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Pink Is for Blobfish I'll be honest I was completely fascinated and slightly weirded out when I first saw the Pink is for Blobfish cover The I read about the book the curious I became to learn just what a pink blobfish was and just what other pink creatures may exist in our world Zoologistauthor Jess Keating walks readers through a number of familiar and unfamiliar pink shaded creatures including the naked mole rat the pinky pygmy seahorse and the pink fairy armadillos For each animal Keating dedicates a two page spread including photographs descriptions and fun scientific facts all designed to challenge burgeoning young minds Though Keating makes her information friendly and accessible with cheerful illustrations that will engage readers into looking at these creatures with a different eye she also challenges readers to think harder and deeper about what they're reading Her use of Latin names and terms like eusocial I wasn't even really sure what that meant will inspire curious readers to research about these animals and about science in general All in all this book is a winner all around Bottom line Jess Keating has written a enjoyable educational and accessible book for young readers who are looking to better apply their love of pink and for science Highly recommend for all young readers especially for those who are looking to learn about uniue creatures and explore their love of science This a superbly written and clever picture book about the world of pink animals The picturesillustrations are stunning This will make for a great read aloud for MS especially tackling organizational patterns but specifically classifications I sure hope students enjoy the interesting topic as they explore their own topics to research If you were to ask a roomful of students to play a word association game using the primary red blue and yellow and secondary orange green and violet colors will all their answers be the same? Based upon their ages past experiences and thinking processes certainly some answers will be identical For the same reasons many will be different Colors are attached to some powerful memoriesIf you were to throw out a shade made when adding white to a primary color such as pink what will they say? Does pink remind them of cotton candy cherry blossoms roses candy or cupcakes flamingos pigs or tongues? I'll bet not a single one would reply with the title of this new book Pink Is For Blobfish Discovering the World's Perfectly Pink Animals The World of Weird Animals series Alfred A Knopf an imprint of Random House Children's Books February 2 2016 Zoologist Jess Keating How To Outrun A Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied How To Outswim A Shark Without A Snorkel and How To Outfox Your Friends When You Don't Have A Clue has authored one of the most captivating and fun nonfiction books of 2016My full review Do you think pink is only for princesses? Then you should take a look to this book In it you will find seventeen fascinating animals such as tarantulas river dolphins armadillos rat moles and uakaris; animals from 05 inch to 14 feet long; animals from every continent; animals who live in rivers rain forests ponds swamps and underwater; all of them pinkMany interesting facts are explained in a funny way The books has pictures and cartoons and also a glossary and a map at the endAmusing science is always welcome Highly recommended Age range 6 to 9 years oldFind children's book reviews in Reviews in Chalk Perfect for my 3rd graders Love the structure and great photographs Jess's writing is clever and fun Readers are in for a treat with this book I read an early e copy and I cannot wait to hold the real copy in my hands and pass on to students I only read this book because I needed something for the PopSugar Reading Challenge that had my favorite color in the title Yes I have The Secret History of the Pink Carnation on audio but what with how many other audio books I have waiting for me I'm addicted to Audible I'm not sure I'll get to it by the end of the year So after a search for other books with pink in the title I decided this one looked suitably easy plus it was available online at my library But it turned out it was also a very cute and informative children's book and I learned about animals I'd never heard of I'm sure I would have loved this as a kid My favorite was the Hopkins' Rose Nudibrach A very cute hermaphroditic sea creatureUsed for PopSugar 2018 Reading Challenge prompt A book with your favorite color in the title Nate gives this one 5 stars It's a great book about weird pink animals Perfect amount of text and nice big interesting photos of some really fascinating animals We had a great time reading this one last night Lots of laughs too Don't miss this one for your own kids I didn't know there were so many different pink animals in the world But what kind of a book on pink critters doesn't include the flamingo and the piggy? Ok so the animals in this book are all wild so I'll excuse the piggy But the flamingo?? Is it because the roseate spoonbill was included and that bird is too much like the flamingo except for the beak? Anyway I did learn uite a bit about the animals included here I have to agree that the blobfish is pretty ugly but the picture in the book seems to be out of water and somewhere I think I read that blobfish look different in the water not uite so ugly I could be wrong though I do like like that the author provided information on threats to and predators of each animal Guess what's threatening most of them? Habitat destructionpeople One thing I wish the author had included is a size comparison chart In the photos all the animals are shown the same size yet if you look at the actual sizes stated on the right hand side of each 2 page spread some are tiny while others are huge For example the Hopkins' rose nudibranch looks so big in the photo but it's really only 810 of an inch to 12 inches in length eentsy I was excited to read that a new species of river dolphin was discovered in 2014 I have a particular fondness for the pink river dolphins of the I was also interested to read that the naked mole rat had the ability to stay cancer free Having cancer myself I'd love to know their secret I had never heard of red uakaris What's interesting about them is that the pinkerredder their faces are the healthier and therefore attractive to potential mates they will be One animal that was included that I didn't expect was the hippopotamus Apparently it oozes a pink sweat to protect itself from sunburn The most amazing critter in the book however was the pink fairy armadillo Now most armadillos are pretty big but this little thing is only 4 inches long pink on top with white on the bottom and kinda cute It looks like a cross between an armadillo a mole and a caterpillar I'd love to see a book like this for other colors of animals Wouldn't that be fun? I think young readers and older ones too will enjoy this book even without the flamingo Recommended Pinkalicious meets National Geographic in this nonfiction picture book introducing the weirdest wildest pinkest critters in the animal kingdom Some people think pink is a pretty color A fluffy sparkly princess y color But it's so much Sure pink is the color of princesses and bubblegum but it's also the color of monster slugs and poisonous insects Not to mention ultra intelligent dolphins naked mole rats and bizarre bloated blobfish Isn't it about time to rethink pink Slip on your rose colored glasses and take a walk on the wild side with zoologist Jess Keating author of How to Outrun a Crocodile When Your Shoes Are Untied and cartoonist David DeGrand A New York Public Library Best Book for Kids 2016 The 2016 Ambassador to Young People's Science and Nature books is unuestionably the blobfish Shelftalker Readers will never look at pink the same way Publishers Weekly

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