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Wolfe and His Bunny Wolfe has a century under his belt as an Alpha werewolf for a small outcast pack He loves taking care of those who have been rejected by their birth packs or lost them in accidents or wars But Wolfe is lonely as he hasn’t yet found his mate to share his burdens of leadership or his passions in bedOne night he catches an alluring scent and gives chase to a cute but surprisingly reluctant guy named Peter Though smart funny and headstrong Peter is a rabbit shifter And wolves and bunnies don’t mix do they Their first encounter certainly suggests so They seem to have nothing in common Wolfe is a bounty hunter living on a knife edge of danger while Peter shelters discarded and wounded animals believing in peace and mercyFor these two vastly different men learning to trust one another for a working relationship is a lesson in loveSiren Classic ManLove Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance MM shape shifters sex in partially shifted form HEA 3 starsI'm going to skim past the editing issues they were there this is Siren Inc it is what it is This was a nice read but it tried a bit too hard at times a werewolf called Wolfe a rabbit shifter called Peter I half expected some of his sisters to be called Flopsy Mopsy; they freuently mention Wolfe eating Peter whole Prokofiev anyone?; Peter makes Oinking sounds they then later say something about blowing walls down the nursery story references actually became a bit distracting and irritating rather than amusing and cute I'm not sure if this is going to segue into a series it stands alone but has that sort of feel that says I'm setting something up and if it goes well so despite not mentioning being a book one it reads like a book one if you understand what I mean All in all it was a fairly standard Siren Inc offering and I enjoy them which is why I buy them despite the bloody damn awful editing This is a really funny shifter story Wolfe is a rather rough and sometime uncouth wolf shifter He meets Peter a well mannered and polite rabbit shifter at a street raceBut it is not just cars that are racing as Peter takes to his heels in a desperate bid to flee from a predator Wolfe and of course the chase is onWolf has to find ways of wooing his bunny and this includes reigning in his bad manners and learning how to be a gentleman And does he win his bunny's heart? Yes he does but only after a few mishaps and a lot of learning and lovingThis is a sweet and funny story which I enjoyed Of course because it is a Siren Publishing book there are a few typos here and there but this didn't make the story any less enjoyable This is the first book in a series and I am looking forward to reading the next book and following the series BR May 14th with Karen and SusanSusan's review35 starsOMG this was cheezy but I loved itA wolf and a bunny becoming mates Can it be possible?This book was full of bunny and wolf puns I didn’t want to but laughed anyway; “What? You’re not the Big Bad Wolf any chasing the poor helpless bunny to eat him up with your big teeth?”Wolfe growled unwilling to suppress his lewd grin “Oh so you wanna do the bunny hop before I go down the rabbit hole?” Not a lot happens in this book other that them having a lot of sex cause yep Bunnies and wolves have a high stamina ”Well like an Energizer bunny on crack”“So When you say you can go several times in a row you mean like uh twice?” “Higher”“Five times?”“Um higher”“Are we into double digits here?”“Oh guess that means we could be here for days” So if you’re in the mood for something funny sexy and ultimately ridiculous I would recommend this readI had a blast I'm tapping out at 57% so I'm not going to rate it When the sex scene is the thing that makes me say nope It's time to move on 35 StarsMy first bunny shifter adventure was a success It brought a whole new meaning to the word fluffy I got a good laugh out of this one too; it was just the read I needed to lighten my heavy mood Wolfe is a century old lycan who unexpectedly stumbles upon his mate in the form of Peter a rambunctious rabbit shifter They couldn’t be different but to weres and shifters alike having a destined mate is a precious gift not to be ignored The two playfully engage in a uick getting to know you romp which leads to some heated smexy times and an adorable HEA Nothing really happens in this story other than these to getting together but it was an enjoyable read nonethelessThe whole thing was very tongue in cheek The bunny and wolf puns and double entendres were excessive but highly amusing The character descriptions were good humoured with Peter the bunny having everything from slightly bucked teeth to “fluffy” blonde hair Several lines had me chuckling along like there’s no way I’m hopping into bed with you” and Peter stomped his foot on the floor pissed off” It was the simplest of reads and I say that sincerelyThis story won’t be for everyone What I found joyful and endearing others may find corny and irritating After reading the synopsis most readers will have the foresight to judge whether this one will or won’t tickle their fancy I’m happy it tickled mine Hilarious cheese feastLoaded with bunny and wolf puns and including every single MM shifter stereotype on earthIf you're in the mood for something light that doesn't take itself too serious this is your bookI for myself loved it just the way it is One of my favorite tropes in shifter lore is a prey shifter bonding with a predator shifter This can go one of two ways Either it is a “serious” look at what happens when two natural enemies at least in shifter form have to work out how to live together and use their human side to deal with the issues Or and I think that is the case with ‘Wolfe and His Bunny’ it is a humorous look at some of the preconceived notions we have about prey and predator and what happens when the two meet and try to have a relationship But there is than humor to this story While never taking things too seriously the author has still managed to develop a setting that has some of the shifter trope elements – just enough to take a lighthearted look at bunnies bonding with wolves And she succeeded – I am still smilingWolfe is in many ways the stereotypical alpha He is possessive protective physically strong set in his ways my way or the highway kind of stubborn Empathy and flexibility are not words in his vocabulary He was born in the late 18th century and seems not to have learned much since then Or has he? When I looked at him carefully there were signs that he was not all about fulfilling the stereotype Different from the all powerful alpha he knows what it is like to be rejected and alone having lost his parents when he was a kid and growing up in an orphanage As a result he has formed his own pack and all its members are outcasts in some way or another So I had hope for himPeter may be a bunny shifter and his name alone references to Beatrix Potter’s “Peter the rabbit” included – made me laugh But Despite the physical fear he feels when he meets Wolfe he is not a pushover He stands up for what he believes in refuses the mating bite until they know each other better and leads Wolfe on a learning curve about what partnership means Yet Peter is not without flaws He needs to work on his tendency to run and to give up His empathy with where Wolfe comes from needs work and his ability to compromise is not exactly stellar I loved his playful side and some of the other “bunny characteristics” that came through once the physical relationship kicked offIf you like shifter stories that contain than a little humor if a story about prey and predator figuring out how to live together sounds like fun and if you’re looking for a read that is funny cute and very hot then you will probably like this novella I am certainly glad there are books in this entertaining seriesNOTE This book was provided by the author for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews Re read May 14th BR with Karen and ElsbethYep still enjoyed it Great cheesy read35 stars This book has a rating of 310 so this book must be terrible right? Well I wanted to read about a bunny shifter anyway so I decided to ignore the rating and just go for it And I liked itYes this book is super cheesy yes it is filled with rabbit and wolf puns Euh what would you expect with a wolf and bunny pairing?? I was totally okay with this I expected nothing less of this book This book was cute people Then he heard a most curious sound A soft nasal oink almost inaudible And it came from Peter Wolfe stared enraptured Was that a bunny sex noise? Peter is a cute sassy bunny and Wolfe is a big bad wolf with a big heartNot a lot happens in this book Wolfe sees his mate in a crowd and is surprised it is indeed a bunny shifter Peter is way shocked than Wolfe to find out his mate is a wolf He needs some time to adjust to thisBut of course the two get over their differences with hot smoking sex Fiiiiiine by me Absolutely adorable and exactly what I needed to read tonight The jokes about wolves and bunnies kept me giggling and I so enjoyed the introduction to Wolfe's renegade packI'm definitely looking forward to

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