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Last Hope Hitman #4 Let me start by saying that Daniel and Regan are my absolute favorite couple of this series Their book sucked me in from the beginning and I couldn't put it down to the last word I have reread their book several times and have loved it just as much as the first time I read it The reason I brought this up is because IMO I think this author is capable of awesome unfortunately Last Hope which is Rafe and Ava's story was terrible I thought the whole story line focusing on the size of his penis was utterly ridiculous and it ruined the book for me I'm sorry but I couldn't get pass the whole Godzilla thing or Ava's super vagina that was able to save the day because of love She was able to do what no woman could do in all his years not even paid prostitutes Add in some cheesy action and a sappy ending and that was it I'm still not ready to give up on this author because like I said I'm still waiting for my next Daniel and Regan so I will give the next book a try ARC provided by author for honest review WARNING This review contains a lot of spoilersproceed at your own risk It's always hard with series because often after the first few books you find yourself getting bored and wondering Why am I wasting my timeUnfortunately this was the case with the beginning of this book as wellbut because I always try to reach my 25% mark not always successful but that's life I powered through and boy am I glad I did DI'm still having mixed feelings about this novel because it had some ingredients that should have made me want to hit it and uit itWhat you may wonderWell for example Mendoza is a thirty something mercenary that's also a VIRGINok I could have worked with that but here's the reason why he still has his V carddrum roll Because he has a veryveryveryveryBIG DICKMy thoughts exactlyYou might be wondering how big are we talking aboutWell it's the kind of big that had Ava believe he had something in his pocked like a gun and made her name it Godzilla PStill not getting the WHOLE picture PThen imagine Chris Hemsworth in the movie The VacationOnly BIGGERYeahI knowmy thoughts exactlybut that still doesn't explain why he's still a virgin because by all accounts he should be a porn star by now Apparently he was raised by a very religious mother that told him repeatedly that he was cursed and given a big dick to hurt women and his first failed sexual encounter lead to the death of the girl and to him believing it was caused by him trying to have sex with her stupid I knowcause you have to put it in to do any damage and not just the tip POn top of all that being stranded in the tropical forest with a hot hand model did not make Godzilla want to go away so there where three instead of two trying to get to civilization Ava makes it her mission to get Mendoza to be intimate with her and get his V cardso we get some very hot in and out of the jungle sex scenes PBottom line is I couldn't put the book down despite all the parts I shouldn't have loved but did and this book got top 5 stars for me D 5 Yummy in the Jungle StarsLast Hope is a standalone and is part of the Hitman series I can’t stress enough how much I love this series and I love each book and Last Hope is different from the previous ones and it hit all the right spots for meThis is Mendoza and Ava’s storyMendoza is a hitman mercenary He takes on jobs and he is ruthless Ava is stuck in a situation trying to help her best friendWhat I love about these books is that I’m instantly I’m hooked from the start I love getting sucked in and I know it’s going to be a fun ride Ava’s friend is kidnapped and the only way she can save her friend is if she works with the bad guysAva is a Heroine I absolutely adore As much as I love my damsels in distress I love her strong personality and will to save her friend She works as a mule trading secret information for her friend’s captor It’s a uniue story line and like I said I was pulled in instantly Mendoza wants to steal the information He’s been watching Ava and the goons work and as much as Mendoza admires the girl he can’t have any distractions Yes Ava is beautiful model beautiful but Mendoza is on a missionAlso Mendoza’s past has left him very tortured and slightly damaged Everyone knows I love a damaged Hero Soon the two find themselves in an airplane accident and they have to survive in the jungle Oh my goodness you know I had happy times reading thisMendoza’s past is dark but the tone and fell of this read is pretty light and very funny I loved Ava and Mendoza trapped in the jungle there’s something about trying to survive in the wild storyline that just gets me intrigued I also love love love all the action in these books The gun fire the killing the suspense oh myBoth are wounded barely living but still have crazy attraction towards each other I love the tension Gah I was gripping the pages and was on the edge of my seat Mendoza doesn’t want to start anything with Ava but every time he sees her he has a hard on and Ava like the awesome Heroine that she is calls him out on itIt’s fantastic and completely hilariousI devoured Last Hope from start to finish I never want the series to end PLEASE keep on writing these books I want Hitmen PLEASE If you are a fan of the series or are thinking of trying it this one is a perfect for you I promise An ARC was providedBook 1 Last Hit Nikolai and Daisy’s storyBook 2 Last Breath Daniel and Regan’s story Regan is Daisy’s roommateBook 3 Last Kiss Vasily and Naomi’s story Naomi is Daniel’s sisterBook 4 Last Hope Rafe Mendoza and Ava REVIEW | REVIEW | REVIEW | 35 Deaths not taking us today StarsITS LIVEI really enjoyed Last Hope it had a certain 'tongue in cheek' uality to it that the previous books in this series didn’t have It didn’t really have the feel of the rest of the books in the Hitman series either in that it wasn't really connected to them and the story wasn’t as dark or edgy I think this is mainly because a large part of the book is taken up with thoughts discussions general chit chat and non stop visualization of and about Rafe’s unusually large cockPython baseball bat club and Godzilla are just some of the euphemisms that pop up throughout the book and to be honest it was in the forefront of both Ava and Rafe’s adventures for such a large