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The Best Of Relations What if Aunt Gardiner who after all hailed from Lambton was well acuainted with the Darcy family and knew of Wickham's misdemeanours How would the story have been different This tale begins with an exchange of letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her favourite aunt discussing the happenings in Hertfordshire as the Bennet family become acuainted with their new neighbours the Bingleys and their house guest Mr Darcy

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    A relation the Bennet sisters are not ashamed of 2nd read 3 2 18Mrs Gardiner has always been my favorite relation of the Bennet family Her influence has been noted by most JAFF authors as the main reason the two oldest Bennet sisters are who and what they are two sensible and well mannered girls worthy of society In this clean PP variation she is also in a distant and convoluted way related to the Darcy family of Pemberley Our story begins with letters back and forth between Elizabeth and her Aunt Gardiner Elizabeth writes about what is going on in the family and Mrs Gardiner tells her about the antics of her children As Elizabeth begins to write about the new residence that let Netherfield she begins to plant the seeds of Jane’s affection for Mr Bingley As time goes on Elizabeth begins to mention a Mr Darcy in her letters She does not hold back in her description of his pride and his insulting her at the assembly Aunt Gardiner tries to make sense of it in comparison to the Mr Darcy that she knows Aunt Gardiner writes a good report of him in Derbyshire Lambton and Pemberley Then Elizabeth writes regarding a Mr Wickham who recently joined the local militia Upon receiving Elizabeth’s letter Aunt Gardiner responds immediately An express arrives for Mr Bennet declaring that none of the girls should be in society with Mr Wickham and she will be arriving the next day to explain in person This of course puts the house in turmoil When Aunt Gardiner arrives and has a private conference with Mr Bennet and Elizabeth she lays out before them how Wickham has abused her sister and the Darcy family Mr Bennet goes into action and restricts the movements of his daughters from going into Meryton and tells them to have nothing to do with Mr Wickham Lydia of course goes off and declares it is all lies started by Mr Darcy and refuses to believe that Wickham is a scoundrel and a rake No one can persuade her otherwise and Mr Bennet puts his foot down and grounds her and refuses to let her go to the Netherfield Ball Mrs Bennet supports his actions toward her silly child and determines to tell everyone she knows that Wickham is bad and not to be trusted Aunt Gardiner attends the Netherfield Ball with the family and is reunited with Mr Darcy He learns that Elizabeth heard his remark at the last assembly and apologizes to her He has returned Bingley to Jane Wickham’s lies have been exposed and with their pride and prejudice out of the way ODC is now able to go forward toward their own HEA This was so cute I like when they have page time It is funny to see how everyone at the ball worked to circumvent Mr Collins and his attempts to dance with Elizabeth Darcy’s set down which included his monitory prospects and what would be reuired of his bride was well done and in the hearing of the town gossips I’ve not seen it played out that way before; it was hilarious This was such a delightful uick read I really enjoyed it and will read it again There were several surprised that I just loved Wickham’s punishment was very creative and well deserved There were several scenes that I’ve never seen played before in any JAFF I loved the way the author spun the story and gave new options for our characters I don’t want to spoil anythingit was just so much fun

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    Love the cover and love Mrs G A bit dull for me but it was still a nice story with the Mary angle

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    Love Mrs Gardiner in this and the changes she was able to create in the PP characters through her influences I do like when Mary has a HEA and it doesn’t involve Mr Collins

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    I had not read any other stories by this author Indeed I had not heard of her but when another reader listed her with a good review on Goodreads I decided to give this book and the author a chance to charm me This is a short read and I borrowed it under my Kindle Unlimited membershipAs the title and the brief Book Description tell us Aunt Gardiner plays out as a significant factor in this story She has always been one of my favorite characters not only in PP but also in JAFF Most authors continue to write her as a wise aunt who gives good advice to her nieces and even as a generous aunt who contributes to their wardrobes or invites them to spend time in London at their home or to accompany her and her husband on trips There are a few stories which have the Gardiners employing one of the Bennet sisters as governess or having one live with them Then there is one in which Aunt Gardiner takes on Mrs Bennet's avaricious seeking of a husband for Elizabeth In this tale Aunt Gardiner is the best of aunts; not only giving out wise advice and lovely compliments but also flying into action when her nieces are unaware of danger from a roué who has a history with her own family and in the neighborhood of her childhood town LambtonThis story has further twists and intrigue as it turns out that there is a very distant but recognized relationship with the Darcy family of all things You must smile when Aunt Gardiner takes Darcy aside and give him what for as she points out how his words and actions have been perceived and his character sketched by such And then we read of his taking her scolding to heart and going above and beyond to warn the community as well as Elizabeth's family and to then use his insight to give than one Bennet sister a HEAAnd we have a very different Mrs Bennet hereone most of us would have wished for in canon But then the story would have played out differently Even Mr Bennet gets off his duff and doesn't declare he is sure things will be alright Which one of you will be first?loved that scene This story has no scenes for MA only so can be shared with your daughters or grandmothersSeveral reviews mention other books by this author I could not find any so if you know of some please leave a comment This was a very pleasant variation in which that angst is minimal I did wonder if our bad boy was going to pop up with another elopement or something evil and I think you will like what the author had playing out there I was cheering in my head at this surprise

