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Conscious Parenting AoL Mindfulness #5 Conscious Parenting is the AoL Mindfulness Course designed for parents We use Transformation Tools and Spiritual Exercises to help parents get in touch with Soul with Love and with Patience when dealing with kids Exploring the magic work with Soul's Diary Spiritual Parenting Diary Developing Parenting Virtues Meditations Rhythm Day to day Routine Happy Family Structure Cultivating of Relationships etc the course explores some very inspiring exercises to examine the mind subconscious and conscious thoughts emotions relationships

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    Conscious Parenting Course is AoL Mindfulness Course published by Artof4elementsOther AoL Books are Mindful Eating Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes Mindful BeingAll through the mindfulness exercises of the Conscious Parenting Course the parents are encouraged to listen to their Souls and to come back to love awareness consciousness hoping to inspire the parents capacity to stay Creative Loving and Full of Energy 'It is possible to get the art of parenting RIGHT Our children need our Love need our support and need our sanity within this amazing matrix of choices we live in They need us to guide them towards healthy foods healthy habits inspiring activities life enriching friends etc It is easy for parents to lose themselves in PARENTING RESPONSIBILITY in day to day tasks in screams of demanding children within the piles of shit of their babies within PARENTING RULES they are supposed to follow and within PARENTING ROLES they are supposed to play It is easy for parents to lose the connection with Her Majesty Love A harsh or skeptical parent can easily subdue the life force of the child An energy of a warm gentle loving parent will be absorbed unconsciously into the new forming mind that will so gain and maintain a deep devotion to Life I keep on saying to my children I wish to be a kind understanding and loving parent Please help me do it' Natasa Pantovic Nuit

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    I read 4 Nuit’s books I read books about Parenting and Books about nutrition and cooking In addition to concrete advice of the attitude towards children daily routine and healthy way of preparing food I found how to become aware of my selves and how to spend every day as a special gift from God I learned how to develop creativity and joy of existence Finally after all I woke up fulfill of loveI highly recommend books to anyone who wants to spend a better lifestyle and healthy time with family and learn how to live in harmony with nature and with God

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    Book Review Conscious Parenting A great family experienceI never liked parenting books and always believed that experiences teach us much than any book can when exploring the parenting world yet I found Conscious Parenting the most amazing inspiring course material that one could find around Trust me it is definitely worth going onto Nuit's parenting exploration journey it is full of magic and true knowledge Becoming a conscious parent is a challenge not all can take and it is a 'call' directed towards the future generations If you feel that you belong to that future as few of us do get hold of the course devote the necessary 12 weeks to its enfolding and learn through your own experience It is surely worth it Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents by Natasa Pantovic Nuit is a great course and I highly recommend itI enjoyed working with the kids on creativity exercises of various sorts All kids these days are hyperactive and detached from the contact with nature so seeing the little ones working on some simple but inspiring exercises from the course enjoying their creativity time and preparing little surprises for me their auntie made us feel as a family The course is fun full of exercises and tips for kids development 12 modules try to cover all the areas within one's life so there is much to enjoy but I would highlight anger management understanding core beliefs and of course relationships Worth going back to it at different stages of life I will probably re do it again in a couple of years Must try‘A child has a deep longing to discover that the World is based on Truth Respect that longing In our attempt to help children grow into Inspired Adults we wish them to carry the Youthfulness of their Souls and the Wonders of Childhood into their old age' Nuit

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    Conscious Parenting Course is full of parenting exercises and tools If you are into green parenting mindful parenting alternative schooling methods parenting and spirituality this is a great course full of useful tools developing kids creativity kids emotional intelligence kids ways of looking at the world around them Switching off TV and computers the course gives the parent ways to stay inspired and full of various ways to get the family 'together' and allow 'love' to flow within the relationships Highly recommended

