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Lambs of God Something a bit different and plenty of laugh out loud moments I read this book over 20 years ago when I was first published With a tv series about to be shown I decided to read it again and I loved it again Such a clever story and beautifully written Lambs of God gifts its readers with lush imagery memorable characters and a pervading undercurrent of myth and magicIt wasn't a story I was expecting to like not only because of its religious setting but because once I started it took about 50 pages before I was fully settled into its world It's slow paced full of vivid descriptions slightly contrivedyet Iphigenia Margarita Carla and even Father Ignatius who I found hypocritical and didn't like much at all were too strange to ignore too different to dismiss outright I'm glad I kept readingRecommended if you want a story about three nuns a priest and a dilapidated monastery tempered with magical realism35 stars This was a book club read I was sceptical at first but soon became enchanted with this very original idea It's among the best of books I have read I loved the descriptions of knitting history the strange and unusual tale of 3 nuns and their surprise visitor I half expe ted something sinister to happen but besides their very odd 'handling' of their problem it was sort of ok The story tapered off in intensity towards the end but it had me so interested from start to end So a great book club pick and a 5 out of 5 from me I very much enjoyed this book The lush imagery and deeply evocative characters lent an otherworldly and spiritual mist throughout the entire novel It was thought provoking and humorous and poignant I was especially in love with the character of Sister Carla whose innocence and child like wonder were so well developed and integral to the story and its overall symbolic themes Is the book an odd one? Oh yes However Marele Day is a superb storyteller and brings forth such a page turning bittersweet and in depth tale of faith mysticism and the struggle of wills and divine intervention This has to be the weirdest book I have ever read £ nuns live in a crumbling monastery cu off from the worl the entrance hidden and overgrown A pries is sent by the Bishop to assess the monastery for its saleablility to a conglomerate who want to build a paradise away from it all Not surprisingly the 3 nuns are far from enamoured by the prospect They begin to act like a triumvirate of Annie Wilkes In Stephen King's MiseryTheir attempts to stop the priest leaving descend into a level of increasing horror for the reading as the sisters encase both his legs in plaster and don't allow him even the decency of tending to his personal needs AT this point i think the author to a dose of one of the sister's herbs and engages in symbolism and activities that are just nauseating and unnecessary as they drink their own blood and smear it aroundI felt it just went too far it was a very uncomfortable read although the ending did bring a bit of lightness to the story It is certainly not one i would recommend to anyone else and if it is indicative of the rest of the author's opus she is not one i would read againI am not sure how to rate it as i can see that some might think it uite clever but I am still washing the sour taste out of my mouth Loved this book the purity of the mixture of stories of faith folklore fairy stories Shakespearian overtones were masterful done and the author truly cared about all her characters An uplifting and thought provoking story Creepy funny and sensual recommend to anyone with a passing interest in nunsleaving society I had never heard of Marele Day before hearing of this novel on the knitting community Ravelry It was mentioned in one discussion of novels with knitting as a theme Many participants recommended this novel so I got curiousIt´s a very weird novel and difficult to describe Three nuns live peacefully on a remote and deserted island together with their sheep They breed sheep for food wool and company They live in a closed community dependent only of themselves the sheep and GodSomething happens which changes their way of living and one part of the novel is uite suspensefulThe story is of course about much than what is happening in the monastery It´s about life and and faith and how we deal with both of those things It´s sometimes very funny and sometimes deeply sadI liked her language a lot Poetic and vividIt´s a wonderful and thought provoking novel which will stay in my mind for a long time Carla Margarita and Iphigenia are three nuns living in a crumbling monastery on a remote island forgotten by time the world and the church Their liturgical calendar is governed by the changing of the seasons and by the rising and setting of the sun Their days are spent performing a ritual of prayer and storytelling as they knit the wool of the sheep who inhabit the monastery grounds and into whose bodies they believe their deceased sisters' souls to have entered Then one day seemingly out of nowhere a priest appears Hoping to rise in the church hierarchy he has presented plans to his bishop to convert what he believes is an uninhabited and valuable piece of church property into a spa for the wealthy and he has come to investigate the land Father Ignatius is as surprised to see the nuns as they are to see a flesh and blood man and what follows is the strange moving and often hilarious story of their struggle a struggle of wills but also of faith Lambs of God is a beautifully written and haunting story of colliding traditions conflicting beliefs and magical trans formations It weaves together Christian belief classical mythology fairy tales Celtic lore and the mysteries of the natural world into one of the most memorable and gripping of contemporary novels Like Ron Hansen's Mariette in Ecstasy Lambs of God is a wildly original investigation into the nature and complexities of faith

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