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Caveman Surviving a plane crash was a miracle but what happened next defied all logic Flying to Miami for a photo shoot make up artist Janet Delgrange’s plane crashes in a freak electrical storm instantly killing the pilots and five other passengers The survivors some of whom are injured discover the world is not what it should be Photographer Philippe Fey sees strange and unusual things through the lens of his camera creatures and people that look primitive Archaeologist Amy Sandhurst discovers a cave near Cactus Hill Virginia The drawings on the ceiling baffle her leaving her to believe whoever painted a Twitter username amongst images of mastodons had to be playing a joke After further analysis she realizes they were written nearly ten thousand years ago The survivors are not alone traveling amongst fearsome giant creatures and the Clovis people who seem the most puzzling of all Janet befriends young Punda whose father Gundre is a hunter for the tribe She is drawn to Gundre who watches her across the fire the flames of interest flickering in his eyes Trapped in the past Janet realizes she may never be able to go home again Although this new life isn’t something she could ever have imagined she must adapt to survive That could very well include becoming a caveman’s wife

  • Kindle Edition
  • 246 pages
  • Caveman
  • Avery Kloss
  • English
  • 20 October 2014

About the Author: Avery Kloss

Avery Kloss is finally putting her crazy imagination to good useShe practices yoga eats copious amounts of salad and travels whenever she can With one daughter grown and her son still at home she married a math genius who takes care of the business side of thingsWhen she’s not at home on her computer you can find Avery touring creepy haunted hotels or visiting hot springs in the mountains

10 thoughts on “Caveman

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    A pretty good time travel romance Decent world building Some pathos attending the whole leaving your whole life behind and knowing you would never hear music again for example Decent romance I enjoyed both the hero and heroine I will not be going on with the series as I have read a few reviews and know I would not be happy with where the story goes

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    It is a nice change of pace to have an erotic story set in the past with cavemen rather than aliens However that plot line is essentially what this is Alien caveman Human female human female Female gets ripped from her environment and dropped into a strange new one and has to cope How poorly or how well she does is the spine of the plotAnother nice change is that we get to follow what happens in the modern world that the womanheroine leaves A woman back in the modern world begins tentative steps towards new relationshipsNote No cliffhanger I almost didn't buy the book because another reviewer complained there was a cliffhanger Yes this is the first of a series book I haven't read the others yet But a main plot line and a subsidiary one do resolve although the lives at the heart of Caveman have not ended So these characters could as in real life live longer and have adventuresWell edited with very few proofing or grammar errors Not as much tension not as many unsettling plot twists as I preferI'm torn between 3 and 4 stars; I always round up in favor of creativity so 4 stars it isMy disclaimer I don't know the author or publisher I bought the book and I wasn't asked to review it

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    There weren't many reviews for this book so I suspected it might be another cheesy erotic story from Kindle Unlimited An author I like very much suggested it so I gave it a try I liked it a lotIt's well written with only a couple of typos The characters are smart and the dialogue is funny Sometimes lol funny The plot makes sense as does the science At least it did to me This is the first in a serial so no happy ending till book three At least we hope It's two stories in one Janet's adventure in caveman days and Dr Amy Sandhurst's discovery of Janet's mysterious messages on a cave wall Awesome plot right? It really is Each gal has her own adventure and love story It has sex scenes but not too explicit No rape or anything you might expect from a caveman I'm ready for book two Hope it is just as good

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    I'm sick of authors stopping books when the story isn't finished in order to make you buy the next book Seeing how this has become a common occurrence these days I refuse to rate stories like this higher than one star I don't care if I like the half uarter? of the story before it stopped A true series has a proper ending it doesn't just cut off The novel is entertaining totally unbelievable I am reading the next book in the series I borrowed it off I'm not paying for this stuff It's stupid it's not romantic in the least sorry but stinking wildly hairy men are not a turn on nor is not having soap or being able to wash properly But still it's an easy entertaining read I'm curious to see where the author takes the characters in both timelines

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    Caveman is the first book I've read from Avery Kloss and I uite enjoyed It didn't caught my attention from the very beginning but in the end I loved all the pre historic setting and stuff I've always loved it The mix of present and past time narration gave it a really nice pace to the story changing the atmosphere and making it interesting I really thought it was the end when it finished but after reading the teaser of Caveman 2 I can say that things has started to look even promising

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    I liked the premises behind the book I did enjoy the present and past stories What I didn't like major spoilers the h claimed to be in love with the love of her life but hops in bed with caveman and doesn't even flinch about going into lust with an audience It just doesn't ring realistic or it goes against her character The whole bunch went native pretty uickly The second h came off as just as flighty She was in lust love with three different men over this book I stayed engaged in the book but I finally decided after all the lustlove swapping this series is not for me

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    CliffhangerI am only giving this book 4 stars due to the fact that it is a cliffhanger I really wish the authors would post this information so that I can decide if I want to get the first book I am not a big fan of time travel books but this was a good story I am undecided if I am going to purchase the rest of the series

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    This was intriguing and uniue read that was definitely on its own for being different One I am on the preverbal fence on how to write this review Overall not bad but could use some help Review will be live on my blog in September with the positives and negatives that this book had

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    So if you want to read a book about time travel and the what if it could happen this is it She travels back in time and meets someone in the age of the cave men Some how it sucked me in and the story line intriued me because I'm reading the second one now

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    odd sexy interesting confusing amazing lol a lot of feelings went into this one it was good hott sexy yummy but some parts confused me and kept me wondering what just happened lol i am glad i read it and i can't wait to read the rest of the series to see what happens

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