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To the Highest Bidder A Planet Called Wish #1 The Intergalactic Star Pilot Academy has accepted Thierry Leroux into the elite class of sky year 2231 But the academy comes with a hefty price tag and there's no way he a poor Sythe orphan has the credits the academy reuires Thierry’s brother Corbin a high class companion suggests Thierry sell his virginity for the cost of tuition It seems like a ridiculous idea but it may be Thierry’s only shot so Thierry asks Corbin to arrange a meeting on the pleasure planet of WishOn Wish Thierry meets Corbin's boss Monroe and they agree to auction off Thierry’s virginity Thierry is grateful to the masked buyer he knows only as “Dragonfly” and Dragonfly is gentle making Thierry’s first time a good memory When Dragonfly reuests to see him again and pay for the pleasure Thierry returns to Wish But in this game falling in love is dangerous for the heart and Thierry might not like the man behind the mask

  • ebook
  • 200 pages
  • To the Highest Bidder A Planet Called Wish #1
  • Caitlin Ricci
  • English
  • 27 December 2014
  • 9781634761420

About the Author: Caitlin Ricci

Caitlin was fortunate growing up to be surrounded by family and teachers that encouraged her love of reading She has always been a voracious reader and that love of the written word easily morphed into a passion for writing If she isn't writing she can usually be found studying as she works toward her counseling degree She comes from a military family and the men and women of the armed forces

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    When love takes a grip nothing matters age wealth size or orientation it's all consuming and this book proves that beyond a doubt Caitlin Ricci is a new author for me and when I read the blurb I knew I would have to read it it fired my imaginationand the cover? beautiful and so perfect for the book I try not to do spoilers but it's so hard with this book as the blurb covers the storyline so well but I will give you a little insight Thierry and his older brother Corbin only have each other Ever since he was small Thierry dreams of becoming an off world pilot it's only a dream because they could never afford the fees to join the Academy Corbin works as a aspasian in a club on a pleasure planet for the notorious Monroe They come up with the plan of selling Thierry's virginity to the highest bidder it's the only way to get to the Academy Monroe arranges the detailsThe highest bidder wears a mask and Thierry has no idea of who he is the only identifiable mark? a Dragonfly tattoo From that night on Thierry refers to him as the Dragonfly Their night was supposed to be a one off gig however this is a love storyThere was a lot I liked about this book and a few things I didn't I thought the author lost a great opportunity when Corbin didn't talk Thierry through what was to be expected? Corbin works and is very good at it in the Pleasure Industry who better to talk and prepare him? there was times when I wanted to knock Dragonfly and Thierry's heads together who was the so called immature boy here? but there were other things I liked as well the storyline the simple way the author explained the sci fi elements and the secrecy over Dragonfly yes I guessed who it was but the waiting to see if I was rightand the way she handled the ending was excellent as I said love is loveI would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC My review was an honest opinion of the bookwwwthreebooksovertherainbowcom

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    Audiobook ReviewI’m a sucker for a good sci fi love story and To the Highest Bidder ended up being a surprisingly sweet coming of age tale of intergalactic lust and love This was my first time listening to Jean Samson narrating and I really loved his voice His Thierry is perfect Honestly I could just listen to him say his name over and over again Jean Samson Jean Samson Jean Samson The accent made me swoonThierry has a dream to be a pilot with no means to make that dream happen His brother Corbin works as an escort on Wish the planet where all the sexy things happen I liked listening to the relationship between Corbin and Thierry They’ve been orphaned since Thierry was uite young and Corbin has been his caretaker since then and as Thierry gets older and independent throughout the book their dynamic evolves and I enjoyed all of their exchanges The brothers are brainstorming on a way to come up with the credits to get Thierry into the academy when Corbin finds out he’s been accepted and they come up with the wacky but thoroughly sexy idea to auction off Thierry’s virginity to the highest bidder and letting Corbin’s boss Monroe handle the marketing and transaction Monroe runs the most successful brother on the planet and if anybody can get top dollar for Thierry’s cherry it’ll be Monroe The world building had just the right level of detail and creativity to keep me engaged and not overwhelmed The sci fi aspect didn’t take over the character’s personalities but added to the overall arc One of the bestest things about Thierry and Corbin is their heritage These boys are Sythe and apparently that makes them seriously hot commodities in Corbin’s profession while also a little feared in the general public There are not a lot of Sythe around so the bit of mystery surrounding the particulars of their genetics makes them even appealing The Sythe are very sensitive to touch and attention Meaning when a Sythe individual opens themselves completely they feel and react to everything x 10 So basically super hot Thierry can’t help but react to Monroe Up until then Thierry had led a pretty sheltered life the brothers didn’t have a lot of extra credits floating around to entertain themselves and Thierry’s only dream was to fly So the interaction between the young and inexperienced Thierry with the mature and jaded Monroe was tense and sexy at the same time Not that they particularly get along but that was part of then fun Thierry’s virginity gets auctioned off he ends up making bank and the man who wins is a mystery from the beginning He wears a mask and does not speak and he has a dragonfly tattoo on his side that Thierry finds fascinating The time they spent together was steamy and pretty sweet Dragonfly has his good time but he makes sure Thierry does too and because Thierry feels so intensely the sex is smokin’ While that was supposed to be their only encounter Monroe ends up acting as an intermediary between the two with messages back and forth once Thierry heads off to the academy Thierry keeps Dragonfly posted on how he’s doing the two of them sort of get to know one another Dragonfly is paying him for these letters too along with the additional meet ups here and there and the two of them fall into what I like to call “Pen Pal Love” Pen Pal Love is very romanticized very sweet but not very realistic Dragonfly knows this but Thierry is young passionate and impulsive This is why I referred to the story as a coming of age tale as well Thierry has a lot of growing up to do and when he finds out about Dragonfly he reacts like an immature man would The author and narrator did a great job of capturing the self righteous self centeredness of youth Thierry is the least malicious person in the galaxy but he’s impulsive and has a lot of growing up to do I liked where the story went from here A lot of time is covered and there was no convenient answer The only solution was time and the author made sure her characters had it I would have loved to have of the MC’s together after it all but what I got was completely satisfying especially from Thierry’s perspective The kid turns out all right and by the end I really liked and respected who he grew into a copy of this audiobook was provided to BMBR for an honest review

