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Secrets of Winter ok A love story formed in such a way that you can't resist it That one sentence was what I thought when I turned the last page of Secrets of Winter The whole reveal of Sophie's mother was heart breaking and to see the pair go through something that isn't easy for anyone to go through was touching It reminds you of how strong a parent bond can be even if they aren't biological If the twists with Sophie wasn't enough or the returned of the dreaded ex Jared then the moments with Alex will have your heart melting and you wishing that you could just knock their heads together In the end the twist hits you so fast you will not see it coming Ginne Carmichael did a wonderful job of putting together this story and preparing us for the final book of the seasons bundle I have to say this is the best short story series that I have read in a really long time After discovering the lost wedding ring of his late wife Alex can’t handle being around Elsie any He needs to find a way to open up to her again but he will need time Elsie wants to be able to wait for him but she can’t know for sure if Alex will ever come back to her She wants him to be happy but can’t let go yet Everything went so wrong for the both of them when it could have been so easy

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