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Stand In Wife Tragedy had shattered Paul Manning's whole world leaving him a widower with three small children Reeling from shock and grief he turned in desperation to the one person he knew he could count on gentle caring Leah Baker Slowly Leah eased his sorrow and filled his life with new meaning Then Paul made an amazing discovery He needed Leah and desired her with an overwhelming passion But asking Leah to be his wife was one thing; winning her trust was another Somehow he had to convince this woman he'd just vowed to honor and cherish forever that they belonged together heart and soul

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    I didn't love this one The story was just a little creepy to me wife dies in childbirth sister takes over sister and husband fall in love and marry in less than a year

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    Leah and Diane are sisters and have always been close With no other family they have always been there for each other Diane is married to Paul and has cute twin boys When she finds out she is pregnant her husband and her are elated After the birth of their 3rd child Diane dies after childbirth Diane convinced her sister would have done anything if their situations were reversed she does everything to help Paul and his three children After 6 months after Diane's death she decides she should move in with Paul to help him So from there it is predictable what will happen by the end I enjoyed the story and was slightly weirded by the whole thing as well

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews Stand In Wife is another gentle contemporary romance in Debbie Macomber's Those Manning Men series As with the other Manning books so far this novel didn't have a very involved plotline but overall it was sweet and enjoyable In this one Paul Manning is suddenly widowed when his wife dies of complications following childbirth She leaves him with young twin sons and a newborn baby girl to raise With the multiples stresses of child care home care his job and grieving Paul is barely keeping his head above water until his dead wife's sister steps in to help out With them living in the same house together unexpected feelings begin to surface leading to a marriage of convenience and much much Paul is a man at loose ends He's grieving for the loss of his wife but at the same time doesn't have the luxury of taking time to really grieve with three young children to care for He and his sister in law Leah bond over their shared loss When she offers to move in with them Paul appreciates her help but his sense of pride sometimes gets in the way I think it makes him feel rather inadeuate as both a man and as a parent that he can't do it all himself It was kind of amusing that when Paul started having confusing feelings toward Leah he pushed her toward Rob a guy she'd only casually dated but then he experienced unfamiliar jealous feelings when the pair actually went out Soon his parents convince them to marry because of Leah having no health insurance and the children especially baby Kelsey viewing her as their mother Of course by then Paul knows he's falling for Leah; he just doesn't fully understand the extent of his feelings until faced with the fear of losing her when she thinks she might be pregnant Even then he unfortunately doesn't go about expressing those feelings in a clear and healthy way It's not until the end that he figures everything out and is able to tell her how he really feels in a way that she understandsLeah was tremendously selfless to give up her teaching job to move in with Paul and take care of the kids until they're older and in school Her sister was her only family so Leah loves and misses her deeply With her sister gone Leah sees this as an opportunity to stay close to the kids who are now the only family she has left as well as a way to fulfill a promise she made to Diane when her sister appeared to her in a dream the night she died Leah goes into it believing this to be a temporary arrangement but when she starts having feelings for Paul and realizes she would never be able to leave the children accepting his marriage proposal isn't a difficult choice Still she believes it to be little than a marriage of convenience because she thinks Paul could never truly love her the way he loved her sister They're just too different Diane was the beautiful vivacious one while Leah was the shy bookish plain Jane Although Leah always loved her sister and never blamed or envied her their mother always treated Diane differently like she was the golden child while Leah was only second best This still makes her feel inadeuate in ways than one especially when she misunderstands some of Paul's words and actions Then Leah begins for the first time in her life to envy Diane even though she's dead It takes a long time for Leah to finally realize that Paul loves her every bit as much as he did Diane but in a different wayThings get rolling for these two when they share a passionate kiss Both are rocked to the core but afraid to admit it which unfortunately leads to them reading things into the other's reactions that aren't entirely true They have an almost impossible time communicating how they really feel because they are both confused by their emotions Paul is still in love with his dead wife and feeling guilty for loving another woman too It doesn't help matters that the woman in uestion is his wife's sister At the same time he thinks she was repulsed by his kiss when of course nothing could be further from the truth In fact Leah loved every minute of it but has trouble believing Paul could be attracted to her after being in love with her gorgeous outgoing sister As a result they spend a lot of time around each other walking on egg shells This lasts throughout most of the book with the primary conflict being various misunderstandings based on miscommunication lack of communication and misperceptions This isn't my favorite form of conflict but it seems to be par for the course in all of Debbie Macomber's books I've read so far It wasn't too bad here because at least I understood most of the time where they were coming from However it could sometimes be a little frustrating that they didn't communicate better Stand In Wife brings back Paul's brother Rich and his wife Jamie Marriage of Inconvenience We get to see the happy couple and their growing family a little ways down the road from their book The last Manning sibling standing Jason becomes a sounding board for Paul and has some surprisingly good advice for someone who's never been married This carefree bachelor becomes the hero of the next book Bride on the Loose Overall Stand In Wife was a light and easy but enjoyable read that has left me looking forward to seeing what's in store for Jason Stand In Wife was originally published as a stand alone novel in the Silhouette Special Edition line and was later reprinted in the single author anthology The Manning Brides along with the first book of the series

