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    It's only the beginningAnd I am very curious about how it's going to play outIt's not what I would have gone for usually which actually shows how good this isRecommend very much

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The Undergods Episode 6 The elite of Reno are put on the defensive as Dom puts everything on the line in an effort to get his hands on George Baran The SeriesThere are no good guys in the near future war of the underworld There are only gods slaves and undergods The gods seek to rule; the slaves accept the rules; the undergods walk among the gods as undetected traitorsThere are only ever six undergods When one dies another elite candidate will rise to fill their place until the gods are destroyed At the moment the undergods are made up a scientist medic sniper hacker bodyguard and smuggler with one common goal unmask the gods before their power is solidified and it is too late for everyonePLEASE NOTE This book is part of a series that is released in seasons and episodes RATING MATURE AUDIENCES 18 This series has graphic scenes some may find offensive including violence language and erotica