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Of Being Underground and Moving Backwards An excellent first collection of short fiction Heather's characters do not lead easy lives some struggle with crappy jobs disease addiction but they also experience little epiphanies moments of grace as they battle their way through the subway the minimum wage job the judgments made by others Some stories are grittily realistic others have touches of fantasy and mysticism As well as the assured prose she knows when and how to end a story one of the real tests of short fictiion there's an emotional honesty to the writing that is striking This collection is reminiscent of Hubert Selby Jr whom Heather lists as one of her influences None of the stories is uite as heavy as the ending to Selby's Last Exit to Brooklyn But there are moments that shock surprise and make one laugh Holding onto his headstone for balance I urinated over my grandfather's grave from the title story or the girl sexually teasing an anonymous stranger on a subway car The Trees Turned to Glass There are only 50 copies of this book so I suggest you order one now Amazing Truly beautiful The words paint the walls of your imagination and take you on a trip I recommend this book to everyone Vivid original and memorable I would love to read of this author's work In this collection Babcock writes of gropes in dive bars hookers kidnappers and suicide Characters work as waitresses at the Rib Rack clean toilets for a living rent motel rooms for 140 a week live on lentils masturbate to cartoon anime girls store urine in pop bottles expose themselves to strangers on the subway The roses may be brown edged but they bloom anywayDevilHouse will be a playground for the transgressive We will explore the concept of transgession in literature film theatre visual art graphic novels any other creative media that you help us discoverDevilHouse will publish limited edition transgressive pamphlets or chapbooks in the disciplines of short fiction creative nonfiction theatre the latter in the form of short playsDevilHouse is for subversion of themes genres styles language conventionThe patron saints of DevilHouse if you will allow a perversion areBarney Rosset the editor of Grove Press who fought against American obscenity laws to get Lady Chatterly's Lover into the USA published Henry Miller's Tropic of Cancer despite the lawsuits over its sexually explicit language was the first publisher of William Burrough's Naked Lunch Alan Moore for many reasons but mainly because of his essay BOG VENUS VERSUS NAZI COCK RING Some Thoughts Concerning Pornography Originally published in Arthur Vol 1 No 25 Nov 2006DevilHouse is stories your own those gleaned from your imagination DevilHouse is for the kinds of characters who don't make it into print people who live outside the mainstreamDevilHouse is for the unspoken the underdog the underpublished the unnamed the unfulfilled the unapologetic the uncompromising DevilHouse considers work in English from any part of the world by writers of all genders sexual orientations geographies ethnicities

  • chapbook
  • 48 pages
  • Of Being Underground and Moving Backwards
  • Heather Babcock
  • English
  • 17 August 2016

About the Author: Heather Babcock

“Dandelions are just friendly little weeds who only want to be loved like flowers” Heather BabcockHeather Babcock has had short fiction published in Descant magazine The Toronto uarterly Front&Centre magazine Truck The Annex Echo newspaper and in GULCH An Assemblage of Poetry and Prose Tightrope Books 2009 among many others Her short story collection Of Being Underground and Moving