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    WTF happened? I LOVED the first 2 in this series This one? Not so much Sigh Why did I get the feeling Harry was a badass too like Bull and Spook Should have known with a name like Harry Then we get Tristan who would rather talk about his ex in bed than Harry I know Tristan has a lot going on with Eddie but LEAVE IT OUT OF THE BED What was the age difference between these two? It seemed like a lotFor me this would be a 25 but I'm rounding up because of Spook's underwear ;

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    The third book in the Bronco’s Boys series is a thriller with a punch Bronco’s is a club for gay men owned by Bull and Harry Bull is the face of the club but Harry is the company man who manages the business The first book in the series Inside Out is Bull’s where he unexpectedly found love with Zach The second book Upside Down features Spook and Jeremy Bull and Spook have a sketchy past but they seem to have put it behind them by the end of book 2Backward is finally Harry’s story Harry has the hots for Tristan but Tristan is the boyfriend of the unscrupulous Eddie When drug dealing hits the club and Tristan is fearful of Eddie and his friends Harry and Bull have to take action We get to see the mysterious skills that Bull and Spook thought they had put away pulled out once again to protect the club and the people they love I particularly liked getting to see how Bull Zach Spook and Jeremy are doing nowThis book reminded me not only of the first books in the Bronco’s Boys series but of another of Andrew Grey’s series that I loved Stranded The two series don’t overlap but there is a sense of how is our hero going to get out of this and almost hopelessness that was so present in Standed and again in Backward If you think Andrew Grey writes only romance think again The man writes mystery thrillers like you wouldn’t believeBut about the romance side of Andrew Grey’s books let me assure you it is definitely there in Backward Harry and Tristan don’t develop a relationship easily There is a lot of wooing to be done and trust to be won over but when things spark wow the sex ignites the wallpaper and these guys are all over each otherBackward is a great addition to the oeuvre of Andrew Grey and shows us that he still has lots of stories to tell and many ways to tell them If you haven’t read Inside Out or Upside Down you can read Backward as a stand alone but it will probably make you want to go ahead and read the other two books in any order

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    My humble opinion this seuel in not as good as the previews ones still enjoyable thoughTristan behaved so immature that it seems even years difference between him and HarryHarry why do you want to be with this kid it's just a mystery to me Well if there is any hope for this kid Tristan might reach his maturity when he is in his 30's and Harry you will be on your way to retirement

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    'Backward' is book three in Andrew Grey's wildly popular series 'Bronco's Boys' I thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments and sat down with expectations of the same with this addition Since I knew the author continued to have former main characters of the series featured prominently in each successive book I was eagerly anticipating visiting with the fabulous four Zach Tristan Kevin and Jeremy along with Bull and Lowell It's a family and a wonderful place to spend some time I was intrigued with Harry practically from the beginning and I saw him as a gentle giant Harry wants someone to love to come home to to build a life with He's jealous of what Bull has found with Zach and for a while Harry has his eye on Tristan Unfortunately he waits too long and Tristan starts dating Eddie who turns out to be a drug dealing scumbag Tristan dumps Eddie as soon as he discovers what is going on but the whole situation deals Tristan a serious blow to his self confidence A trait of his that wasn't particularly strong to begin with Eddie views Tristan as property and doesn't want to let him go Once he realizes Tristan and Harry are seeing each other the gloves come off and Eddie escalates the danger to all my guysI enjoyed this book I liked the fact that both Harry and Tristan had been dealt rough hands in their lives by men they thought they loved so both of them were hesitant to trust in the other If you enjoy sweet with a little drama then this is the book for youNOTE This book was provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

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    This is the 3rd book in this series While I enjoyed it not as much as the other two I found this one just not the same I would have like a little background on Harry there was just something missing with his character I didn't get the same feeling like I did with Bull and Spook Those two characters were explained and you could see where they were coming from but with Harry not really It started out good but then unfortunately fell a little flat for me and the whole Eddie thing just didn't work Tristen came across a little immature a lot of times and while I enjoy age differences in couples this one just didn't click