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    TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER is a surprisingly sweet love storySet in 2231 Thierry has been accepted into the Intergalactic Star Pilot Academy to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot Only problem is he and his brother can't afford to send him thereThierry's brother works at a high end brothel and suggests that Thierry sells his virginity in order to pay for his pricey tuition This really didn't come off as weird as it sounds It was woven into the plot and world building naturally and came off as a logical choice for ThierryThe person who ends up buying Thierry's virginity asked to remain anonymous and wore a mask During their first encounter Thierry noticed that the buyer had a dragonfly tattoo and started to call him Dragonfly After Thierry and Dragonfly ended their night together they stayed in touch They wrote to each other and continued to make arrangements at the brothel This eventually led to them falling in loveIn the beginning of the story I loved them together But towards the middle and end they became somewhat exhausting There was a lot of bickering between them and I wanted to reach in and just smack 'em The epilogue definitely saved it for me though It couldn't have been perfectI really liked this It was an easy read for being sci fi There was enough world building for me to clearly picture everything but the story mainly focused on the romance Thierry and Dragonfly is a couple I'd love to read about

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    ‘To the Highest Bidder’ is a fascinating story set in the year 2231 and I liked it for many reasons On the surface it seems to be a simple case of a man deciding to sell his virginity to raise enough money to pay for his education and training as a pilot It’s not the first time this has happened in history and apparently it is still happening in this version of the future Digging a little deeper the novel is also about appearances deception and how the main characternarrator Thierry deals with an unexpected twist around the identity of his benefactor What made the story even better for me was the setting in outer space the fact that both main characters are aliens and some excellent character growth But I think above all I liked the sweet love story that only gradually unfolds as the story develops All in all this is a multi layered novel with than one surprisePlease find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    Rating 2 starsFor the sake of transparency I am going to say upfront that I skimmed a good portion of this book Thierry was okay at first but then he got and annoying and acted and immature and I just couldn’t take it I didn’t particularly like Dragonfly either Not to mention that Dragonfly’s identity was so blatantly obvious What really took the cake was the ending view spoilerSo the relationship starts off as a business deal and we’re supposed to believe that they fell in love with each other This occurs even though they spent much of the book apart Then once Thierry finds out who Dragonfly is they have this big blow up and they spend even of the book apart Finally Dragonfly who is really Monroe really who couldn’t see that coming from the blurb alone tells Thierry that they couldn’t be together until Thierry accomplishes all his dreams So they have absolutely no contact for years and we’re supposed to buy into the fact Thierry was so in love that he went back to Monroe and Monroe was so in love that he waited I’m not buying what they are selling at all hide spoiler

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    The story is pretty cool a total 45 star but that ridiculously stupid rushed ending completely spoils the book

