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Sicario Sample Dear AuthorHe is the most captivating creature I have ever seen A human So frail in body yet his strength is undeniable And though he caught the eye of many he is mine now No one else could match my bid In a couple minutes they will release him to me And I will never let him goI am under no illusions I know he will look upon my deformations and find me hideous He will be repulsed by my weakness and wish to belong to a finer warrior But at least I will not be like the others of my kind I will not use my greater size and strength to hurt and control him I will not suash the pride in his eyes eual to any of my people His beautiful back will never feel the lash again At least with me he will be free of the pain But not free to leave Never free to leave mePhoto Description A man is bound with coarse wound rope hands stretched to the sides and back body bowed from the waist and head tilted downwards On the outside he appears beaten Broken A man willing to submit to whatever life and his captors have in store for him But watch his hands The determined way he grips the ropes This is a warrior and while the battle may be lost the war is not overThis story was written as a part of the MM Romance Group's Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The MM Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings

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    Another lovely lovely prompt getting butchered by an author abusing the MM Romance Event to plug their work Resulting in an unfinished story with a cliffhanger that unfortunately doesn't live up to the prompter's reuest But fear not Its multiple? seuels can be bought via Thanks for nothing

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    I read this prompt and suealed I marked it as a definite read and tagged it aliensslavery I thought hurtcomfort maybe like a beauty the beast type situation All good things Plus I'm always down for an auctionUh 5 mos later and Yeah only the auction happened I'm sure others interpreted the prompt differently than I Clearly the author did which is fine It just wasn't what I'd hoped forInstead it's a post apocalyptic world that we don't really learn all that much about aside from it being call the new world and being run by cartels Enzo buys Lexan and whisks him away to a cliffside dwelling with glass floors FROM WHICH HE CAN NEVER ESCAPE He makes some opaue attempts at seduction which go nowhere Enzo has to go on some sort of secret assassin mission so he drugs Lexan SO HE CAN NEVER ESCAPE then the next thing I knew they were making declarations of love devotion and a future togetherI don't know when that happened I swear I read all of it Maybe it gets explained better in the seuel?It doesn't end on a cliff per se but it has a definite to be continued vibeI'm just not sure I want to continue Characters I can't understand hold little appeal for me Plus no aliens Thanks to the author and her team for contributing to the LOR event

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    Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie regardless of rating that's appreciatedOdd story that doesn't bother to show progress from captive slave to willing lover perhaps it's the drugs? Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ MANTIES Champion conveniently wrote what I was thinking so go read her review here ;I an very much NOT a fan of all these open endings to be continued now buy the remainder stories

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    15 very uninspired starsUnfortunately the short story started with a bang that uickly died in a whimper IMO The author appeared to hold to the barest outline reuested by the prompt for the MaleMale Romance group's Love is an Open Road Event The suggestion was wonderful and I could barely contain my excitement at what might unfold'He is the most captivating creature I have ever seen A human So frail in body yet his strength is undeniable And though he caught the eye of many he is mine now No one else could match my bid In a couple minutes they will release him to me And I will never let him go'Oh dear In brief Lexan buys Enzo and whisks him off to an island from which escape is impossible No explanation about motives no reasons provided for the 'chemistry' between these guys no world building no character development no discernible plot One moment Enzo is feeling attraction but not acting on it because of his repulsion about being enslaved the next he is caressing Lex's scarred body and promising a full blown relationship should Enzo be allowed some family time and a spot of revenge Not exactly a cliff hanger I found the story too insipid to be bothered greatly about what the characters decide to do I feel like that's an hour of my life I won't get back Hopes raised and then uickly dashed with this short story The author promises all will be revealed in the next no doubt longer book available for purchase that seems to me to be very poor behaviour and completely at odds with the spirit of the Love is an Open Road Event Thanks but no thanks

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    Short introductory story to the planned longer work by the authoryes cliff hanger or rather sudden ending with no resolutionSet in well possibly post apocalyptic or AU futuristic society hard to tell there isn't really any world building we are introduced to Lexan a former hit man supposedly from the prompt disfigured but this seems to have been lost as he goes to buy a slave at an auction house Enzo has been taken from his family again no reasons given as to why or what he's done to deserve this and is being sold but his mind is on escape and vengeance After buying him Lexan takes him to his private island home separated from the mainland by shark infested waters where the pair start to get to know each other and that's kind of it I do appreciate the authors that volunteer their time and talent for this event and I have no problem with people using the event as a spring board for further published work But I really don't think it's fair to the prompter who is expecting a full and complete story to leave it half finished like this

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    25 starsDamn I just realized from seeing the cover that this was Part One of something a new series? So that's why it felt like an incomplete story It was a beginning of somethingI actually liked the author's writing and the story did catered to what the prompt asked However I couldn't grasp the world building and there were still a couple of unclear issues such as why Enzo was taken and forced into captivity and slavery and the what pull he had over assassin to draw him coming to the auction

