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My Name is Mahtob Not a great book at all Very interesting life story and I feel for the author and her experience and the challenge of coping with trauma but the writing is weak and at times bends to the melodramatic while also managing to paint very flat portraits of the people in her life Occasionally too often for my taste she marches staunchly into evangelical christian rhetoric This book seems to try and walk a line between memoir and personal religious testament Overall a disappointment This is an amazing book It’s been years since I read Not Without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody and I’ve been haunted by it ever since It was one of those stories that you just never forget You really should I could even say must read that one first Especially view spoiler as it didn’t really have an ending If you’ve read it you know what I mean They were free but not safe They were home but on the run I didn’t read or know about For the Love of a Child her second book This was the book that finally gave it a sense of conclusion for me hide spoiler I have always found the concept of forgiveness troubling What I mean to say is what is it exactly ?Does it mean it is ok what what was done ? Or Let bygone be bygones and lets move on together ?Or what ?I have read a number of things on the subject of forgiveness both what it is and what it is not Most have said it is basically a cancelling of the debt the debt you feel is owed to you as a wronged person Usually that is followed by this can happen whether or not you want to restore the relationship or to just walk away It usually ends with by doing so you are giving yourself a gift the gift of a bitterless life and supposedly when this happens the name or actions of that personand this may take years will no longer give you an emotional charge just a neutral feeling and no anger crying resentment etcI mention the above because the author continuous states throughout the book that she has forgiven her father for abducting her and her mother and bringing them to Iran and holding them there against their will as well as beating the living daylights out of her motherYet she never misses a chapter without calling his actionshim evil narcissistic controlling abusive lazy arrogant and a host of other negative adjectivesSo being a natural ponderer I wondered about the relationship between so called forgiveness yet the chronic emotional charge that takes place every time the subject of her father comes upA very readable story that most people know about from seeing the Sally Field film ' Not without my daughter ' only it is from her perspective and not her mother'sIt was a real page turner and despite her traumatic youth graduated college with a degree in psychology and is a very devout LutheranHer father died in 2009 and she basically could not care less I can not say I blame her at all I could never love someone who was that rotten to me This is a wonderful follow up to Betty Mahmoody’s books “Not Without My Daughter” and “For the Love of a Child” In fact of all three books this one is my favorite I loved reading the story from Mahtob’s perspective and could hardly put it down I found it very engaging from the beginning and I went through it uickly Mahtob strikes me as a beautiful compassionate soul who despite all that she has gone through seems to feel no bitterness whatsoever Her resilience and faith are incredible Some of my favorite uotes“As hard as I fought to hold on to my anger to continue to hate my dad the tugging of the good memories eventually found an inroad to my heart No one is all good or all bad The reality that my father would forever be a part of me was inescapable A big part of making peace with myself was rediscovering the good in him and claiming that as my inheritance The act of forgiving wasn’t like flipping a switch—forgiven unforgiven forgiven unforgiven forgiven”“It was baffling to me that some people viewed our story as an anti Iranian or anti Muslim statement That simply was not the case The story is nothing than an account of a piece of my family’s journey If anyone reflects poorly on Iran and Islam it is my dad for doing what he did not Mom or me for talking about it Even so it’s unfair to judge Iranians or Muslims by my dad’s behavior”Finally when she talks about her struggles with Lupus“The body is reached through the spirit First you have to heal the soul Then you can work on the body” It is difficult to critiue this book as it was written in such earnestness and from such a source of pain The author isn't a writer and I don't detect a ghost writer as the voice seems authentic With that in mind I can say that this is a pretty good recounting of her remarkable story The book was given to me and that was why I happened to read it Many years ago I had read the author's mother's book Not Without My Daughter which was a huge best seller later turned into a movie That book brought the issue of child abduction across international borders to the forefront Only a small portion of this book is about the terrifying experience of living in war torn Iran and then escaping back to the US Most of the book is about the aftermath the years of PTSD the strange brush with celebrity the ravages of serious illness and trying to forge a new identity as something other than the little girl everyone has read about The book is also an exercise in trying to forgive the abuser and purge the terrible memories The publisher is a Christian house So there is a sprinkling of the author's Christian faith Though she is dogmatic than I am I was comfortable with that most of the time but I do admit to cringing on several occasions Don't read this if you are turned off by Christianity My fear was that this might be anti Islam or anti Iran The author bent over backwards to avoid that and for that I gave her a lot of credit She has been through so much that I can only wish her the very best So this is almost a seuel of sorts to Not Without My Daughter from Mahtob's perspective If you've ever wondered about what happened to Betty and Mahtob Mahmoody after the events of that bookmovie this is for youYou may think you know the whole story just from reading or watching Not Without My Daughter but not surprisingly Mahtob's story is different from Betty's Obviously right? Because who doesn't see things differently as a child than as a grownup? It's bigger value though is in letting us know what happens after they get back to the states and about the rest of their lives up to this pointIt's also as you might expect an incredibly inspiring story It's incredible to think of what the two of them survived especially in light of the fact that they both seem to be incredibly kind giving peopleRecommended You can escape but are you ever free The story of Mahtob and her mother's escape from her abusive father in Iran is gripping sad and horrific Told from Mahtob perspective as she grew up loving her father until her father changed and moved his family back to Iran Once in Iran he abused and held his wife captive until they escaped Mahtob sense of who she is uite remarkable and impressive Her mother had bestowed on her daughter a very strong identity of her heritage and her independence I do have to say that after awhile the story left me exhausted and I think due to Mahtob's relationship with her father that has never been resolved A validation on both parties Mahtob and her father over took Mahtob's testimony The exhausting part is there is no true freedom in Mahtob's testimony A Special Thank You to Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review This is the story of an extraordinary young woman’s triumph over life crushing trauma to build a life of peace and forgiveness Two decades ago millions of readers worldwide thrilled to the story told in the international bestselling memoir Not Without My Daughter that told of an American mother and her young child’s daring escape from an abusive and tyrannical Iranian husband and father Now the daughter returns to tell her side of the story not only of that imprisonment and escape but of life after fleeing Tehran living in fear of re abduction enduring recurring nightmares and panic attacks attending school under a false name battling life threatening illness—all under the menacing shadow of her father A story about the life of Mahtob a story about her power of forgiving her father I am a bit biased as I read this wanting to know of her experiences in my church's synod's schools one of which many of my relatives went to plus she is from my home state I have not read her mother's book but this book made me consider how I would have handled life if I had been in her shoes I am unsure I would have had the grace to forgive as she did her father especially after the hell he put her through not only as a child but also as a college student trying to establish a life for herselfI think what I took from her memoir is the importance of our attitude when confronting the horrible things we may face in this life and forgiveness does not have to mean reconciliation in certain circumstances as sometimes it is important to protect one's own well being

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