Changing Times Adams Family PDF Ù Changing Times

Changing Times Adams Family It is 1953 Coronation year and like all of Cockney London the members of the Adams family are looking forward to the celebrations Chinese Lady now Lady Finch worries that her friends will think she is too grand to mingle with them But her husband has a pressing worry the sudden appearance of the lovely but mysterious Katje Galicia who knows than she should about his own cheuered pastYoung Jimmy Adams meanwhile is enjoying working at the family clothing factory where at the retirement party for two of the oldest employees Bert and Gertie Roper he meets their lively granddaughter Clare Before long he has offered her a job on the switchboard and has hopes of seeing her after working hours as well And brave Felicity blinded in the blitz thinks she notices a glimmer of light appearing in her dark world but dare not tell her husband in case it is just her imaginationWith the young ueen now on the throne times are changing for the Adams family

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