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Small Town Secrets Fascinating history of the small town starts to unravel when old secrets are coming to lightAdam and Yolanda take on a project to discover what is behind an old book agitation that comes from the elderly when asking them about the past and one intriguing visit from an old lady that everyone claims should be deadThe history of the town was interesting and the main focus of the tale At times the story moves on a bit slowly because of the repeat of the same events from the past by different person's memories same repeated from a different view pointAdam and Yolanda are great together the connection being about working together in different projects than romantic Soon they start sharing about their lives dreams and hopes for the future with each other The feelings grow slowly the attraction comes suddenly and in the end the conclusion comes as a surpriseBoth Yolanda and Adam have to grow accept new points of view during the story and take new responsibilities that they didn't consider beforeFor anyone interested in the history of small towns how all seems to be connected somehow and how one man's actions can affect into many people's lives decades later will surely enjoy this book Three Spoons If you love mysterious books and family secrets complicated by an unlikely romance of course Small Town Secrets by Pamela Tracy is the book for you I found myself cheering for Yolanda right away She's trying her best to be an entrepreneur and run a bookstore inside a charming Victorian house which has lots of meaning to her like a pro She turns to her handyman uirky dreamer Adam Sapp for support And he turns out to be a guy who is always there for her But things really come together for the couple when they find an old book which reveals startling things about both of their families Great story Yolanda Sanchez and Adam Snapp had been friends since they were young Frienemies may be a better descriptions Yolanda had never been allowed to be anything but business and straight A's and Adam seemed to be of a free spirit They'd gone their separate ways until her mom died and left an inheritance that demanded she follow a dream' and Adam's Dad became ill and asked him to come back home Adam is working for Yolanda helping restore the house she is putting her dream bookstore in when curious events lead to a mystery that could change one or both of their lives I uite liked both of these characters They were real and conflicted and didn't know each other as well as they thought they did I loved Rosi Loretta the grandmothers of our main characters They both lived a full lovely life and adored their grandchildren There are a few twists in the book I had the big mystery' figured out fairly early yet I was intrigued For me this book is worth reading I personally may have liked it about 50 pages shorter Thus 4 not 5 starsRating 4Content Clean kissing no language or violenceSource Netgalley Yolanda is in the midst of bringing a used bookstore to life in her grandmother's old Victorian house Adam a boy she's known all her life has come back to Scorpion Ridge unable to paint the murals he'd become famous forWhen a strange woman comes to the not yet opened bookstore and a diary like book is found Yolanda and Adam have to find her if only to return the book but both suspect there is to the woman than a lost book What unravels is a series of secrets that could derail Adam's and Yolanda's newly discovered feelings for each other Too bad some elements of incorrect geography example Flagstaff south of Phoenix? interfered with the believability of the story Miniseries Scorpion Ridge Arizona Small Town Secrets by Pamela Tracey I had a hard time getting into this book Too many last names to remember The last half the story picked up A mystery and a romance One particular secret could tear them apart Yolanda Sanchez had never been a follow your bliss type of girl always preferring to make practical choices But since her mom's will stipulated that she had to fulfill a dream with her inheritance here she was opening a used book store With consummate dreamer Adam Snapp an artist and childhood friend as her handyman So much for her comfort zone But she needs help and Adam needs the work It's strictly businessuntil they discover a mysterious book about Scorpion Ridge history One that reveals not just secrets of their families' pasts but how deeply intertwined their futures really are

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