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    15 stars I'm having a hard time formulating my thoughts I skipped over this book at first since I was iffy on it and the cover reminded me of Trusting Thomas which I felt so so about But when I saw that the audio version was available I figured I'd give it a shot Sometimes a book that you devote the time to reading annoys you but when listened to in snippets during your commute it works as a light little interlude This was not the case here Although to be fair I think I may have hated this book just as much if I had read itSo lets address the audio issues first I feel terrible saying this but I knew right out the gates that the John Solo's voice wasn't going to work for me Harry sounds nasaly and moronic and Tristan sounds like a child with a head cold I also didn't love the acting but to be fair he didn't have a lot to work withThe writing so did not work for me1 I didn't buy their relationship At all Besides that fact that the I love yous came after two days2 The ex boyfriend drug dealer trope was way overdone and weird since they kept specifying that the two of them hadn't even been that serious view spoilerbut clearly he's on drugs no So that explains everything hide spoiler

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    This series is so good If you've not read them yet you really need to read them in order They are all connected And some coincide with others There could also be some triggers for some as with books 12 you deal with Bull and Spook who were mercenaries And the past seems to keep catching up with them This time though it's Tristan's past coming back to haunt him and also Harry's And they have to find a way out of the situation with psychos It's a great series with bad guys big men with soft hearts and second chances for the right men It's a hard life they have to deal with as a lot of them deal with abuse or have rough pasts so be aware if those are issues But it's a great series and I love it

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    Well this is the first book by Andrew Grey I've read and I don't think being a fan of his work is anywhere in my immediate future I get why some people really like this book but it just didn't hold up for me There were so many plot holes technicality flaws and dialogue mishaps that I had a hard time not chucking the whole thing and reading something else But I paid for it and it didn't entirely piss me off so I carried on The premise was good but the execution was lackluster Grey's writing is shallow and stilted his characters 2D caricatures of real people and the logical fallacies and contrived angst conspired to make me uestion absolutely everything that was going on Plus it lacked any originality in terms of pairings Manly gay guys pairing off with twinks How fucking original The Mystery Suspense portion of the story was just sad Not even CBS police procedurals are allowed to get away with some this shit Regular officers like beat cops? investigating the various goings on Last time I checked investigations were left to detectives not unis Oh and why didn't anyone suggest Tristan file a personal protection order against Eddie? You know the drug dealing ex who's been stalking him? It also amazed me that none of the characters for all their worldly experience and observational skills saw any of that shit coming Because I did When the bar was smashed up my first thought was Rodney did it A fucking mile away When the car was on fire outside the club I thought This is a diversionary tactic bet Tristan's missing now And yet these morons are all completely blindsided by it I can put up with people not being psychics but that shit was just too fucking easy As soon as Tristan said he was going to nap in the office I was like Why would you let him out of your sight when you feel something's gonna go down soon? This is not soothsaying dark arts it's basic fucking common sense; if someone is being stalked by a man with a lot of power connections and money you don't let that person traipse off alone anywhere until the threat has been neutralized Not that I particularly minded Tristan being kidnapped The annoying little shitTristan I won't sleep with Harry because he's all about the one night stands But I want to sleep with HarryHarry I want you Tristan For than just a nightTristan Looks like I'm sleeping with HarryHarry Actually maybe we should wait Until you're sureTristan I'm sure Waitwhat? Is this just for tonight?Harry No it's than just tonight I already said that I want you in my lifeTristan OK let's fuck But I'm not just a one off right?Harry You know if you're this insecure about it maybe we should wait a little whileTristan You don't want me???? The dialogue is corny and unrealistic the pacing is off and the suspense was apt to put me to sleep rather than on the edge of my seat I'll close with my favorite line He was either going to stay here permanently as one of Eddie's toys or he wasn't going to get out of here alive or both