part of the book the fact they were stuck in the jungle had been in a plane crash and were being pursued by all sorts of unsavory characters kind of faded into the background a bit when the all important uestion was left out there WILL IT FITA guy with an inappropriate boner It happens I can get past it A guy with an inappropriate boner that’s bigger than any log I’ve been able to find in the rainforest A lot less okayAlthough I am poking fun a little bit this is still a good book the tropes used are certainly new ones to me I mean yes every hero I have ever read about had got a big dick but not so big that he honestly believes it may kill a woman if he penetrates her with it Giant cock or no there’s to Mendoza than what’s in his pantsThe authors have provided an extremely entertaining sometimes touching and in parts pretty funny addition to the Hitman series as I said I am not sure it is a true fit with the rest of the books and that may be an issue for some readers but if you take it as just good all round reading enjoyment then it ticks all the boxes on that front for me”You’ve been thrown in the fire and you’ve been polished to the sharpest strongest steel”ARC generously provided by the author and it was as it always is my absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review Besides the fact that Mendoza showed up for a tiny bit in book 2 this book seems completely out of place in this series You could actually read this without reading the other books and be fine He's also the least hitman and murderous seeming of all the guys which is disappointing I'm not reading a hitman series to read about precious bunny personality type dudes Sigh Ava is in Lima being a courier for a bad dude because he threatened to kill her BFF if she didn't never mind that the BFF is dating the bad dude Very stupidly Ava does everything the bad guys say and gets knocked around for it but not raped due to her heterochromia Thank your melanin stars that it doesn't work properly in both eyes girl While Ava is doing the courier thing Rafe Mendoza is surveiling her with is crew because he's being blackmailed into getting the info she's selling before it's sold or else a member of his crew will die Some stuff happens Ava and Rafe are on a plane that crashes in the jungle and have to survive it together like an episode of Bear Grylls cuz you know nothing but airplane debris to use to help them in the jungle that's full of snakes mosuitoes caimans jaguars etc Lots of ways to die in the jungle that aren't related to malaria and gangrene Luckily for Ava Rafe is ex military and trained in how to survive all those sort of fun things and make a lean to in half an hour Yay for survivalist training Btw there are also multiple threats seeking to kill Ava and Rafe along with stealing the info back she has been couriering around The romance is awkward because Rafe has a giant dong that Ava refers to as Godzilla and he's super sensitive about it Like giant pimple on your nose sensitive and self conscious about it He's also not experienced so he's the opposite of how most guys with a wrecking ball of a dong would be they'd be boasting and commissioning bronze impressions of it Rafe he's hiding it and trying to forget he even has a massive one lots and lots of guilt and shame from childhood Even with all this going on they manage to have some smutty times together cuz Ava thinks he's super hot and isn't scared of Godzilla I found the entire plot about saving her idiot friend to be stupid on Ava's part I didn't mind her character but I hated how it was all about Rose like there was nothing outside of her life but Rose That's dumb read a book make friends woman I also wasn't a super fan of this book because it wasn't very hitman like compared to the others Rafe felt paramilitary or ex military than anything not hitman esue Nor did his story connect to that of the other guys in this series I'd like the Russians back please All in all this is a 25 stars book if I count it as part of this series if not it's a 3 stars ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest reviewLast Hope by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick is a sexy fast paced seductive romantic suspense that will take readers on a crazy whirlwind adventure in the heart of the jungle As always Ms Clare and Ms Frederick has perfected in captivating and luring their readers in this sexy romantic suspense thriller filled with lots of laughs banter action and palpable sexual chemistryIn this 4th installment of the Hitman Series our mercenary hero Rafe Mendoza finds himself entangled deep in the jungle with Ava a hand model who plays a big hand in showing him what it means to have hope Rafe Mendoza is a mercenary hitman and his new job assignment is to steal secret information that could bring down world governments and help rescue his friend His job was to find the target and bring down anyone who stands in his way But what Rafe didn't expect was to get entangled with Ava As a hand model Ava never thought she would be embroiled in a criminal activity When her best friend Rosa is held captive by her criminal boyfriend Duval Ava must do all things necessary in order to ensure the safety of her best friend even if it means being a mule All she had to do was meet with potential buyers and deliver these top classified files to criminals who planned on selling them to the highest bidder So when Ava finds herself on a small plane to meet her friend and deliver the papers she thought it couldn't get any worse Right Well wrong Not only did a fight break out on the plane but her plane crashes deep in the jungle Well luckily for her she and Rafe survives the crash Rafe knew that he didn't want to get involved with Ava but like a moth to a flame he finds himself coming to her rescue With a new objective of getting out of the jungle alive Rafe and Ava must work together to survive the elements of the jungle and Rafe's Godzilla of a cock As they battle the elements will they be able to fight off their strong sexual attraction to each other Can Rafe ensure the objective of his mission and secure the safety of AvaWill Ava be able to persuade this mercenary hitman to help her rescue her best friend The sexual chemistry of Rafe and Ava was so tangible and palpable from the start With strong