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    Posted on Buried Under RomanceThe title says it allMiss Claire Carrington has been raised by a rather uniue spinster aunt who had the effect of giving her a frank manner of speech no tonnish manners and behaviors a love of adventure and a desire to maintain her own independence and not marry Upon eavesdropping on a conversation in which the heiress Claire claimed she did not want to marry Andrew Tyson the Maruess of Blaydon concocted a scheme to have a fake betrothal to escape his marriage minded mother Claire was delighted to be of help to Andrew but made terms that they must not fall in love with each other Thus begins the not so courtship friendship between Claire and Andrew leading to a singular loveClaire and Andrew are uniue characters who are both stubborn and unyielding at times Claire with her unusual upbringing constantly scandalizes the ton and Andrew In their initial meetings Andrew tries to conform Claire to normal behaviors ballroom dancing wearing fashionable clothing while Claire slowly grabs at his heart with her kindness intelligence and devotion to her painting One of my favorite scenes was when Andrew learned of how formidable his dear Claire confronting a thug with a pistol and he realized that he is no match for her uniueness The first half of the book told of their relationship from stranger to friend to best friend and eventually realizing their love for each other while the other half involved Claire's refusal of Andrew and their reconciliation with the help of one very good Duke of SevernAll in all this was a delightful read and I especially enjoyed Claire's character as one of worldly innocence For someone to be so well read and yet innocent in the dealings of the heart was an ingenious combination and one I've come to love I initially thought Andrew to be too rigid and set in his ways but he slowly warms to Claire's unconventional behaviors and falls deeply in love with her When his past is revealed it shed light on how Andrew lost what would have become amusement and love had Claire not come by The other important character the Duke of Severn was such a supporter of the two that I can't wait to read his own story in The Dreadful DukeI am extremely glad to have found a copy of this book and sincerely wish that it could be made available on e formats so readers can enjoy this wonderful story

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    385 stars rated pg13I liked the heroine she could be refreshing but overall she was too outspoken and brash and really got on my last nerve at times making it somewhat hard to warm up to her Loved the Hero and thought he was a good balance for her Each of them learned from the other and grew to respect the other Notes made while reading Hah Funny bits I like the heroine but her relentless dogged determination to adhere to and lecture others on her extreme modern feminist ideas is a bit annoying Raised by her spinster aunt Lady Dawson to be unconventional to the point of rudeness and to be unprepared for and prejudiced against the well to do society in which she lives as an heiress Aww He’s so sweet and sees how terrified she is of thunder even though she never complained She’s disrespectful and rude to her elders Hero says to heroine ”’it is your own fault I uite agree that appearance should not be the be all and end all of anybody’s rational thought but to care nothing about it at all is eually arrogant’” Yes Love the Hero Prior to this the heroine had been wearing dull gray and navy sack like clothing to society events; after this she went and had some decent clothes made As set in her ways and annoying as she can be I appreciate that she is able to learn different ways and even laugh at herself The character of the Hero’s mother is written just too far over the top Love the Duke of Severn He points out to her how very “green” she is when it comes to human relationships no matter how liberally educated and world traveled she is She’s totally against marriage even though she has no reason to be – she’s never even had the opportunity to observe a bad or good marriage – she’s been raised by a spinster aunt ”’You have said you have no desire to marry but on what experience do you base your decision? It seems to me that before you renounce something so vehemently it would be better to know exactly what you are giving up’” and yet Our stupid twit heroine didn’t even hear the words of wisdom since she was stuck in her head on being righteously indignant about another topic Yay He loves her Boo She’s an idiot twitzoid who concocts a ridiculous melodrama Love this bit of dialogue between the matchmaking Duke and the heroine ”’Claire Carrington you are an impossible woman’ the duke informed her coldly through gritted teeth ‘You are stubborn willful overly sure of your own omnipotence and shortsighted to boot’ Claire tilted her head to one side to consider this devastating criticism ‘Oh dear Does that mean you intend to cut the connection Your Grace?’ she asked her voice sweet ‘Insolent baggage’ he muttered and at her gurgle of laughter he drove off before he was tempted to say ” This is part of why I still love this book – she’s not annoying beyond redemption The ending is sweet but a bit too “voila” pulled together

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    This book was delightful because after reading hundreds of historical romances it has become a challenge to find good book That is why I am so happy to find nice reads which means that I am keen to read the book until the HEA end This book was uniue enough because of the unconventionality of the heroine As my shelves are full of paperbacks and also Kindle too full I am reading the books and at the same time trying to decide is it so good that I would like to read it again after 10 years or not This book is so good that I have difficulties to decide However if I compare it to some very fantastical reads that gives me great satisfaction I am inclined to think that this is not the worth of reading twice However I would recommend to read it at least once

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    Sweet traditional regencyThis is written in an original regency style meaning no hot and heavy sex scenes just the development of a true romance What I liked most was that the characters had depth and were multi faceted Yes Ms Carrington's bearing was dogmatic but she was able to relent a bit when it meant pleasing her friend Accordingly the Maruess did not merely attempt to dominate through censure but attempted to appeal to Ms Carrington through persuasion Even the Duke a somewhat peripheral character exhibited charm in contrast to his occasional hauteur Since I'm a lover of well written plots and fully developed characters I greatly appreciated this novel

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    Fabulous unconventional feminist heroine meets an elegant and proper Lord will she succumb to his attentions or with the duke of Severn? Or will she stick to her principles and live unmarried and devote herself to her art Sparkling old fashioned romance Loved it

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    35 Was a nice read but felt it was too long Last 30% was irritating before which it a 4 star read as heroine was too stubborn But the painting part was nice and enjoyed it Her line’s brash manner was at times too much Loved hero than heroine Hero’s mother was OTT

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    Really 3 and a half starsWow what a cruel cold mother for Andrew no wonder he gravitated towards Miss Carrington Good story deserving their HEA

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    I love it when these old hard to find traditional regencies become available on kindle

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    Very enjoyable re read from a book I've kept since the 1980's Hazard can certainly write an entertaining regency romance novelLoved the heroine's unconventional lifestyle and especially the scrape she finds herself embroiled in near the book's end Hero is a bit of a grump but he chillaxes later onOf course this stuff isn't Austen or even Heyer but it's fun escapist reading nonetheless

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The Singular Miss Carrington Signet Regency Romance Miss Claire Carrington was the most independent young lady ever to scandalize the London ton with her refusal to bow to the dictates of fashion or the rules of ladylike deportmentAndrew Tyson the Maruess of Blagdon was the most elegant and dashing gentleman that any husband hunting beauty could want as her perfect matchClearly Miss Carrington and Lord Tyson were as different as night and day In fact there was only one thing in the world on which they agreed Both would do anything to avoid the trap of marriage even if their only way to escape lay in pretending to love each other