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    I love Debbie always just bring you in to the story They are so good I am not able to put it down because I want to see what happens next

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    Good story plot but the primary characters too wimpy

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    While I'm sure that there's a remote chance of this happening it seemed fanciful to me

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    Not much there for a story Premise not believable that husband would love again so uickly after loss of wife he supposedly loved so much

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    I liked this book and found it pretty interesting when it came to the challenges that Paul and Leah faced They were both such loving people caught up in grief at first The emotional struggles were really well done As was some of the guilt of their new feelings for each other And they don't know how to trust those new feelings either Paul still loves his first wife Diane but he cares for Leah It causes him to struggle with how can that be? He finds him being attracted to her and confuses him even Leah had always been made to feel less than when she was compared to her sister Diane Diane was her mother's favorite child and she wasn't shy about treating her better than Leah Leah was shy uieter smart and considered herself plain One great thing is that her sister Diane NEVER put her down She was in fact her best friend as well as her beloved sister So she lost a lot when Diane died I liked the Manning family both the children and the in laws They added flavor to the story And they gave Leah something she had never had before people who cared for her A new family since she had almost no one else left alive One of my favorites had to be Paul's brother Jason He was the only non married sibling in the group but he was smart when it came to relationships He helped Paul sort things out He did it by listening and just speaking a few observations that helped Paul zoom into some truths

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    This is the second of the Manning Bride series Even though there are characters from the first book this book can stand alone However reading this one before the first might have some spoilers I read this one first and haven't yet read the firstThings in this book get complicated and that's what keeps the pages turning The lead characters have suffered much mostly as a result of Dianne's death The first half of the book is spent bringing Leah her sister and Paul her husband together In the second half they face the everyday problems that come from their unusual situation Many of the pages of the book are spent examining the feelings of the lead characters It seems that DM focuses on feelings than witty banterPaul can be difficult to like at times He gets very self absorbed For much of the book it seems to me that he acts at times almost like he owns Leah as a possession He has good moments also Meanwhile the thing that is unattractive about Leah is her insecurities but when she's not dwelling on them she is uite the lovable characterI must admit that I struggled in my mind as to how I felt about a man having a relationship with the sister of his late wife I realize that it is a prudish sentiment There are some mystical dreams or visions that are described and accepted as being realThere are no real mature themes Marital sex takes place without any description

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    This is probably my favorite book of the whole Manning series Yes it may seem a little off that only six months after his wife's death he marries again but it's not really a creepy thing Leah is a woman with no family left Her family was Diane so now she felt like she owed it to her sister to care of her sister's family They didn't start out with huge attraction Leah and Paul found their way to each other despite the devastating loss of someone they both loved Leah as a character spoke to me She doesn't have much of a self esteem and throughout the book she constantly doesn't feel like she's worth anything and I guess i really understand that Through this book Paul showed Leah that she was worth everything He chose Leah He finally let go of Diane and loved Leah with all his heart To me that would speak volumes that someone for once had chosen me the same way that Leah had felt For once someone chose her for who she is Someone saw her instead of being pushed to the shadows Yes there was a heartbreak in this book but it just made the ending so much sweeter The fact that Leah went without a family to having two boys and baby girl it's than she ever wanted On top of that Paul learned to work through his grief and found love this huge love in Leah It was a heartwarming story that I love to read over and over again

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