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    Mrs Gardiner is a gemTo start I would like to say that I remember reading this on a JAFF website some time ago though I'm not sure which oneThe Best of Relations is a what if story where Mrs Gardiner knows personally the history of Mr Wickham and her and Mr Gardiner are of familial terms with Mr Darcy So when Elizabeth starts to write to Mrs Gardiner about all the comings and goings of Meryton and mentions these two men Mrs Gardiner intercedesI have to say that initially this Elizabeth didn't entice any favorable opinions from me because she continues to believe in her own superior understandings and judgement on Mr Darcy even when her aunt Mrs Gardiner tells her otherwise I love how Mrs Gardiner comes in and literally takes Mr Darcy to task like he's a young child and she's grabbed him by the ear I enjoyed seeing Miss Bingley put in her place And I truly enjoyed how Mr Wickham did not get away with his misdeedsThis is a fast paced story that I would recommend to all JAFFers It is light hearted and has low angst

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    Aunt Gardiner to the rescueWhat if Aunt Gardiner new all about Wickham since she grew up in Lambton?And what if people acted with a bit of common sense instead of like ninniesVery fun read Recommended highly

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    I absolutely adored this short fast paced PP What if In this version the what if is what if Mrs Gardiner was well acuainted with Mr Wickham and Mr Darcy and cleared up the confusionStarting after the assembly but before Jane's rainy ride to Netherfield The first part of the story is conveyed via letters between Elizabeth Bennet and her aunt Gardiner When Lizzy meets and praises Mr Wickham her aunt is rushing to Meryton to disabuse her of her good opinion Aunt Gardiner has the dirt in spades Her pronouncement leads to Lydia being banned from the ball and returned to the nurseryAunt Gardiner is like a Mary Sue but in a good way She attends the Netherfield ball in a stunning dress distracts Mr Collins from Lizzy tells Jane she simply must make her feelings clear to Mr Bingley and is generally useful Plus she runs into her cousin and takes him to task Who is her cousin? Why Mr Darcy of course In no time at all Jane is engaged and Lizzy Mary have suitors Mrs Bennet calms down and takes her remaining daughters in hand and they all lived Happily every afterThere is some modern language but it doesn't detract from the overall fun of the book

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    Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family Paul PearshallI have read than a thousand Pride Prejudice variations and seuels I can think of only one story where Aunt Gardiner is not a kind loving Aunt devoted to her niecesThis is not that storyIn fact it brings up a uestion from canon PP if Aunt Gardiner grew up in Lambton and maintains correspondence with friends there how does she not know something of Wickham’s reputation?“The Best of Relations” begins with Aunt Gardiner learning through letters from Elizabeth that Wickham is currently residing in Meryton An avenging Angel she descends upon Longbourn to save her family and indeed the entire villageAunt Gardiner is also “The Best of Relations” to Fitzwilliam Darcy in that they are distant cousins and good friendsShort clean amusing – I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys JAFFYou don't choose your family They are God's gift to you as you are to them Desmond Tutu

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    This story should be called Mrs Gardiner Fixes Everything It's a piece of fluff full of far too many convenient conversations and pieces of information and very little conflict Still it was a fun piece of fluff that did not take long to read so I don't have any real complaints

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    Pride and prejudice variation 3 12 starsThis variation starts out at almost the beginning And all is settled from the Netherfield Ball and a few weeks forward I did enjoy this alternative but there was really no angst and it seemed to me that the ridiculous Bennet members were not so diverting and Darcy seem to realize the error of his ways way to easily Just saying Anyway this is why I rated it only 3 12 stars Also very short read and that is why I believe thing happened so fast and easily But I would still recommend this read

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