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The Dark Days Deceit The thrilling, genre bending conclusion to Lady Helen s demon hunting adventures, set in the glittering Regency world.Lady Helen has retreated to a country estate outside Bath to prepare for her wedding to the Duke of Selburn, yet she knows she has unfinished business to complete She and the dangerously charismatic Lord Carlston have learned they are a dyad, bonded in blood, and only they are strong enough to defeat the Grand Deceiver, who threatens to throw mankind into chaos But the heinous death soaked Ligatus Helen has absorbed is tearing a rift in her mind Its power, if unleashed, will annihilate both Helen and Carlston unless they can find a way to harness its ghastly force and defeat their enemy.In the final book of the trilogy that began with THE DARK DAYS CLUB and continued with THE DARK DAYS PACT, the intrepid Lady Helen s story hurtles to a shocking conclusion full of action, heartbreak, and betrayal.

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    yeah, no offence, but the covers in this series are terrible.and even WORSE is that it s coming out in november THIS IS CALLED THE DARK DAYS DECEIT and i just saw Sept 2018 so i ll be in my grave until then when will I GET SOME NEWS

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    Another favorite series delivers a low blow, crushing my girlish hopes of the epic finale and heartstopping romance What do you expect from a series that ended previously on a high note of girlish squicks and dancing around the room Right You expect epic conclusion You expect the high to be even higher You definitely do not expect the series to soar into the sky and then crash down on earth with 80 percent of the boring content of talking, walking, wedding preparations then talking And what romance What feelings The high I felt from interactions between the characters in book 2 is gone disappeared into the zero chemistry land I literally spent a whole hour of mulling around after I finished the book, seriously contemplating maybe something was wrong with me and I somehow missed all the awesome parts But then I ran all the events in my head and didn t notice any gaps in my memory This book indeed was dull to the brim Granted, I had my own theory who the villain is and expected to be correct on that front view spoiler Yes, I was correct about Selburn being the Grand Deceiver, at least a part of it, but the dullness of the plot in no way helped me to feel excited about that fact On the contrary, when the moment of revelation came I read it and thought, Boring Give me something, at least hide spoiler

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    Ooops Big error I just read book three before reading book 2 Oh well, no point going back and reading book 2 now because I know what happens So, just review book 3 anyway It was pretty good and it rounded up all the loose ends It seemed a little long but I was happy with the end result of the love triangle The final battle was really exciting Helen has come a long way since that first book Goodman is not afraid to kill off fairly major characters and there are a couple of sad deaths However a lot is learned about the way their magic powers work and the way the book ends suggests that the author could intend to continue I hope so.

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    EDIT, January 21st, 2017 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh This book is incredibly far away HOW can I wait, after that ending The Dark Days Pact Tell me it isn t so

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    While I still really enjoyed this book and read it in a single day, it was definitely my least favourite in the series The magic system goes pretty much haywire here, there s a lot that I was confused about and most importantly while I love a good slow burning romance, I also want that to properly pay off and that decidedly did not happen here in my opinion You think I read three books about these characters to be happy with a single page of romantic conclusion Nope.This is still one of my favourite YA fantasy series ever, I love the setting, the characters, the plot All of that is true for the first two as well as this one, but I really was hoping for in the romance section here Lots of swooning and angst but no actual action, and after three books of pining mostly on my part that was quite unsatisfactory An epilogue would have been honestly enough I don t think that s asking for too much Excuse me while I go be salty somewhere hoping there ll be a follow up novella or something P

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    Review posted on Fafa s Book Corner Beware spoilers ahead Trigger warning Death, physical violence, drugging someone, manipulation, cheating, sexism, misogynistic society, graphic fight scenes, and abuse of power authority.The Dark Days Deceit was read for the theme Reborn Tales For a book group called The Theme Thieves.Lady Helen is preparing for her wedding to the Duke of Selburn She receives a letter from her aunt Lenore saying that she will be visiting soon This scares Helen as her aunt isn t aware that she is a Reclaimer And any of her recent activities.Lord Carlston meanwhile is looking for Lady Elise Thus far there have been no findings Lord Carlston and Lady Helen get into a fight Lady Helen fears that her marriage to the Duke of Selburn will be put to the test As her aunt and many other friends start joining the party Lady Helen is having a hard time completing her Reclaimer duties With Deceivers prominent Lady Helen and Carlston soon find themselves backed in a corner Can the two defeat the Grand Deceiver and make it out alive I have been a longtime fan of this series So I was really looking forward to this installment I am happy to say that I enjoyed it As per usual this is book is written in third person limited following Helen There are chapter numbers and letters There are dates and the year Plus there is a lace like pattern on the tips of the pages The Dark Days Deceit was so tense The beginning from the end was tense With maybe a few nice and peaceful moments And a hilarious scene There was even tension between Helen and Carlston At first it was just that they were mad at each other But then it shifted to romantic tension Which I think was done very well.Some new characters are introduced Lord Henry and Lady Georgina who are going to be Helen s in laws soon Aunt Lenore and Andrew come back in this book A few new Reclaimers come in as well.There was some world building present Particularly with the Grand Deceiver The Ligatus also comes into play And how it s effecting Lord Carlston, Lady Helen, and Darby I really enjoyed all the information and how it fit in with the plot The plot twists and reveals were so good As always I loved reading about the relationship Lady Helen has with those around her I was surprised at the friendship with Lady Georgina I assumed that we weren t supposed to like her The author instead chose to add layers Which I really appreciated Her mentoring with Sprat was also sweet to read about I really like Sprat And was so happy that she played a huge role in the story.It was nice to read about Helen s aunt and brother I was happy when they came back in They provide a good support for her Really great family dynamics The author also surprised me by adding some layers to Helen s uncle While he is awful and sexist, he cared about them In his own way He set up Helen s bank account as he did with his wife.The romance was pretty good to I enjoyed reading about the love triangle And the back and forth that Helen went through I wasn t happy with how the love triangle ended But I commend Helen s strength.I did have a few problems I m kind of upset about Selburn being the Grand Deceiver I think that there was a better way to end the love triangle Also about Lady Margret and Delia s deaths It felt like all Helen wasn t left with too many female friends.Overall I enjoyed this installment I highly recommend this series.

