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  • 26 July 2014

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    I finished this book in less than three days I think this explains a lot I couldn't put it down I was hooked Well Actually I haven't read these kind of stories in a while and to be honest I wasn't sure I'd like it in the end But it did surprise me and I loved every word It's a well written book and its characters have their own story their own world And it is really amazing to see them grow and it does feel like you're in the story and growing with them So I don't need to say anything elseI'll leave you with this one uote I'm a sucker for uotes I chose a really cheesy and light one though Hope this one will make you read it cos it's really worth itJUST KNOW THAT ALL OF MY SANDWICHES ARE YOURSYOUR SANDWICHES ARE THE ONLY ONES I'D EVER WANTALLOW ME TO SCREAM BECAUSE

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    Awkward Beat is the brilliant work of Cat a woman whose talent will never compare to any author I've ever read or will ever read

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    im yelling i didnt know u can read fics on her enfndjdkd

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    Sooooo I read this because a friend suggested it and I wanted to put it here because I read it And this is longAnyway Haha this book made me laugh out loud a lot Everyone is hilarious yet at the same time I couldn't stop reading I just wanted Harry and Fitz to get together I want to hit them on the head most of the time My heart hurt when Fitz didn't return Harry's words but then I just read uicker and it was okay again haha okay there

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    Please don't let this being fanfiction stop you from reading this because its amazing This has to be on my top 5 reads this year It's so witty and clever SO well written and HILARIOUS It's long but i didn't feel like it was dragging on for too long personally i thought the pace and timing was perfect It used all the cliches but had it's own twist in them I thought it was unpredictable in a way and surprised me the entire time Dialogue was perfect too Highly highly recommend this even though you aren't the slightest bit interested in one direction fanfiction lol It's so much than fanfiction all the author used were their names and gorgeous faces Didn't even feel like reading fanfiction to me Books like this deserved to be published

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    I've read this ages ago And I can't get over it simply because it's breathtaking Whenever I remember it my heart swells with affection It drives me insane that this wasn't recognized this should have been published It will always be a favorite of mine

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    Beautifully written Funny clever elouent amazing in every aspect Every single detail is so thoroughly planned and well thought You forget is a fanfiction from One direction since technically the author only uses their names and physical images for reference

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Awkward Beat June Fitzpatrick is brazen and sure She’s driven yet wild Innocent yet feisty Scheming and frankly bossy Imaginative sassy and a little bit drunkYeah she'll probably blame it all on that last one A story about sandwiches and the people who make and eat themFrom onedirectionfanfiction