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The Golden Couple This book was a favourite of mine It doesn’t gloss over the ugliness of life and loss which I loved However that being said the ending bloody destroyed me 😂 Definitely worth the read but it may stay in your mind for a while afterwards it certainly stayed in mine I hate this book in the best way possible The only reason why it's missing a star is because some of the information was wrong Sometimes Bryce had blue eyes and other times he had caramel brown eyes? And then I guess Sophie had her 17th birthday but it was never mentioned or brought up? She was all of a sudden 17 And then the way overused line of; I crossed my right leg over my left I can't count how many times that damn line was in this book Either way this book is fucking heartbreaking and I hate it Read this at the beginning of the year and forgot to log it but i miss reading on wattpad because of the professionalism of stories like this one the characters and their developments left me emotionally involved in what was going to happen to them so good So can I just say HOLY CRAP I kind of started this book knowing that something like this was going to happen Being my stupid self I ignored this bad feeling and kept on reading not like I could have stopped I was hooked from the start It's rare that you come across a book that explains life imperfections this book however did just that It was full of unhappy endings rough times and the importance of family and friends I absolutely loved Sophie and Bryce their relationship was beautiful and also the importance of the annoying bestfriend Clayton throughout the bookWhen the book was coming to an end I knew what was going to happen but here I was being my stupid self again hoping I was wrong So not being a person that cries easily or often at all this genuinely surprised me I was sitting there and had tears in my eyes It struck so many emotions and hit home but I absolutely loved it My name is Sophie Allen And I am hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Bryce Harrison And this is our story

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