Spring Hibernate Data Modeling REST and TDD PDF/EPUB

Spring Hibernate Data Modeling REST and TDD DescriptionIn this book we are developing a multi tiered object oriented Java web system using Spring and Hibernate Instead of real life business reuirements we consider examples of all the relationships of data modeling With each lesson we develop the user interface along with the presentation tier in a nimble manner We also develop the business service tier the data access tier and the resource entity tier with the test driven development agile approach The chapters contain detailed explanations and code fragments sufficient to get you familiarized with the development techniues The Appendix section has the link to the entire source code should you reuire reference to it I appeal to the reader to go hands on and develop the entire code shown in the book which may aid in improving core concepts of relational database driven web application developmentWhat you will learn REST Architecture with support for mobile applications All the relationships of data modeling Development of user interface with JSP Juery AJAX and JSON Development of mock in memory database Design develop and unit test the presentation tier Design develop and unit test the business tier Design develop and unit test the data access tier Design develop and unit test the resource entity tier Popular patterns and best practices in designing a complete Spring and Hibernate based relational database driven Java web application Table of Contents PART I An Introduction to Data Driven Development Chapter 1 Architecture Chapter 2 Managing a Standalone Entity PART II Managing a One to One Relationship Chapter 3 One to One Unidirectional Relationship Chapter 4 One to One Bidirectional Relationship Chapter 5 One to One Self Referencing Relationship PART III Managing a One to Many RelationshipChapter 6 One to Many Unidirectional RelationshipChapter 7 One to Many Bidirectional RelationshipChapter 8 One to Many Self Referencing RelationshipPART IV Managing a Many to Many RelationshipChapter 9 Many to Many Unidirectional RelationshipChapter 10 Many to Many Bidirectional RelationshipChapter 11 Many to Many Bidirectional with Join Attribute RelationshipChapter 12 Many to Many Self Referencing RelationshipChapter 13 Many to Many Self Referencing with Join Attribute RelationshipPART V Managing Inheritance RelationshipsChapter 14 Single Table InheritanceChapter 15 Concrete Table InheritanceChapter 16 Class Table InheritanceUniue Selling Points The techniues given in this book can be used in real life professional projects and are not present in the specification The code given as a download option can be used in professional projects reducing development time by 30%

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