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    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®25 Stars I had high hopes for To the Highest Bidder The selling of one’s virginity set in space a mysterious buyer – all a recipe for good times However I was disappointed with the execution and the outcomeThere were some good bits; Thierry and his brother’s interactions were sweet and I could feel the love there The brothel on Wish in fact the whole planet was intriguing and I would have loved to see of itI liked Thierry’s first interaction with Dragonfly; Theirry’s nervousness Dragonfly’s mysteriousness both contributed to a sense of anticipation However when it came to it I found the sex to be lackluster For all that Thierry was supposed to be ultra responsive due to his species; it just didn’t come through to me Adding to that Thierry’s “love” was unbelievable and made the rest of the book feel false especially the ending The author did not convince me that Thierry could have fallen in love with Dragonfly or the person Dragonfly turned out to be in the time they actually spent knowing each other I did not buy the ending at allThe writing was good and I found no editing mistakes so that was a plus I would love to see Corbin find love I would have loved to see Thierry and Dragonfly have time together as a couple to justify the love they claim

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    Alright I have a bit of mixed feelings about this book Going in I thought it was going to be a bit of erotic fluff And the first third of the book was exactly that It was hot erotic and sweet If it had been left there it would have gotten five stars But the author continued to try and built a relationship between an older man and a young guy who have nothing in common but really want there to be This happend through circular conversations that were really stilted and not going anywhere In the end the author 'forced' the relationship through forced separation forcing the young man to discover who he 'really' is So in the end despite the epilogue nothing was really solved In a way it was a story about building castles out of thin air Because the story was told through a first person narrative we never get to know any of the characters except Thierry Corbin the brother was really interesting though and fun but I already saw enough of the blurb for his book to know I don't want to ruin my view of him As a round up I liked the fluff of the story I saw what the author tried to do but it never really reached its goal All in all not really bad but not good either

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    I enjoyed the writing style and most of the story but I didn't like any of the characters I assumed that would change as I got into the book but it didn't Don't think that's ever happened before Also the ending was too rushed I would have liked to read about the different planets and Thierry's maturation Instead there was a 30 year gapEven though this book was a little disappointing I'll buy books by this author because I really did enjoy her writing

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    Rounded upThe first thing that surprised me about To the Highest Bidder is that there's a surprising amount of fluff and angst in it It'sfluffangsty Yeah I just made up a word Deal with it The other thing that surprised me is just how invested I got in the story the world building and Thierry Corbin and MonroeI listened to the first 60% with a huge smile on my face just really enjoying the story Corbin Thierry’s older brother is a high class companion who suggests that Thierry sell the only thing he has of value his virginity in order to pay for the tuition to an elite Pilot Academy Thierry has only ever wanted to pilot a spacecraft and agrees reluctantly that selling his virginity to the highest bidder is the only way he'll ever afford to do itCorbin approaches the owner of the brothel he works Monroe about auctioning his brother's virginity A virgin is incentive enough but because Thierry is also a Sythe who are highly reactive to another's touch leaving their lovers fulfilled and pleased beyond measure Monroe believes Thierry will bring in even credits than he needs Monroe agrees to the auction taking a 25% cut of the profitsThe auction goes extremely well with the winner bidder reuiring complete anonymity The winner wears a mask with only his mouth uncovered and doesn't speak during their encounter Thierry calls the man Dragonfly based on a tattoo the man has on his torso The night is very special with Dragonfly being a perfect lover for ThierryDragonfly reuests through Monroe after their encounter to keep in touch via letters with Thierry for an additional 1000 credits per month Thierry goes off to school and he and Dragonfly communicate back and forth Eventually Dragonfly asks to see Thierry again for an additional 5000 and Thierry eagerly agrees not because of the money but because he's fallen in love with Dragonfly Thierry's enormously happy when Dragonfly admits he too has fallen in love with ThierrySo yeah super fluffy romantic and hot I'm swimming right along enjoying the story thoroughly big smile on my face and then BAMOh My God I did not see that coming I mean part of it I did I totally called part of it but the other part?Nope I did not see it coming and it BROKE MY FUCKING HEART Though it all works out I was devastated and never uite regained my euilibrium with the story So yeahfluffangsty Then the story goes onand yes I could see why it was necessary for what happens next what with the 23 years age difference between them I could see why it was all necessary and it made a sort of sense but my heart didn't want it My heart wanted a different pathIt's my first audiobook with Jean Samson as the narrator and I think his first as well Though he brings emotion to the story and I enjoyed the narration on the whole he does have a few pacing issues and a couple of flubs one memorable time even calling Dragonfly Firefly Though for a first time narration attempt it wasn't bad and I'd certainly give him another go in the futureAll in all be prepared to be enjoying flufftastic sweetness followed by a huge shock and just go along for the ride Don't worry there's an HEA waiting in the end for youI know one other thing I'm looking forward to checking out book two Fantasy for a Gentleman Audio copy of To the Highest Bidder provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

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