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10 thoughts on “My Mate The Monster Arranged Mating #1

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    Well who doesn't love a romance where the heroine gets raped by the 'hero' repeatedly?I'm surprised sonnets haven't been written about all the beauty that exists in that act Don't even know why I bothered to finish this

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    I'd give this book zero stars if that was possible The editing is dreadful and my grammarspelling is not the best so I tend to think if I spot it it's got to be bad The story is very short and just depressing with no real ending I liked the initial Idea of the story and thought there was potential for it to be good but was disappointed I don't like to add spoilers but this story includes rape and to me not much else In defence of the author this is stated in the book description so I was aware before I read it but I'd hoped there would be to it than that I also found the hero ? a little confusing At some points he showed kindnessconsideration ie avoiding touching her damaged hipnot having sex with her when she was drunk but then he repeatedly raped her The two aspects of his character didn't seem to match to me Perhaps I'm at fault for not liking this story as I like some sort of resolutionHEA and you don't get that here just not for me

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    1000 stars This author needs taken off First I understand the few reviews second calling this a shifter book makes me sick and third I have to agree this is rape I think what makes me mad the most is what the author making shifters out to be or look like Then to top it off I can't find ANY information on this author why??? Take this book down

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    Fair warning there is no happy ending seems a bit rushed towards the end but since it's apart of a series i'm thinking maybe they'll make a seuel to this couple

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    A very sad story that had my mood subdued majorlyThe orthography was lacking at best if even I as a non nativespeaker of the english language noticed the many mistakes I had the feeling the author used a dictation program to write the story and never looked back Not even to correct the words that spoken out loud kind of resembled the correct wordThe male lead can't say hero in this case gets a few brownie points for at least trying to make things right and be nice But that does NOT give him the right to REPEATEDLY rape his wife for whatever reason

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    The editing of this was terrible And I guess I just assumed that this was a completed book but it wasn't The entirety of the book was of her mate basically raping her until she got pregnant and only then was he gentle with her Really dumb and I wish there was a continuation it just stopped abruptly This really had potential to be good but with all the grammarspelling mistakes and the abrupt ending it was horrible I would give it5 stars if I could

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    Ok so this series is just not for me The author does warn there is forced sex I thought it would play out different I still appreciate the warning even though I did not take it

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My Mate The Monster Arranged Mating #1 After her sister Sarah was mated off to the last single alpha around Amanda assumed this meant she could have a normal life and find love on her own That was until a new pack moves in and her father decided he wants another pack alliance with the newest alpha ACWARNING This book contains forced sex and Taboo subjects If that is not your thing this may offend