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    One might anticipate from its title that The Dead Bank Diary will be another 'cops and robbers' brand of mysterydetective story; but although the bank has indeed been compromised it's not from the usual robbery It's than a takeover of the bank it's a heist where the winner takes all the money and the bank itself together with the staffRussian author Anna Schlegel is in the perfect position to craft such a tale a PhD born in Moscow who fell into the job of a securities trader then become involved with a Foreign Intelligence Officer who was an expert financierfraudster himself her uniue background lends to a thriller which although not based on reality holds all the trappings of a real political and financial eventThe intersection of 'dead banks' in 1998 Moscow which fell down like a house of cards a million dollar bond's uncertain future and an unemployed bank trader asked to perform a job that will change and challenge her life makes for vivid reading Add a series of criminally masterminded events during the Financial Crisis and you have a detailed story line that delves deeply into a world that many a fiction reader won't expectThe novel's satisfying depth and intrigue do come at a small price Occasionally stilted dialogue and lack of the usual punctuation uotes around dialogue English is not the author's native language and at points the wording or punctuation could have benefited from an editor's hand and financial details than one might appreciate means that readers without some basic knowledge of banking could become lost This is than offset ultimately by a story that is charged with intrigue and action realistic and vivid protagonists and revelations about swindlers con artists and about raider takeover of a bank and its forced bankruptcy It should also be noted that the action and intrigue doesn't involve the usual violence so if it's heart stopping deadly confrontations that are desired from a thriller look elsewhere The Dead Bank Diary relies upon far complicated scenarios and threats to drive its action and that makes it a standout in a genre too commonly littered with nonstop murdersThose who anticipate a light action piece may be stymied by the story's well developed technical details but readers who look for thought provoking complexity from their suspense thrillers will find The Dead Bank Diary holds the uncommon ability to show how easy it is to break the bank if you think like a banker

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    It is 1998 in Moscow and a bank defaults on its debt Anna a bank trader is now out of work until she is asked to “help redeem the debts of the bank” Anna’s lifestyle uickly morphs into that of a con artist and a hustler as she wheels and deals especially when a 1934 million dollar bond enters the picture Anna’s motley crew associate Peter wants to take over a bank with debts—a dead bank—and the duo work up a deal with Victor a retired intelligence officer with a Swiss deposit for a million dollars A new bank board needs to be established but Anna’s plans to “wrestle away” the present chairman are not as easy as she thinksThe first book of the Dead Bank Diary series Anna Schlegel’s financial thriller captures the criminal world during the Russian Financial Crisis As she aptly states “this novel is not based on real events but you will feel the reality in every word” Aside from the fictional plot Schlegel interestingly places herself as the featured character thereby adding shadiness to the scandalous setting Undergirding her first person narrative with a paradoxical theme Schlegel introduces a woman whose hardened appearance is uite often a facade to her personal strugglesSchlegel surrounds her lead character with a colorful foiled cast designed to force Anna to reflect on her life Amid Anna’s many suspicious connections Schlegel portrays a woman who is caught in a vicious codependent cycle driven by a love for money As a result Anna is constantly riddled with conflicting dreams while hoping for a better life Schlegel does not mince words in her writing style as she incorporates all of the above mentioned literary elements Of course a Russian setting wouldn’t be complete without Anna’s hardboiled Russian accentDead Bank Diary is an engaging read as well as a uniue addition for thriller aficionados Follow the story with books two and three of the series—For Those in the Shade and The Prints on the Snows of Yesteryear Book four Sail Off as a Scoundrel coming soonOriginally posted on San Francisco Book Review Anita Lock Book Reviewer

