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5PM I've been waiting for a while to read something from Mr Heinicke and 5pm is well worth the wait It reminds me a little of Gone Girl but far better I didn't enjoy Gone Girl but I enjoyed this And sorry Chris but I can always pick the killer from the start But that is just me It is not predictable It will always keep you guessing So if you like seductive thrillers I recommend 5pm Terry happily married two beautiful children A successful real estate agent Life was wonderful He had no complaints Until he best friend Roger introduced him to a online world 3DDreamchat Once he entered them rooms his life would ever be the same I have to see this book had so many twists and turns in it While I had a good idea of who was behind the main story all the things going on in between surprised me If your looking for a mystery suspense and seduction This is the book for you Keeps you on the edge of your seat and wondering who you can trust through the entire book OhMyFreakingGoodnessThis book freaked me the heck out In my stupidity I chose to read this book at night and I was almost too scared to go to sleep or check the notifications on my phoneI wanted to give this book a higher rating but I honestly couldn't The meat of the story was there but I felt that Terry's actions was all kinds of random The seeds were planted yes and he was shown to be a family man yes but after listening to his single friend to do something completely stupid after he continually claims to be a happily married man just threw up a uestion mark for me Yeah he could've been curious but it never really crossed his mind that he was jeopardizing the life that he had with his wife and kids until things started to go down hill Basically what I am saying is that his character didn't match up with his actionsOne thing that I detested I hate to use that word but it's the only word that comes to mind to describe what I felt was how the book started It throws me off when a book starts at the future and then has the next chapters in the past to then lead up to that first chapter Chapter one got me all excited about Terry having to fight for his life because of his actions My mind had took what was given and ran with it I got to thinking that whoever was after him had killed his family and was now coming after him to finish the job my mind had created a whole other story than what was actually written Did that disappoint me No but I just would've liked character awareness or development for Terry It was easy to see the heart of everyone else because their action spoke for themselves but Terry was a mystery and sometimes having a mystery on top of a mystery does not make a positive I highly recommend this book On a side note if Terry had a solid character this book would've been an all star read for me I am so glad that I got the chance to read and review this TARA'S REVIEWRight from the first chapter I was filled with suspense I love when mystery books use the first chapter to prereuisite what may or may not happen in the end This book did not fall short in the suspense department It was what actually kept me reading because I just really needed to know who was behind the computer destroying Terry’s life one woman at a timeAside from the mystery in the storyline the rest of the book was extremely hard for me to relate to and unrealistic The timeline for the events felt very rushed The rate in which things occurred over a super short period of time just did not mesh well with the story I would have liked to have seen build up to the first situation Terry had put himself in Throughout the book I kept going back and forth with who I thought did it and I was pleasantly surprised with how everything played out I did not see that all coming which made the completion of the story good for me It was the best possible ending to the whole suspense behind the storyThis book does contain a whole lot of sexy time and each situation was very different They were not extremely descriptive or over the topOverall this book just did not hit the mark for me other then the mystery aspect If you like a good who done it this would be a great uick read I just wish I could have connected with the remainder of the story What a book admittedly it was a bit slow to get in to but I carried on and I m glad I did what a twist that I didn't expect it really made your heart go you wanted to hate the guy and love him as you don't expect him to go through all he didTerry had been married to Tallisa for 12 years his best friendsbest man Roger introduces him to the world of 3Ddream chat which makes him do naughty things 3 Stars Read my full review here A gifted copy was received by the authorpublisher in exchange for an honest reviewBe sure to check out of my reviews at 5pm by Chris Heinicke had me captivated right from the beginning I was blown away by his skill with words and how the story had me guessing what would happen next There is a twist that I never would have guessed This story had some very interesting moments It is a thriller and one which will leaving asking what will Mr Heinicke think of next Much love for this story A solid five stars OMG It was so interesting that I just could stop reading It's a really good book congrats 5PM tells the story of a real estate agent named Terry who has it all a beautiful loving wife a young son and daughter and a successful career which provides him with a wealthy lifestyle Things soon change when his best friend and workmate Roger introduces him to an animated chat program and the blonde woman he meets in the online world seems to find him in the real world which leads to a whirlwind of disturbing internet chat infidelities and murder Can Terry get himself out of this mess before he loses his soul and life Or is he too far gone to bring normal back to his life Did you ever read a book and at the end go holy cow That is exactly what I said once I finished 5 PM by Chris Heinicke Once I started to read 5 PM I hated to put it down It grips you from the beginning and doesn’t let go until you get to the end The story revolves around the internet sex and murder 5 PM will have your mind spinning in different directions as the story evolves and once you get to the end you will have one of those WTF moments It will also start to make you think twice about who you may be speaking with on the internet

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