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    I wished the setting was a different one because the prompt strongly suggested a sci fi story to me with an alienhuman pairing I hoped for that because it's one of my favorite themesBut instead the author chose a post ap world where slavery is a common occurence again and cartels rule the world or something like that You don't learn much about the Why and How There was suppsosed to be an epidemic which whiped out half of the world but it's just mentioned in passing There is barely any world building or character depthI hoped like the prompt writer for a slow burn but noEnzo was just sold and is about to be taken to a unfamiliar place by an unknown owner when he smelled his clean masculine scent and had to fight the urge to lean into him Having him so close made me picture our bodies aligned writhing together I wanted to stop reading right there and bang my head against a wall Why do people think that after weeks of torture degredation and being sold against your will you feel attraction for your new owner instantly? Although Enzo tries to escape once it's very poorly done Where does he think he can go in a helicraft after he knocked out the pilot? Does he land the thing himself? Jump out? That was his big escape plan? If so he deserves to be a slaveIf not insta love it was insta lust IMO It's never really believable to me in this kind of settingsI have to admit I forced myself through the rest of the story It all just didn't add up How Lexan offered himself up and later acted like the slave himself by obeying Enzo's demands How he suddenly has to do another job although he is retired How Enzo suddenly wants to stay with him And then suddenlythe end I was so disappointed in this whole story and I know I'm being mean it felt like I want to promote my upcoming series and try to force my plot into the prompt instead of I want to take this prompt and fill it with life It just read like the first attempt of a fanfiction by a teenager

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    I feel like I've just read a rough outline of a book with a few key scenes sprinkled here and there The only reason why I made it to the end is because the story is so damn shortThere's also a light speed jump from You drugged me I don't trust you I need to escape to I care about you so much let's spend the rest of our lives together There's maybe a couple of paragraphs between the two

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    I read a lot of books but it’s not very often I find something truly uniue and original However that is exactly what happened with these two stories The plot and world are totally special and Kai Tyler’s writing voice is completely fresh and distinctiveThe world of World’s End is a futuristic dystopian one where criminal cartels have taken over and rule their lands with varying degrees of iron fists Some bosses allow drugs and prostitution others do not There isn’t much discussion about the past but the world building of how it currently is is magnificentSicario is a short story and currently free on It’s basically an introduction of the World’s End series but just a primer It was enough to make me reuest Duce so I could continue reading about this fascinating worldEnzo a slave is purchased by Lexan He expects certain things from his new owner and is confused when Lexan is nothing like he anticipated He expects to be raped but that isn’t what Lexan is going to do“I would never think about topping you Not unless it was what you wanted”When they do have sex it’s without pressure and completely consensual It’s also extremely erotic and very hot It’s not long until both men are bonded in a way that will change them forever Not even Lexan’s career as a hitman can get in their wayIn Duce we meet mafia underboss Dante Orsini heir to a large crime family He’s also gay something that isn’t widely known One of the changes in The New World is that being gay is once again frowned on in fact it can get you killed He still manages to find lovers such as Carl a mouthy twink he picks up at a barDante and Carl engage in some VERY hot sexin’ of the BDSM lite variety Dante is dominant and loves giving orders while Carl is submissive and adores following orders They have a lot of fun without realizing who the other really is It’s not spoiling anything to reveal that Carl is really Carlos Carmichael the playboy son of one of Dante’s rivalsCarlos is the youngest son of Juan Pablo Carmichael aka The Baron a brutal and harsh mob boss He’s the younger of The Baron’s sons and his brother Marcos is definitely the favored son The Baron doesn’t care that Carlos is gay he hates it in fact and forces Carlos to choose an arranged marriage or be jailed for being homosexualCarlos finds himself in the middle of a mob war between his father and Dante and ends up a slave of Dante’s Dante doesn’t abuse Carlos in anyway he still cares for him he just wants The Baron to remove the death warrant he put on Dante’s head However Dante and Carlos’ time together brings them even closerThere are uite a few little surprises sprinkled throughout the book that made for an engaging read I don’t want to ruin any of them but I loved each and every one of themI adored Dante and Carlos’ relationship even if they seemed to fall in love before I really bought they were there In lust and even like but not love That’s just a tiny niggle thoughThe author’s ability to describe a scene is absolutely phenomenal One scene that stands out is when Dante meets with a man regarding the warrant out for his life Every last detail is mapped out and I was able to perfectly picture everythingThe world building is similarly amazing It’s all worked naturally into the story with no large info dumps or boring exposition That sort of thing normally bores me but that did not happen hereI’m a big fan of first person POV and the book alternates between Dante and Carlos just as the first book did between Lexan and Enzo We really get deep into these guys’ heads and emotionsToward the end of the book there’s a chapter that switches to third person POV I’d normally bitch about the switch but it worked here perfectlyThere are really no good guys here Just anti heroes and bad guys who aren’t as evil as other criminals It will be interesting what the author does with future stories She set it up for many stories down the road with lines such asWait I don’t want to ruin it for you Just go read it You will not regret it

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    Okay I'm intrigued with this short story especially with the twist in the relationship between Enzo and Lexan Wasn't expecting that and I want to know about them about their pasts and how the New World affects them in the future Great introduction Can't wait for

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