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    Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents by Natasa Pantovic Nuit is a book course full of wisdom and beauty I've read Mindful Being Mindful Eating Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes and Chanting Mantras with Best Chords from the same author and really enjoy going back to Nuit's poetry Art of 4 Elements for inspiration within my day to day existence The Alchemy of love books transfer me into a different space and level of existence they bring me back my meditations my efforts to change the world my dreams and they inspire me to live my highest potential Whether it is with the choice of healthy nutrition my constant reminder about my thought processes the training of the feelings or the reminder to live within conscious relationships Conscious Parenting Course took me on a journey of self discovery I filmed my experiences and created various art works while 'working' on the exercises recommended within the book I followed my creative flow and got further inspired to live creatively The synchronicity kept occurring within my life while I was focusing on various subjects While focusing on compassion my world was compassion and non violence the books that came to me during this week were about compassion and non violence and my life got a shape and color of virtues or meditations I was following The book kept the beauty and the wisdom within a firm structure that at the end of the journey opened vast amounts of paths and further discoveries Conscious Parenting Course ended with the module called Spiritual Journey that invited all of us to start this amazing journey after we have finished the book exploration From self development into spiritual development Wow what an invitationConscious Parenting is about simplicity yoga green mindful parenting It is about challenging the structure of rewards and punishment about understanding these wonderful souls that came to Earth to be our children and about guiding our kids physical mental and spiritual development through fun wisdom and beauty into their own flourishing

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    A beautiful and inspiring book from Natasa Pantovic Nuit Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for ParentsThe book is designed as a course and it took me uite a long time to start doing its modules because the return to courses was not uite my theme Yet once the course took me in I was absorbed inspired and challenged by its rhythm and exercises A beautiful wisdom and warmth surrounds each and every module exercise subject It feels as though the content is mixed with this ingredient of love and patience towards kids and their growth We as parents are pushed into the competitiveness of today's world the conscious parenting reminds us to slow down and trust the inborn wisdom of our little ones The struggle is there it exists as a true reality of parenting and we parents have to learn how to grow with our kids how to understand their 'unconscious' for the outsiders uite 'crazy' behavior In my life I found that I constantly lack the uality time for my partner my kids my parents my friends my hobbies The time seam to speed up at all times so I had to take off my watch and learn about all the 'time wasters' that lived within my life Removing old habits and replacing them with the new ones that are healthy and empowering is always the most difficult part of the life euation Nuit's course gave me the tools to keep me going for a life time Great push great inspiration great work great self development courseHighly recommended

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    Conscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents from Natasa Pantovic Nuit is an Inspiring Valuable Worth reading course with Great tools I never read parenting advice books because my opinion usually differs from the rest I am into green parenting simplicity parenting love parenting if such a thing exists  soul parenting so I found Nuit’s approach to be just a great nourishment for the soul Working on our self development holistically and as a family we empower our kids with love beauty and creativity I found Conscious Parenting to be a very practical guide to day to day mindfulness game with some beautiful exercises My work was challenging but inspiring With Conscious Parenting we our little family followed the structure yet stayed firmly within the setting of freedom followed the regular bed time healthy food a proper exercise regime and yet we were leaving lots of space for creativity for games for surprises for love My life constantly reminds me of how difficult our job as parents is and yet I truly wish to always come back to love A health practitioner by profession I understand the importance of taking care of our bodies first yet because of my busy life style I needed to 'switch off' and center and the course 'cry' for the routine gave me this needed 'centering' roots and a happy home to return to Very grateful for the wisdom and care put into this course Must try

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    Beautiful Inspiring A must have for all the parents I do not read parenting books because I believe that there is a lot of misconception around raising kids and parenting I cringe when a child is let to cry when a mum follows the 'rules' of various punishments and rewards when kids are given games and tablets to keep them uiet Nuit within the Conscious Parenting Course puts an emphasis on the importance of healthy nutrition healthy sleeping habits the strong routine within the day week month family patterns and yet she constantly comes back to this lovely unconditional trust in the kids and their ability to connect with their souls in the kids inner knowledge Putting the parenting love above all returning to the inner peace respecting the game of life working with positive parenting simplicity parenting spiritual parenting is within all 12 modules of the course This book is a treasure and I often return to its secrets and wisdom

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    Conscious Parenting is a book which I as an educator find extremely helpful not only for parents but also for teachers It contains all the skills needed to help children in their all round development I refer to this book regularly for guiding parents in ways how to understand and improve their children's uality of life and help them discover their true potential which leads to happy children and families Katherine Azzopardi director Centru Tbexbix Bormla Malta Centru Tbexbix is an education and social service project providing educational activities for children and young adults with the aim of empowering to become happy active citizens in a community renowned for difficult social backgrounds

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    Consacious parenting is a basis of self development of any human being How our parents behave form the way we think act and that is why it is so important to understand how to properly educate our kids Conscious parenting book is a must to read examine and deeper explore I am an educator interested in Waldorf methods of education and I found the exercises to be practical inspiring motivating full of day to day tips wisdom and learning activities Must read

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