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Scandalous Boys Bryce Bryce Matthews doesn’t do the whole nice boyfriend thing Chocolates and flowers—girls can forget all that And he certainly doesn’t care about the gossip and rumors that follow him at school and around town If anything the talk amuses him Bryce isn't lacking in confidence He knows himself and he knows his limits One of those hard limits is Madison Issac Bryce can never have her and he's perfectly fine with that Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality anywayMadison Issac thought she was a pretty good judge of character But she's surprised at how gentle and comforting resident bad boy and next door neighbor Bryce Matthews is when we finds her crying in the park Maybe there's to Bryce than people think So Madison begins to wonderCan a guy like Bryce ever change his waysCan a girl like Madison really be into a guy like BryceWith hearts and reputations on the line this kind of love can be scandalous

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    Meh I’ve been trying to write this review for a few days and I don’t know what to say I mean it was okay but I didn’t particularly feel the chemistry between Maddy and BryceIn fact the most emotion I felt in the entire novel was how terrible her cousin was I didn’t find Maddy to be an extreme good girl and likewise I didn’t find Bryce an actual ‘bad boy’ Good? No Bad? Still NoI think naming the series ‘scandelous boys’ is a bit of a bold move I was expecting something along the lines of Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry or Katie McGarry’s pushing the limitsI did like Bryce’s narrative which came across as authentic though lacking in bad boy ishness I also liked that he stood up for Mads when it came to hishorrible bff In fact his narrative is what saved the book from being a 2 ish starred bookWhat did I find so lacking? The plot It ended without either character going through any monumental changes The book just plodded alongBut in another respect the plot was all over the place They broke up they got together They broke up they got togetherRinseRepeat Repeatedly One thing happened after another after another The pacing of the plot itself regardless of their relationship was too rushed skimmedIt was marketed like a New Adult book but even though it was overt in sexual undertones I still thought it was a mile away from New Adult It definitely classifies closer to a YAUltimately it just lacked original spark and plot control Even though Bryce’s POV saved it from a 2 star review I still don’t think I’d recommend it

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    Growing up Madison had two best guy friends Graham and Bryce Graham later became her best friend and Bryce was the bonus Despite their friendships Bryce and Madison clashed and liked to tease one another Madison hopes that this is her year to get Graham to see her than a friend finally and as a possible girlfriend material She has seen him as her Mr Perfect That is until her cousin Sarah moves in with her family after her parents are arrested for White Collar crimes This is a disaster from day one as Sarah is manipulative and again like the previous book I read Girl on the Verge by Pintip Dunn Sarah wants everything that Madison has and will go to lengths to ruin her life even to the point of poisoning Graham's view of Madison When Graham breaks Madison it is Bryce who comes to her rescue and suddenly Madison will see Bryce in a completely different light as she learns he is not the bad boy that everyone has portrayed him and judged him for In fact Bryce has a caring side and Madison makes him want to be a better person I found Bryce to be a modern teen version of Pride and Prejudice where both characters hold Pride in their lives and Prejudice towards one another as Madison sees Bryce as a troublemaker and the epitome of Bad Boy whereas Bryce sees Madison as a Goody Goody two shoes and the Epitome of an Angel Can Madison and Bryce make things work and prove to others that their love for one another is real and that opposites can attract to one another?