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    Okay I'm struggling a bit with this review Here's the thing the Bronco's Boys series has been fun so far The first book Inside Out was a blast a former mercenary now bouncer and a wee fellow who is ticklish and decides to base a comic book character on the mercenary have a meet cute and a romance and despite some familial upset and the mercenary's dark past they make it The second book Upside Down had another mercenaryassassin type show up and ask the first one for help and in the meanwhile he connects with and gets entangled with one of the wee guy's friends You see the pattern big burly guys and the four fabulous twink ish fellows and I think it's a fun ideaIn the first two books there are some dangerous moments for the love interests of the former mercenary types a gun held on someone a potential kidnapping but the resolution comes pretty uickly and the characters gather around and the romance plays out in a fun way In this book I was surprised and jarred by the inclusion of a sexual assault It really threw me far away from romance and the reconnection with the love interests that happened thereafter felt off and too immediate I'm not saying the danger tone wasn't present in the other two books it was but this one pushed it to a place I wasn't expecting and the fact that the rape didn't uite happen it almost does but gets interrupted didn't really lessen that jarring effect I really wasn't expecting something uite that dark in a romanceNow I listened to this as an audiobook and I was out and about when I got to that scene Had I been reading a book physically I might have just put it down I kept listening I think I was walking the dog and so I finished the book but it really changed the overall feel of the narrative for meSpeaking of the audibook performance the same reader as for the first two books was back and this time the voices were uite a bit better though Spook from book two still has that awful Christian Bale Batman voice Tristan and Harry were a good couple though I wanted to shake Tristan a few times and beg him to grow up He came across as very immature compared to the other guys in the fabulous foursome Also while Harry is a great guy he's no Bull or Spook Harry himself didn't really accomplish much in fact I think I would have preferred Harry turn out to have had a military background himself or something like that because basically all he did in this book was burn some CDs and ask Spook and Bull for help Bull and Spook are the agents of change in this book not Harry Compared to the other two Harry comes off as kind of boring and plain I feel like I've said very little positive about this audiobook and I want to make sure that's not the overall tone I'm leaving you with I did enjoy this but compared to the other two Harry fell a little flat and the story as a whole had a much darker tone I'm definitely going to pick up the fourth audiobook as well I want Kevin's story and I'm hoping the cop is the romantic interest there but I won't really mind if Harry and Tristan are barely present for book four

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    ARC reviewTristan Martin is a force of nature He is beautiful energetic almost like a shining star wild and unpredictable Unfortunately he continually chooses lovers that take what they need without really taking care of Tristan Most recently it was drug dealer Eddie who wanted to own Tristan like a car or a dog wanted to control him Tristan has never had a lover that took his feelings his wants his needs into consideration So when Harry tries to show him all that and Tristan doesn't know what to make of it at first because it's backwards to him ​Harry Klinger has been enad with young Tristan since the first time he saw him in Broncos all those months ago But Tristan uickly hooked up with Eddie and then Harry blew through a string of lovers trying to uench his thirst for the one he couldn't have When Eddie tries to force his way back into the picture threatening Tristan Harry wants to rescue him He brings Tristan home with him to protect him and does a terrible job at hiding how he truly feels about Tristan But Harry takes his time with Tristan getting to know him and showing him that love is a two way street of respect want and need it is give and take not just take Eddie however doesn't take kindly to being told no and to spite Harry Bull and Spooks best efforts at keeping Tristan safe Eddie takes what he wants Zach his friends and the three bears try to weave their way through corrupt cops jealous one night stands and a seriously psychotic ex boyfriend in their efforts to find Tristan and save him from Eddie's dark desires I have wanted Tristan to find someone to love him I mean really love him since the truth about his relationship with Eddie was uncovered Tristan is this bundle of energy wrapped up in a sexy little curly haired package It was so disheartening for me to see the toll Eddie's perversions took on his glowing personality It was as if Eddie was drawn to the ray of light and made it his mission in life to break the bulb So when Harry finally gets his hands on the little twink and shows him patience understanding passion and sensuality it was a thing of beauty And then to learn that Harry himself was once mistreated by someone he loved that he craves the love Tristan can give him in return well that just knocked their love story up a notch ​I simply cannot get enough of Andrew Grey's imagination Whether it's comedy suspense romance or drama Grey can write it Bronco's is all about the big scary bears that meet their match in the men they fall in love with But there is one twink the fourth musketeer that needs to find his happy ever after away from the flashing lights and seduction of sexy men I wonder if one determined cop might be his match? I guess we'll find out in the next book While I always recommend reading series in order you could probably read this book without having read the first two and not be totally lost But why would you want to? I suggest starting at the beginning so you can catch the Bull by his horns

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Backward Broncos Boys #3 Club owner Harry Klinger has had his eye on Tristan Martin for months but never had the nerve to approach him He’s watched as Tristan dated Eddie and then reluctantly sat on the sidelines during the emotional breakup when Tristan discovered Eddie was dealing drugs Now that Tristan seems to be healing Harry hopes to get his chanceWhen Eddie sends his men into Harry’s club to harass Tristan Harry steps in to help Tristan is reluctant at first since he admittedly has terrible taste in men but Harry seems genuine and Tristan can’t help but think Harry’s sexy as well and begins to hope for happiness for both of themUnfortunately Eddie isn’t behaving rationally sampling too much of his own product With his determination to take Tristan back it’ll take than Harry’s help to keep Tristan safe as Eddie ratchets up his attempts to get what he wants