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Pleasured by Two Vampires This was very good Quick, fast paced, addictive, good plot, and very steamy Can t wait to readfrom this author. WARNING This Book Will Fill You With Intense and Relentless Sexual Desire Intended for Adult Audiences Only Read at Your Own Risk She watched in horror as her boyfriend of three years walked into the bar with a blonde that she had recognized as one of the waitresses It was over There was nothing he could do to redeem himself Angela had a normal life she loved the bars, she had hertojob, and she had the controlling boyfriend who eventually cheated on her perfectly normal, right Then came Damon, with his fierce blue eyes, his tall stature and long, dark hair There seemed to be a rivalry A rivalry between two groups, all with their eyes on her Little did Angela know that there was a war going on a war between vampires and werewolves She had no idea how much of a role she had in this war The only thing she knew was that she was getting a lot of attention from both sides, and that they kept referring to her as the enlightened one Dumbstruck and befuddled, Angela slowly learns who she really was, and why she was attracting both races DOWNLOAD NOW AND FIND OUT ANGELA S STORY

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