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Recalcitrant Pony Boy Recalcitrant Pony Boy #1 His masters say he's untrainable but Master Iain could never resist a challenge When he takes his new pony in hand and by the bit where he leads is somewhere neither of them expects An erotic tale of a master and his pony set in a world of toys pony play and a masterslave dynamic This story does not intend to depict the safe practice of BDSM 14000 words

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    This is the kind of book that clearly says something about me as a person and I don't want to know what that isI was reading the Special Forces and I assure you I love it but this book popped on my home page and damn I couldn't think straight I had to own it read it do something with itYes I admit that this week I've been busy and the SF is a very long series so I only had short spams of time to read It was very hard for me to focus on that long book when I knew I was going to be interrupted in a very short while But this book appeared on my feed with that shamelessly proud title and that promising depraved blurb waving the cover on my very face and refusing to let me go I was soldIt's not that pony play is my cuppa exactly I guess I was missing Reuben and Erik from The Copper Horse a little too muchOh my this was so unapologetically kinky This mix of discomfort and captivation for something I don't really understand but draws my attention like nothing else does This is plain erotica and good stuff at that Straight to the point and giving no excuses nor asking for forgiveness The author lives up to her name Ardent Because it wasWe are in a world like in the one we live in but with slavery There are ponies and there are grooms and then we have the Masters Master Iain sees this untrainable high spirited pony in an auction and he easily gets him in a bargain He sees so much potential in his new acuisition and he makes it his mission to polish and make this rough diamond shine and be worshipped as it should have always been adored His stable is small but it makes him proud and gives him endless satisfactions so he resolves to gain this beautiful creature's devotion and surrenderBut Sol really proves to be a challengeSol doesn't give in doesn't allow people to make a proper pony out of him However Iain doesn't take a no for an answer and he is willing to demonstrate he's worth Sol's trustThere is heat in these scenes and of course there is sex and some why the hell is that hot ? moments And surprisingly there is an underneath romantic streak subtle and maybe not fulfilling for everyone but it's there It begins as a very distant sparkly but somehow this young pony steals the Master's heartI must admit I wanted to see I wished to see a profound connection a meaningful relationship But I also have to say I enjoyed this too much to really care about thatThe second book continues the story Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2 The ShowStory finishes at 86%Reviews of the whole series Recalcitrant Pony Boy Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2 The Show Recalcitrant Pony Boy 3 The Trainer

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    Bad wrong Super bad wrongImma read the rest for uality assurance purposes though

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    I have thoroughly enjoyed this piece There are rough and raw moments as well as heart stirring tender moments I enjoyed the sexual tension between the master and his ponyboy The firm hand of the master and the reluctant submission of the pony made it all the sweeter and tantalizing Makes my body tingles and feels so good And that my friend is exactly the point of reading eroticaI also love it when the human ponies fights their euine conditioning he was forced to subject to although in this story the ponyboys does not seem to project normal human behaviors a puzzling fact which was pretty much left as loose ends by the author Seems like the ponyboys here are breed in captivity and born to be pack animals instead of the usual kidnapped sold as slaves fare Truthfully I did favor the latter but this one was uniue in its own way and rather entertaining There are moments the author would take my breath away with moving words of love and admiration the master has for his beautiful pony I find their relationship sensual erotic as well as unsuspectingly romantic The story is mostly focused on the pony training and the master and pet dynamics with the POV of the master instead of the ponies for a change And of course there are good doses of humiliation and degradation as a ponyplay erotica should cater for Overall it is a beautifully written ponyplay story with a couple of flaws here and there Nevertheless a fulfilling read for those who craves some human euine erotica with a plot as well as a good pornographic material to feed your sexual desire Reviewed on July 17th 2016

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    It's so hard to classify this book I took it as an incredibly kinky Ds Ms fantasy story that pushed all my buttons in a perversely good way ;You must understand that this is not a consensual pony play book it's an AU with bred pony slaves and harshgentle Masters caring for their stablesI don't know what that makes me or says about me but I loved it I'm in a uite difficult and hectic moment of my life and it was perfect to ease my mind and make me forget about RL for a minute ;DThe only downside of the book is its price The lengthprice ratio is totally crazy and that is also one of the reasons I've waited soooo loooong to buy it Hence 1 star downNevertheless the writing is compelling the story intriguing and the MCs likeable And I'd love me a Sol of my own ;

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    Could have enjoyed this but that Master was an idiot Poor Sol was all messed up with the feelings of his on and off again Master

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    This story reminds me of Dark Heart by Thom Lane though the plots are completely different The writing is very well done and the tone is of a very similar uality with the Dark Heart series I really enjoyed this story a lot There was training and reluctant submission and a hint of something sweeter between the master and pony This one is told completely from the master's perspective but isn't without insight into the pony's psyche and I just started reading the next in the series which continues the story and is from the pony's pov

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    Different kind of master slave story where a master works to help a young male as he struggles to better accept and fit in as a 'pony' Its written from the masters pov but theres enough for you to identfy and symphatize with the slave as wellBoth very hot and has a well constructed story line The writing is really good too Theres a lot thought and ideas in this than many ummmhhh serious books

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    Really well written and very erotic I was amazed at the complexity of the story considering how short it is Arden Chase seems to have a great deal of talent and I look forward to reading for of her work

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    It was cool

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