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    3 Lots of drama good girl meets bad boy STARSA couple of weeks before I received a digital copy of this book I was part of the cover reveal tour and that’s when I first read the blurb I have to say that sometimes I go through book phases like one week all I want to read is steamy contemporary romances; the next I’m searching for every sweet YA contemporary out there; or craving forbidden romance storiesThe week I read about BRYCE for the first time I was going through my “good girl meets bad boy” phase That’s exactly what the blurb was sellingThe book delivered on that aspect Bryce the MCLI is a bad boy – maybe a little too much Bryce has spent time in juvenile detention centers he’s on probation he swears like a drunken sailor he smokes and drinks and he’s ready to kick anyone’s ass when needed and even when not needed But he has a soft spot for Madison – the neighbor that is way out of his leagueMadison is trying to be a good daughter She’s keeping her grades up exercising staying away from bad boys But her parents honestly I despised them both don’t seem to really notice her efforts After her mother’s sister and brother in law are sent to jail Madison is forced by her parents to share her room and her life with her annoying cousin Sarah Except Sarah isn’t just annoying The girl is evil She walks into Madison’s life and takes everything she can get her hands on Madison’s bed closet future boyfriend and parents While Sarah is making Madison’s life insuferable her parents are yelling at their poor daughter for trying to stand her ground Every time Madison even attempts to put Sarah back in her place her parents turn on her No wonder I despised them They’re seriously lacking parenting skillsThe only thing Sarah leaves untouched is Bryce the only one who’s on Madison’s side And as Bryce and Madison spend time together they realize they didn’t know the truth about each other’s lives although they’ve known each other since they were kids Friendship and romance follows which is the normal course in books like this but they come surrounded by a lot of dramaI mean a lotAnd that’s when the book loses me To be perfect honest I think the biggest problem here is that the book goes on for too long Way too long So to keep it going the writer inserted loads of drama Madison has problems with her evil cousin Sarah; then her ex future boyfriend Graham; then her parents; then a secret her parents kept from her; then Bryce; then her choice of university Same goes for Bryce who’s in trouble with the law; then his parents are doing something nasty to each other; then he’s fighting with his best friend; then there’s Madison and how he feels about her; and there’s his cousin and her abusive boyfriend There’s just too muchSo much and yet everything ends up feeling superficialAt first I believed the major plot aside from the romance obviously would be Madison’s problems with Sarah but it gets lost in the middle of everything else Then there’s this secret involving them that comes to light and when I think the author will explore that she drops it like it’s nothing special leaving me with a huge uestion mark This also happened with Bryce and the dynamic between his parentsIt’s kind of funny to say that since I’ve just said the book was way too long but somehow it also managed to feel rushed Topics that could’ve been explored and developed were introduced and dropped within pages It also didn’t help that I couldn’t connect with the writing styleI can’t say if this was a result of the plot choices or if it was the other way aroundWhile I liked the bad boy x good girl thing going on between Madison and Bryce I wished they had been a little less bickering and yelling And slapping on Madison’s part Again it made me feel like there was drama than neededSo if you like your romances heavy on the drama department this book might be a good choice for you

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    You can see this full review and at Book Briefs Bryce is the first book in the new adult Scandalous Boys series by Natalie Decker This is the first book that I have read by Natalie and I really enjoyed it I loved contemporary romance books and I always enjoy a good opposites attract story so this was right up my alley Although I will say that if you are feeling a bit burned out on new adult contemporary romances at the moment I might give this one a pass I really liked it but I can see that it is much like a lot of the books in the genre That doesn't get old for me but I do acknowledge that it might for some people So if that is you wait and see what the next book in the series is like before you pick this one upBryce is told in dual narrative between Bryce and Madison They start the book out hating each other Madison is Bryce's neighbor and she is always hanging aroundbecause she has a crush on his best friend Grahamwho only seems to put up with Madison because she lets them copy his homework This kind of irked me I hate to see people get blatantly used like that but luckily Bryce isn't the one using Madison so it was easy for me to see past this pet peeve of mine Bryce and Madison really start to bond when Madison's awful cousin comes into town and ends up staying with her family I really loved to hate that girl And she has no problem sweeping in and taking Graham from Madison even though she doesn't really like him that is the kind of person she isI enjoyed watching Bryce and Madison spend time together because the change in Bryce was subtle but almost immediate Madison and Bryce made each other better people It was as simple as that And that right there was my favorite aspect of the story Bryce is a uick feel good read about a couple that you want to root for because each of them are better off when they are with the otherBottom line Bryce is a fun story that will put a smile on your face It is not the most original new adult contemporary ever written but it is well done and it will make you feel good And that is really all I am asking for in this genre of books This review was originally posted on Book Briefs

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    It's YA and about teens and teen problems and teen drama and family drama not even good drama Some parts are just like a soap opera Didn't like how things were solved Bryce is a little too whiny for my taste I can't stand his I'm a asshole bit Madison is a pushover Didn't like her parents eitherAll I can think is