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    This is the third and final book in a trilogy that s best described as Jane Austen meets Buffy A Regency lady discovers that she is one of the few people able to fight and kill demons, which take over human bodies and feed on souls With the help of her mentor, the brooding Lord Carlston, she has to learn how to fight them, while also keeping her secret superhero alter ego hidden from high society English ton It s one of those trilogies where each book builds on the one before it, and makes the story richer and richer, while raising the stakes It also features one of the longest running and best plot twists of all time High octane demon fighting, Regency social politics, angst ridden romance and the best heroine of all time I could read about Lady Helen forever I ve already put in my request for a sequel.

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    Listen With this last book being published in a handful of months and the trilogy being soon complete, I m going to need way people to read the series because it is an underrated gem and EVERYONE IS SLEEPING ON IT.So here s my plea Get on it Please I m sitting here, having just finished the final book, and I want to scream about it to an audience who would understand my blathering, but I can t because a this book isn t being published until November and b far too few have read the first two installments anyway THE DARK DAYS series is legitimately one of my favorite historical fantasies I m always wary of bestowing such honorifics on series that are unfinished However, now that I have read the complete series, I can say this with definitive measure If you ve ever wondered what a Jane Austen would be like if it contained a paranormal supernatural element but, you know, was actually good unlike some well known books I could name , this is for you Everything is so meticulously well researched down to every little detail that I would like to commend Alison Goodman for that alone if everything else weren t also of exceptional merit I cannot overstate it enough All of those details reel you in to the setting, fully immersing you into the time and place and then WHAM smacking you full force with the fantastical elements that end up woven rather seamlessly throughout the narrative How well researched this series is might be my favorite thing about it, to be honest and I love A LOT of things about it, no less the vibrant characters and a delicious, simmering, slow burn romance full of tension and mutual aching my weakness oh no There is something for everyone to enjoy from the thrilling action to the history to the unique magical qualities to the aforementioned romance to a bevy of other great relationships and, yes, especially Helen, our protagonist.Helen s development and progression from the beginning of book one to the end of this one was not only a genuine treat, but earned as well I ve never been fond of a fictional character and their trajectory And it s so satisfying THE DARK DAYS DECEIT as a whole is satisfying and certainly one of the better series conclusions I ve read so far this year Sure, some of the major reveals were ones I called long ago However, there were enough surprises and charm that my overall enjoyment never felt derailed I love that I will be able to look back on this series with fondness rather than retroactive ambivalence due to a failure to stick the final landing I AM SO RELIEVED I will also, of course, be spending the next several months leading up to this book s release politely shoving this series on every soul I encounter in my bookstore thankfully, I get paid to push books on people and it is the BEST because, again, everyone should stop sleeping on it So really Get on it I m doing you a favor, truly.P.S view spoiler There s also room somewhere for an epilogue continuation PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I would love nothing hide spoiler

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    Goodman finally offers us a great conclusion to this urban fantasy Once , the early nineteenth century setting of Bath is painted in many, historically correct, details This is something that has always impressed me, namely the amount of work the author has had to do to gather all these, and then use them in a light hand The result creates a compelling and vivid world, but also a contrast to the fantastic component of the novel Each side pulls our characters, on one hand having to follow the social s of the time, while on the other, fighting a war against energy eating demons who want to take over the world Being the last instalment, much is at stake Still, Goodman does take her time with the narrative, putting our dear Helen through so much pain, both physical and emotional The parallel of course between our heroine s choices and the life of real contemporary girls is always present but doesn t detract from the story On the contrary, it adds to it I also appreciated how Goodman developed the protagonists, even once going against the stereotype in a very satisfying manner.I must admit that it took me a while to get in the book, but once there, I couldn t stop Compared to the previous two instalments, this one pales a little, but I still enjoyed it enormously.

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    This had a lot of elements I enjoyed, starting with the little details of Regency life of the English gentry, and of Bath in the early 1800s I liked the way Alison Goodman contrasted all the rules governing the gentry s interactions with the urgent needs of the member of the Dark Days Club to investigate and stop the work of the Grand Deceivers and other Deceivers I actually enjoyed how Helen chafed at having to pick fabrics and dishware for her upcoming marriage to Selburn when she clearly needed and wanted to be doing far interesting and necessary things It was great how Helen continued to learn how to use her abilities, and how Carlston did not see her or Darby as lesser beings because of their gender And though the plot moved along at swiftly, I found myself feeling less engaged while reading this last installment of Helen s story, than I had with book 1 My reaction to this book was actually a little positive than my reaction to book 2, but something still detracted from my experience, so instead of the 4.5 stars I was hoping to give this book, I m currently vacillating between 3.5 and 4 stars.

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