Pounded By A Plesiosaurus Dionna Does Dino Valley #2

Pounded By A Plesiosaurus Dionna Does Dino Valley #2 Finally just the thing you've been waiting for Dino Erotica with a story line Because character development is really really important in Dino Erotica 27 year old champion rock climber Dionna Donalson got dino than she could ever have bargained for when a Pterodactyl decided she was than just an intruder But her delicious encounter with a pterosaur is only the beginning of her adventures in Dino Valley Professor Liam Tomlin has another mission for Dionna should she choose to accept it and this one will have her meet with a very large and very interested adolescent Plesiosaurus Is Dionna up to the challenge of being taken by another dinosaur Author's Note If you're looking for a book with deep backstory romantic elements and strong world building this probably isn't the book for you If however you want to read about a spunky girl meeting every which way with an array of reptilian beasts you've come to the right place

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    Why is the professor kinda h0t tho

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    Pounded by a Plesiosaurus is for people whotake their dino lovin' one dino at a timedon't mind a little surprise anal sex in their eroticaenjoy a character with voyeuristic tendencieslike when a lady gets excited and just goes for itDINOSAURS DO IT BETTER Or harder Or something Yassssss Kelly Reading the Paranormal

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