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    Buffering I had to think on this review I loved this book I really really did There’s a lot in this story that mimics my own life including how my husband and I were when we were in school together The characters are deep and really fleshed out The side characters are three dimensional Even the settings are alive My main negative has nothing to do with the story itself but with the editing There were a lot of extra words one page even had the same paragraph three times I also get slightly annoyed when there is massive build up then the conclusion is a two page chapter I need I fell in love with these characters I spent my time on them only to feel left high and dry by the skimpy ending Even though it really was an amusing and awesome ending Over all 45 out of 5 for me ❤️

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    I enjoyed this book but it wasn't anywhere close to my favorite I really like Maddy Bryce was also likeable but in some ways he was frustrating Their best friend Graham is not too likeable through most of the book but still better than Sarah Maddy's spoiled cousin The 2nd book follows their story and while their both redeemable in the 2nd book the first book kind of ruins both characters

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    A really good bookThis book is really good and a easy read It has a relaxed feel about it and doesn't go over the top on sex or relationship stuff

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    Versión en españolBryceTo see all my reviews please visit I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review 455 Bryce is a Young AdultNew Adult story and the book number one in the Scandalous Boys series by Natalie Decker Also it’s the first book I’ve read by her and I completely fell in love with it By the way I like when there are boys in the covers and I know I do not have to judge a book by its cover but did you see the boy? He is gorgeous and has really beautiful eyes from the beginning —synopsis included— I liked it Anyway Bryce plunges us into the funny and lovely story about Bryce and Madison’s lives; it’s a dual POV book what made enjoyable my read because I had —and you’ll have— the chance to know and understand all their thoughts and feelings by first hand Let’s startAt first we can see that their relationship is based on a mutual hate all this due to some things that happened when they were kids —nothing bad just normal kid things; those actions from their pasts take them to the point that they cannot be around without say or do anything to upset the other but they’re neighbors and there’s a reason that makes harder for her to keep herself away she has a really big crush on his best friend Graham so yeah she hangs around Bryce a lot; I’m admitting it that made my reading satisfactory —all their interactions plunged me and in the plot and that’s something goodWhile Madison’s been secretly in love with a boy who just sees her as a little sister and if I’m honest with you he’s just using her because she’s a smart girl and everyone knows it; Bryce’s been living his life as he wants doing what he wants —which sometimes gets him in trouble— and without caring for what other people sayThen when Madison’s annoying cousin comes to live with her and her family she’s put aside seeing how her cousin takes almost everything from her including Graham Here’s when Bryce comes to her life and all starts to change between them Madison learns that you don’t have to judge a person from rumors you hear And Bryce realized that Madison isn’t the prissy girl he thought she was Bryce is sexy sweet —even when he’s not admitting it— bad —in a good way— funny kind and has a lot of love to give Bryce can never have her and he's perfectly fine with that Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality anywayBut a good love story cannot be so easy where's the fun in getting together without a little drama on it? Madison and Bryce’s love story demonstrates that even when love does appear when you don’t expect it and makes you go through some bad things to get it —plus those secrets and people that attempt in destroy what you’ve just realized you can have all that worth if at the end you can be with the person that makes you a happy and better personSee how both of them accept and confess to themselves their real feelings for the other it’s a read I highly recommend Not only if you’re in the NAYA thing but if you’re looking for a good story Not an original next door boy love? Maybe but Bryce is one of those book that you must give a chance because doesn’t matter if there’s not many original differences from others it can take you beyond

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    This is a great book Neighbors living next door to each other are best friends boy a girl another boy from school Bryce Maddie Graham have been friends for a long time Right before their senior year begins Maddys very spoiled cousin moves in with her She also begins flirting with Graham lying about all sorts of things Maddy all of a sudden can't seem to do anything right Her mother father keep shaming her for all the ugly things that her cousin keeps on doing Finally Maddy takes splice in her neighbors tree house Bryce hears her finds her crying in the corner of the tree house He begins to give advice to comfort her As the story continues Bryce Maddy become better friends because Graham is always with Maddys cousin There are lots of twist turns in this book a lot of good advice

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