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Spellfinder Cassidy Edwards #2 I loved this second book in the series about Cassandra Cas For herself she thinks she is a monster she surely is supriced when she hears who would be her father Ricky is still a imp bitch sorry for my language Their are old characters warlocks witches and vampires The rest must kept unrevield 😀😁Revenge is deseptive leading one to believe that the end justifes the means At first blush it deliberate a sweetness beond measure But the first blush passes fast reaveling the true price hiding like water under the hay The choice is to walk away or dig deeper much like a gambler praying that the next round will pay for all The wise walk awayI am looking forward to the next novel in this series 😀🌹😀 Not As Good As The First BookSo very tired of Cassidy and her libido Get a grip girl Just because a guy holds you doesn't mean you melt into a puddle So juvenile And zoning out constantly is not holding water It is really stupid to have her lose concentration every time she needs information It doesn't make sense This installment of Cassidy Edwards didn't flow for me The ZING wasn't there I felt it fell flat Confused messIt's an interesting story but there is too much distraction and no good segues into the plot It needs a bit of a polish and some organization of the characters and their back stories Ah well I still believe the mythology is interesting and the story has my attention I'm not a fan of Cassidy There's no real peril and she seems to have everything going for herA super powerful Highland vampire who's old as shit is all in love with her she's this mysterious hybrid creature who's incredibly powerful but doesn't know it yet her imp companion is this super rare powerful kind but doesn't know it yet either she's joined to the hip with her love interest who is also incredibly powerful warlock and they can't keep their hands off each other she's the daughter of one of the most powerful and feared creature thing person she can somehow open the gates to another dimension that no one can open she's already uniue with her power usageEverything about her screams Mary Sue I'm not into her and to be frank I could care less I find myself caring for every character BUT her The story still has me hooked to check out the next book to see what happens next Just not for her Another enjoyable story Full of action and drama as well as suspense I love all of the elements coming into play here We are finding out and about Cassidys origins in here We learned a bit in the last book But in here it gets delved Into deeply I love the banter between Cassidy and other characters Her and Tabitha start having issues And Ricky is charming as always The deeper she gets in the harder it will be for her to get out of this pickle she seems to have found herself I love the back and forth between Tension Lucian and Cassidy I listened to this on audio Lynn Devereux Does an amazing job Her voices for these characters are strong and she doesn’t waver I know each character whey they talk by the voices she is using Superb SpoilersThe story and the writing are great I couldn't get past how much cass kept ruining absolutely everything She and her imp actually her imp actually helped out All cass did was manage to betray practically everyone somehow and all because of her greed to get revenge on one guy Why could she not have talking to her warlock about getting revenge on the vampire emilio Ya I don't think she deserves Lucien Dorian is sexy and he seems to have good intentions for her yet she has a sort of odd attracted disdain for him We shall see how that pans out in the next book but I digress Again In this book she managed to make enemies of just about everyone It was very rattling and made for some tough reading Ex The imp was messing aroundno one noticing but her during a secret mission where she isn't supposed to make a scene and she goes and makes a scene for no good reason it just didn't sit right with me Because of these oddly placed dumb things she does I had to take off a star It left me cringing just thinking about all the deep doo doo she has caused; it isn't the best kind of drama to look forward toStill no sex and no cussing Very British flair Karma Can Be A BitchExcellent book and I still think Cassidy has to learn vengeance has serious conseuences Lucian and Cassidy had their moments For second book in a series you can not read it alone as there is information necessary in the first book to make you completely understand the nuances of the story Heath he imp and the fire drake all play a part Cassidy is learning about the world she lives in and you will as well as you read this excellent book 35 starsThis book definitely took an interesting turn The story and setting becomes complex and compelling One thing that bothered me though was Cassidy I understand her need for revenge but I didn't like the way it was all consuming The way she said that was the purpose in her life; I mean really And also that she was willing to betray her allies for her revenge The latest from Award winning and Bestselling author Carmen Caine and the seuel to Monster is finally here Spellfinder will be available at a promo price of99 for a short period of time to celebrate its release Revenge Until now my revenge was of an idea A fantasy A mere whisper of what revenge should be But it was a seed—and it was time for it to sprout My name is Cassidy Cassidy Edwards And I'm the first of my kind The Job Hunting a mysterious force attacking the House of Rowle with spells of the most malevolent arachnid kind The Players A wickedly handsome warlock of a boss a hostile Nether Reach Keeper hell bent on my arrest and a vampire who just might believe that he’s my father My Problem As my new Spellfinding gig plunges me deeper into the world of the Charmed Mafia destiny presents the king of all conflicts forcing me to walk a tightrope of lust and betrayal as the monster inside me awakens Ahh thank you Carmen Caine I really like this series full of twist and turns fights mysterious charmed characters Confusion whom to cheer for whom to want to lose Good vs Not so Good and those just plain evil Vampires witches warlocks werewolves spirits spectral what a mix of society Of course everyone is fantastic both visual and talented

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