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Zombie World (Zombie Apocalypse #3) Oh thank goodness it had a good resolution I was so worried it would end in a cliffhanger I'll be the first to admit but I'm a tad bitter about this book One of my favorite characters died NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and it may have affected my initial rating of this book Now that it's been awhile I've re rated it to my true rating I liked a lot about this book The action was phenomenal I was on the edge of my seat during the farm seuence The apocalypse really brings out the criminal in all of us The villains were icky and believable I loved to hate the scientist guy which made the book fun to read and page turning As always the details are great and the cast was well fleshed out despite this being a self published book At least a believe it's self publishedWhile I may wanted to shake Sam from time to time for not paying attention I did like her as a heroine of this series She is relate able funny at times and an all around girl that I found myself routing for As usual I loved Reese and Ryder Everyone knows country boys wouldn't totally own a zombie apocalypse We train for it down here What knocks it down is the predictability and the science I added the star back that was killing one of my favorites I find it unbelievable that the cure would work in the way it did However it is different so props for that Also the scene at the end with Sam and her reunion was too predictable Not that I didn't enjoy it but I could see it coming There was no suspense to itI'm certainly going to miss this series As I've said before it's well written which is something you don't often find especially in zombie books This book is a strong finish for the series I absolutely loved this book it was a fitting end for the trilogyI became really invested in the major characters and genuinely cared about themI'm hoping Samantha will do some Zombie Survival horror this series was several cuts above the average This is the third and final book in my Zombie Apocalypse trilogy Weighing in at just over 160000 words it's by far my largest book and over twice the length of the first book in the series I hope you all enjoy it Sam and her group are on the road to Montana searching for the potential cure that will end the world's suffering They meet new friends along the way but trouble soon arises in the form of Dr Richards—the scientist responsible for the outbreak They've agreed to help him but it soon becomes clear that this man is dangerous in his own way His lack of empathy towards anyone he deems beneath him is only the tip of the iceberg and the group is sickened to learn the purpose of the initial disease and the plans Dr Richards had for itTension begins to mount between the group and the good doctor after the loss of one of their own and it all comes to a head as the cure is perfected With the cure in hand the group must brave the dangers of a city crowded by the undead in order to save it Several trials and losses await them on their journey to spread the cure but the group pushes onward refusing to give up in the hopes the outcome will all be worth it in the end But will itRecommended for ages 16

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