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    This is not a thriller but a novella focusing on the financial sector in Russia following the chaos that followed the end of the Soviet union The main protagonist is Anna a washed out trader living in an apartment that is cheap but has no electricity and who has seen the great opportunities to get rich uick after the collapse of the USSR Only trouble is she has tried to catch the gravy train well after it has left the station She tries to broker trades by phoning people offering what she hasn't got hoping to find out what they have and hoping to then find a trade Such conversations end up with a reuest for a hundred dollars There are two other protagonists associated with her Igor and Arkady and when passing a body they acuire a million dollar US Treasury bond from the 1930s They decide this is a forgery but it is still a problem because someone will own it They decide the best way to make money is to buy a bank that is nearing bankruptcy The problem is even this reuires some money and than the odd hundred dollars that someone has inadvertently advanced This is a story of bottom feeder financial traders desperately hoping to get rich and with no means of doing so The plot is chaotic so much so that I can't help feeling that there are real elements of truth here I found the style of punctuating conversation to be annoying and the story really needs a bit work at the end but the characters are very well portrayed as is the general seediness of their environment The story is really rather short and it is merely a novella that really could have been developed to something far better nevertheless it is cheap and the characterization and setting takes it up to five stars for me

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    I love a good thriller and was turned on to this book The Dead Bank Diary by Anna Schlegel by pure accident In truth this is not your normal thriller; there is no killers or people lurking behind a chair This is purely a financial thriller from the word go Ms Schlegel tells of things that happen in the financial sector in Moscow Now keep in mind that this is all pure fiction Ms Schlegel has put her knowledge and experiences into the pot The only thing that is a little off putting is that you can tell that Ms Schlegel’s first language is not English That being said this is a wonderful book that is well written and will keep you on the edge of your seat If you want to read a good book with lots of twists and turns then this is the book for you

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The Dead Bank Diary This is not a robbery A bank is taken with all its guts accounts debts points of exchange the staff to the last secretary the building This is beautiful and clean fraud I was out of work while all around you could smell millions even in the air outside It was an unforgettable smell of public debt oilfields gold bank guarantees diamonds I wanted to breathe in the air of easy cash Moscow to revel and roll in this air I could feel the smell of money in the wind on my face This air was used to make up funds overnight to make a fortune to go rack and ruin and then grow rich again It was going free across the wreckage of the sold out Soviet empire I was asked to help redeem the debts of a bank The insider man at the bank held the post of Vice President A bit of danger and a bit of love This novel is not based on real events but you will feel the reality in every word Book One Of The Dead Bank Diary Series ABOUT SERIES These are stories about a man who is not alive any He was a financier a retired intelligence officer I had the good luck to arrange a couple of financial frauds We bumped into each other before the recession in the flood of shit together in the dust After his death I still had power of attorney Of course Victor knew I wouldn’t be able to work on his contacts I had tried Now it’s funny to think of it I am and always have been a go between a rat Nobody needs middlemen They get rid of them; they send them to Hell But I had a white shirt with a necktie and copies of million strong contracts for oil gas diamonds and rare earth metals light as air rolled fax sheets with lots of zeroes They made me giddy; they made me drunk And I ran along with them and easily foisted them for the middlemen muddy middle aged misters When some of the first deals failed I went into hysterics I wanted to throw everything in Once I had a dream In my dream I heard a telephone call – Miss Schlegel We need your signature to extend a contract concluded by Mr I woke up scared; something turned over inside of me I realized that I was spending my life waiting for such a call It didn’t matter where it caught me But there was no going back Once you’ve taken a step forward you realize you can’t turn back any Why did he leave all this to me I looked the papers over recalling past years deals people talks everything from the first meeting to the last minute And I couldn’t find anything for me; because it wasn’t for me actually for the old me So I changed I became a con My life was changed Sometimes it was as convincing and disgusting as a life of a whore It was as inaccessible as the man who despises you It was like vomit or sweat from the body from heavy hangover shivers You wish to run and there’s no place to run to It’s a cold stupor So it’s stupid to look at the smeared corpse on the road and it’s impossible to regain consciousness to look away This passion nests in the heart and you don’t know what is it I have his photo the last one taken at Arkhangelskoe hospital Summer We’re sitting on the edge of a dried up fountain He embraces me with one arm and I’m lost next to him He is gray haired and corpulent He has a mocking look And behind us there are towering white marble angels

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