way to flesh out the Big Year had he offered any actual insight Gerri doesn't come across as anything but an incredibly patient person obviously a nice uality but there's nothing to make you root for their relationship to succeed She barely rises to the level of a character in the book and I wish she had It might have undercut the sense that this book is mostly a catalogue of birds and birders with repetitive assurances that the author was healing his broken life by doing the Big Year He tells us this is the case but I never felt it I think it was a very cool thing that he did but unfortunately it didn't translate into a compelling narrative at least not across this many pages

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