sexual attraction illuminating in the air and elements of nature forcing these two to work together for survival it was only a matter of time till things begins to heats up between them I loved how the authors were able to showcase this strong bond and united front by incorporating a little humor fun and raw emotions within the story line When we think of mercenary hitman we often associate them as being standoffish a brute a domineering alpha male and lack of emotions But with Rafe Mendoza we get to see a whole different side to this mercenary hitman As Ava strips down the walls surrounding Rafe's heart we get to see a gentle soft and fearful side to him I loved that Ava is not afraid of Rafe but embraces his flaws and his massive Godzilla As always Jessica and Jen intricately weaves a sexy romantic suspense that is filled with unexpected surprises drama hot sexual tension action humor and of course lots of giant steamy moments that will have you imagining Rafe's Godzilla So if you are looking for a book that is filled with passion lust love suspense fourberie and hope then I recommend you to read this book All in all it is another hit for Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages ClareJen Frederick I delayed reading this book because of all the mixed reviews I love this series but the last book was not a favorite But I am now glad I read this one Yes there was way too much focus on the size of his dick Ava thought about it constantly The sex actually came pretty late in the book which annoyed me Rafe was surprisingly still naive about human physiology and still damaged by his mothers abuse Aside from those things I still really enjoyed the story Rafe was so besotted with Ava It was cute His need to protect her was sweet Although the martyr thing got old If Ava was not so sexually experienced and confident they would have never gotten anywhere Good thing she did not let him push her away I hope this series continues Mostly because I want to see Daisy and Nik have a baby But I also think this writing duo produces something special What the fuck was this This book should be titled 'Ava and the Giant Penis' I swear Rafe's dick was mentioned about a million times Ava called it such sweet names like Godzilla and Monster If you keep comparing it to a baseball bat then that's how big I'm gonna imagine it and that shit ain't cute I love how authors need such crazy far fetched ideas to make their H a virgin Everything else was a disappointment as well A stupid plot that I did not care for Ava is trying to save her best friend but we haven't met this girl and the authors don't show us anything to give us an emotional connection to her I did not care for Rose at all Rafe was annoying with his brooding over his big dick and constant pushing away He's trying to save his friend and again I did not care for his friend because there just wasn't enough information on him to make me invested Rafe wasn't caveman enough for me either Offering to bring in his friend into bed bc of his insecurities Sending her into a dangerous situation where she gets shot Leaving her right after she woke up after recovering from shot Letting his friends ogle her almost naked body Pusssyyy 35 starsI've read every single book in this series including the novella but I just don't see the connection of Last Hope has with the rest of the series Is not a problem to me but I just want to make a point In the beginning you will see the hero in the middle of a job with a few fellow mercenaries and you will start thinking that you are missing something crucial from the previous book which is not the caseRafe Mendoza is a mercenary in the midst of trying to save his friend from the government His job is to steal a classified information from Duval During his scouting he came across Duval's mule AvaAva is a hand model with hetero chromatic eyes who is trying to save her best friend by being a mule for Duval Her job is to show the classified information to his potential buyerI was pretty engrossed in the first half of the story whereby Rafe and Ava were trying to survive in the middle of nowhere Something about all these sweat mud and adrenaline make up a sexy concoctionI'm embarrassed to admit that the most fascinating part of the story is Mendoza's ginormous cock and how his sex life was absolutely miserable because of it I read countless of erotica and the biggest one I came across is 9 inch long and the guy was pretty smug and can't wait to whip it out Mendoza's situation is way different and for that alone this book is worth the readMaybe we should talk about it RafeItYou know GodzillaI would rather call it Cockzila I just can't stop thinking it The image is for illustration purpose only it is not a representative of the productAnyway I don't feel the suspense part of the story is that strong enough I think if we have Ava's transporting drugs fire arms or bio warfare things will be much interesting The problem with the classified information is I don't know what is it about Is too ambiguous and I don't feel the kind of adrenaline rush In the explosive new Hitman novel from the bestselling authors of Last Kiss and Last Hit a jungle mercenary and a female target find love on the runMendoza I grew up in the slums and lost everything I loved to poverty illness and death I had only one skill to leverage myself out of my circumstances—violence Being hired out as a mercenary hitman brought me money and built an empire But all that I've fought for is in jeopardy My next job Steal secret information that could bring down world governments Find my target Destroy it But then I meet herAva Karma hates me When my best friend Rose is kidnapped I have no choice but to take a job as a mule for a pair of criminals intent on selling top secret information to the highest bidder I should have known that bad luck tends to cling because the plane I'm on goes down That I survived a crash landing was a miracle And so was being rescued by Rafe Mendoza—hot sexy dangerous The thing is he wants the information that I need to free Rose I can't let him have it but I need his help And I need to fight this crazy attraction for this mercenary with hungry eyes Rose is depending on me and I won't let her down no matter how appealing Rafe is

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