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When Our Worlds Fall Apart Our Worlds #2 I'm an emotional mess Brbhave to catch my breath from that rollercoaster Review to come All the Feels I think I was in tears the whole book As you can see by all my highlights I love this authors wordsKennedy and Graham are broken people and are trying to live without each other This story is heart wrenching and also hopeful It also allows you to see how you can heal yourself and become stronger“I want to thank you most of all for allowing me to grow to learn and to heal If it weren't for you I wouldn’t have been able to get off the ground” Ohhhhhhhhhh my wordI can't with story Kennedy and Graham are going to give me a freaking coronary if they don't get their s togetherAnd Mark?? That guy picked the shortest damn straw of the bunchGAH I really loved Mark he was sweet and such a nice guy I was actually rooting for him all along YES YES YESWOW PHEW I am emotionally drained This book makes me believe the saying there is a fine line between love and hate And to help you understand this is why This books starts with Kennedy and Graham trying to cope with everything that has happened to them during their junior year; the accident their relationship betrayals abuse the rape While Kennedy is in her room trying to hide from the world Graham that walked away from Kennedy is with a different girl every night he basically goes back to his man whore behavior Eventually Kennedy starts dating Mark aka Graham's best friend like WTF? and this is when I get royally pissed I know she deserves to move on and be happy considering everything but going out with your ex's best friend is not the way to cope Do not get me started with Mark who I would bitch slap so hard if I could Anyways Kennedy's strength and kindness should be appraised however while she is cuddling with Mark Graham is miserable my heart weeps for him I literally get sick to my stomach every time Mark and Kennedy are together even worse when they kiss aghhhhhhYes Graham is guilty on some level because I do believe he gave Craig the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Kennedy and he was being an asshole the night it happened I really hated him at the end of the first book However this book just made me love him so much You can see him struggle with his guilt and try to do what he thinks is best for Kennedy He literally puts his happiness aside trying to ensure Kennedy has it All he does even though he is not doing it right comes from a good place All the time I was reading this book I was on an emotional rollercoaster I hated Kennedy for dating Mark but loved her for her strength I hated Graham for being stupid and not fighting for Kennedy but loved him for his intentions and not being selfish how can you hate Graham Black??? I loved Violet for rooting for them And Mark I hated him all the way I just wanted to punch him and drag him away from Kennedy and at the same time punch Graham and drag him towards Kennedy Throughout the book many things happen with Kennedy's dancing Graham's abuse history their university choices Craig hurting another girl and so on They are constantly thrown in each other's paths no matter how hard they try to cope without one another Thankfully the ending is a sort of HEA still unsure of what happens when they go to college Knwowing there is going to be a third book I am both excited and dreadful I cannot wait to read of how they get their happy ever after but still fearing if they are going to be eah others happy ever after For now I will just imagine it myself they get married chaise their dreams and have the most beautiful kids I love Kennedy and Graham I just want to take them and put them someplace safe free of the evil of this world fill them with joy and happiness because they deserve it than anyone else 5 STARS You know how you said that you'd always love me?Graham nodsI'll always love you tooThat's not enough for us though is it? Graham asksOf course it's not I whisperPromise me you'll find your happy he begs I cried so much reading this book Every time Graham and Kennedy are with each other reliving what happened in the past talking about what they used to have it just broke my heart At first I was happy that Kennedy has somehow found happiness with Mark I don't care if he's Graham's best friend Ken deserves someone great There even was a point when I'm rooting for the both of them in the ending I was kind of okay about Graham and Kacey too since the girl seems nice and she understands what Graham feels for Ken It felt like it's good when they are not together I love Graham but I was kind of disappointed with him for walking away from Kennedy when she needed him the most And that he is not good enough for Ken because that girl will seriously do everything for him But just like Kennedy I couldn't help but love Graham He is also hurting just as much as her He has a different way of coping I mentioned earlier that there was a point when I started rooting for Mark Kennedy and Graham Kacey but some events made me realize that even when Graham and Kennedy are not together they still belong to each other I've learned to have a little faith because life has a way of working in mysterious ways sometimes Kennedy You just need to believe those meant to find you will and I promise I was born to find you When Our Worlds Fall Apart is a great continuation of Graham's and Kennedy's story If I didn't know that there would be a third book I would say that I am pretty satisfied with the couple's ending But I agree with the author they have a lot of growing up to do I am super excited and looking forward to reading the third book I am definitely a Lindsey Iler fan already What can I say??? I love this book this series I want so much for Graham and Kennedy to get their sh together It's just like teens to make things harder and complicated than they need to be The back and forth the angstugh I want their HEA now But like most things good things come to those who wait Grahamyou want to throttle him the same time you want to hug him Just like Kennedy you can see he has the potential to be a wonderful person He just needs to believe in himself I just hate watching the process it will take him to get there I have to believe he will get thereKennedy I love her She has been thru hell and back and still stays strong and true to her character She has a lot of faith in Graham At times you want her to continue to fight for Graham and others you want to tell her to move on to what she deserves She definitely deserves someone epically worthy of her goodness Violet and Dan are great friends and would love for them to be in my cornerI anxiously wait for the 3rd and final book of the Graham and Kennedy saga I want their HEA so bad I can taste it I just hope I don't see the same drama that normally comes with these types of book Beautifully writtenI absolutely loved this second book I cried a lot I can't wait for there to be another one For some reason Kennedy'S Grahams story has stayed with me long after I have read the books I hope there will be a follow up book to come We’re selfless when it comes to the other There has never been any doubt of the love we share It’s the type of love we feel even when our worlds aren’t connected even when things seem impossible and broken A love like ours you fight for A love like ours means we’ll always find each otherDamn straight I've finished itIf I haven't I wouldn't sleep whole nightI needed to know what happened in the endIt's little to say that I was slightly disappointed cuz you all know how I hate cliffhangers especially when I adore this whole bookThis bloody thing made me cryTwice to be exact And I don't often cry over a book I can't imagine what was in Ken and Grahams head but I wanted to jump in an smacked them over with the book or somethingThey were so stubborn but sweet in the same time GahI'm blabbing in this wee hour I probably need to go and catch some sleepPromise me you're going to read this seriesEven if you don't love this kind of story Love is complicated Add in high school and it’s bound to get worse Kennedy Conrad spent her summer hiding from the world leaving her plenty of time to relive every moment spent with Graham Black Now at the start of her senior year she has one goal Avoid the boy who broke her heart He seems to be everywhere she turnsLetting go isn’t always the easiest thing to do Graham Black spent his summer parading around with nameless girls at endless parties At the start of his senior year he pretends to be okay with his choices and masks his pain but Graham can’t escape the reminder of his own broken heart Every time he turns around she’s thereSometimes people come into your life for different reasons Someone new reminds Kennedy what she deserves leaving Graham two choices be pushed back into the shadows or fight for the only girl who’s ever understood himCan they find their way back as their worlds fall apart

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