Slaves of the Spider ueen Dark Elf Fantasies Book 2 Epub

Slaves of the Spider ueen Dark Elf Fantasies Book 2 “A truly smoldering capture fantasyshould be right up the ally for fans of roleplaying games or drow in general”“Perfect for anyone who has ever fantasized about a sexy dark elf dominatrix” Reader Reviews for WEB OF THE SPIDER UEEN“All drow take pleasure in the degradation of their rivals especially when those rivals happen to be their sibling”After months of servitude beneath the heels and whip of a drow priestess Weylin and Solemi can scarcely remember their lives on the surface But even though they have embraced their new identities as pleasure slaves a bigger challenge awaits them when their mistress’s hated sister—and greatest political rival—arrives on a surprise visit Soon they are nothing than pawns in a power struggle between two sexy dark elf dominatrices What follows is an erotic tale of domination submission and carnal delight Slaves of the Spider ueen is a sizzling erotic short story for adults only 11000 words

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    Just enough plot and character building to make the twist feel extra satisfying Once again this doesn't do anything new with the whole concept of drow priestesses but it's difficult to find much better if all you're looking for is drow smut

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    Released 4202015The next installment of the Spider ueen series It's just as dirty and filthy as the last installment possibly even so PFor people who want a little story and less umsmutI do still plan on continuing the Elf Slave series as well

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