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    Legacy Of Secrets by Sara Mitchell Takes place in 1886 Virginia Someone is after Neala Shaw Someone has been killing members of Neala's family Neala has a family crest that means a lot to Neala She doesn't know it is worth a lot of money by the gems that in it Grayson Faulkner is a bounty hunter and detective He is trying to protect Neala without her knowing it One night Neala left without telling anyone She was kidnapped by her step brother which she didn't know she had a step brother Him and his mother were after the crest A good read

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    Too much romance so that I almost gave up on it but the mysterious aspect of the story kept me going

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    I found this Christian historical fiction mysteryromance interesting but not spectacular I would give it closer to 35 stars The two main characters Neala and Grayson were very likeable and yet their flaws made them seem real As the plot progressed one person ended up playing a duel role; I did not always find this character plausible Social status in the golden age plays a huge part and this was well presented and researched There is lots of tension with kidnapping and murder involved As an easy enjoyable read this is one book I am glad I experienced

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    Neala Shaw is fleeing from someone who wants her dead She's penniless now and doesn't have a clue as to who wants to kill her or why Former bounty hunter and detective Grayson Faulkner blessed with one of the best names in fiction protects Neala by acting as her suitor The book is heavy on detail but the plot didn't raise my interest much The killer's reveal was a nice twist but overly melodramatic Not a bad romance but you could do better

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    This is a mini ‘Books For Christian Girls’ review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 3202014 No commentsMain Content People get stabbed shot at bleed semi detailed Kisses; Love falling in love the emotions

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    This book was set at the turn of last century which was interesting The mystery aspect was ingrossing and the romance worked just fine The Christian elements were not too heavy handedIf you are in the mood for a Christian romance you could do much worse than this

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    What I have read from this book is very surprising About two people who find a killer and find about the past of Neala Shaw I learned about religion and Im happy how this book was written

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    This is not great literature but these books work better than lunesta I expect to read of this author's work as they include some adventure and aren't lustful

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    A beautiful book on faith and forgiveness

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    45 stars

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Legacy of Secrets Amid the splendors and miseries of the Gilded Age Neala Shaw suddenly found herself entirely alone The innocent young heiresspenniless nowhad no choice but to face her family's fatal legacy of secrets and lies And as she fled from a ruthless killer nothing stood between her and certain death but a man unlike any she had ever knownGrayson Faulkner's years as a detective and bounty hunter had marked him forever leading him far from his once strong values But as he sought to protect this very special young womanmasuerading as her suitor to save her reputation and her very lifehe began to wonder if her selfless love and limitless faith could somehow guide even him home