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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • The Medici Seal
  • Theresa Breslin
  • English
  • 12 October 2016
  • 9780385611336

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The Medici SealREVIEWED FOR PUBLISHERSTheresa Breslin is one of the most highly respected writers fro children and young adults working in Britain today and it’s easy to see why The historical framework of The Medici Seal has been meticulously researched so that fictional characters sit comfortably alongside actual historical figures and does it so well that you can’t see the join This story has everything you could possibly want; murder mystery secrets action drama love hate and all that lies in between It’s superbly written and Breslin has a flair for bringing the characters and the era vividly to life so that the reader is instantly plunged into the heady atmosphere of 16th Century Italy and the life and adventures of a young boy taken into the household of the famous Leonardo Da Vinci It’s a tale of finding one’s self and one’s place within the world – a voyage of discovery that will lead Matteo back and forth across a country torn apart by war If you love reading you will love this book – trust me you want to read it Romagna Italy 1502Fleeing from the murderous brigand Sandino Matteo a young boy is saved from drowning by the companions of Leonardo da Vinci From this moment on Matteo is at the Maestro's side as he carries out his work which ranges from the painting of magnificent frescos to intricate dissection of the human bodyBut Leonardo is employed by Cesare Borgia head of one of Italy's leading families Cruel and ruthless the Borgia punishes without mercy those who oppose him or who threaten him in any way And as Da Vinci and Matteo travel across Italy on the Borgia's business murder deceit and revenge follow in their trailFor Matteo carries with him a secret a secret that both the Borgia and Medici families would kill to obtain A life changing secret that must finally come to light for all to see A gloriously rich and authentic story of the Renaissance The Medici Seal is also both the personal story of Matteo a boy becoming a man and a fascinating glimpse into the world of Da Vinci Fleeing from an attacker a young boy named Matteo falls into a river and is saved from drowning by none other than Leonardo Da Vinci whose assistant he subseuently becomes Travelling with Da Vinci he gets to observe much of the great man's work both artistic and scientific as well as his dealings with Cesare Borgia who employs him at the time Matteo encounters him in 1502 But the story Matteo tells his new master and other acuaintances about himself is not the whole truth nor is Matteo is true nameSet during a fascinating period and populated by a number of eually fascinating historical figures I was hoping this would turn out to be an intriguing read However the pace was just too slow and the story freuently dragged seemingly going nowhere Also I just never cared all that much for the protagonist This was a DNF on page 90I was looking forward to reading this but I wasn't really into the story and didn't really get what it was about Not that it is a bad book or anythingI'll probably re read this sometime this yearUntil then It is impossible to feel impartial towards the plight and experiences of Matteo an intelligent inuisitive ten year old who barely escapes death in Renaissance Italy As the story proceeds we are ingeniously led through omniscient eyes to view as this boy becomes a man Although initially faced with death under the hand of the single dimension mercenary Sandino Matteo is fortunately found and taken under the wing of the meticulous yet caring tutelage of one of the most famous artisans known in history Leonardo da Vinci I typed di Caprio in just now by accident The company was humorous light organized yet focused all the same all in all to devotedly serve the 'Maestro' Leonardo da Vinci diligently as they could As I slept in the night this book left me pondering of the fickleness in human nature; yet the hearts of gold such as with Elisabetta that can be found in times of adversity Elisabetta's character moved me in so many ways and I couldn't help but grieve as well for the sudden cruel and unwarranted passing of her family There is just so much to say about this book What I say barely gives it enough credit Cleanly and beautifully written I would almost want to be a character in the book to get a glimpse at Matteo himself and not Leonarda da Vinci Interesting story of a supposedly gypsy being chased by malefactors is rescued by Leonardo da Vinci's friends and is offered respite in the Master's household as a servant boy The story gives some insights into Da Vinci's talent and profound generosity and plans to educate the boy suspecting in the way he looked at his eye that he was of Medici descent This is discovered towards the end of the story when everything seems to come together during the last chapter Interesting story but would not say that the author is really adept at novel writing Half the courts of Europe and most of mighty Rome itself are bastards Our employer my patron for the moment Cesare Borgia is a bastardThe year is 1502 A boy is fished from a river in Romagna Italy by the party of Leonardo da Vinci When asked his name the boy replies “Matteo” Matteo explains that he is an orphan that he has escaped from his employer who has treated him brutally and that it was during this escape that he accidentally fell into the river Matteo deliberately omitted saying that he was the son of a gypsy woman and has been in the care of his grandmother until she died that he never knew who his father was and that he was escaping from Sandino a man for hire who was trying to kill him when he fell into the river Matteo had an even bigger secret he had with him the seal of the Medicis which the much feared Cesare Borgia Duke of Valentinois and the Medici family would kill to obtain And so Matteo came to live with da Vinci acting as his all around errand boy and the latter’s assistant in his nocturnal activities which included cutting up of cadavers for his studies in anatomy He lived a happy enough life until his past started catching up with him Friends who have cared for him have been brutally murdered and people have been lurking in the shadows prepared to ambush In the midst of the struggle between the Vatican and the Italian states the alliance of the French army with Milan the beauty and magnificence of Lucrezia de Borgia the transfer of power in the Vatican from Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia Pope Alexander VI to Cardinal Guiliano della Rovere Pope Julius II the art and scientific experiments of Leonardo da Vinci and the political treatises of Machiavelli Matteo would find out the explosive truth of the people who were after him And it was not primarily because he had in his possession the seal of the Medicis If you liked Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code you will like The Medici Seal Sort of like Dan Brown for the younger set very fast read especially given that it clocks in around 500 pages with fun historical tidbits Normally I'm not a big fan of giving major roles to real people in historical fiction books because I think they tend to come out as caricatures but I like the way Theresa Breslin portrays Da Vinci While everything seems to get wrapped up a little too neatly for my taste in the last 50 pages or so this book is a fun way to get to a conclusion even when it feels a little too convenient Wow what a beautiful book This is an amazing insight into the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci and the Medici and Borgia families It took me long time to finish this book because I didn't want to finish it This will forever be one of my favourites Wonderful book about the life of A going boy Matteo We lives and Works together with Leonardo da Vinci and has many experiences with him He grows up and becomes a soldier In the end he finds out he is a di Medici and het the love of his life

About the Author: Theresa Breslin

Theresa Breslin was born and brought up in Kirkintilloch a small town in central Scotland She is the recipient of the Carnegie Medal Britain's most prestigious children's book award for Whispers in the Graveyard and her books for young people receive critical acclaim and appear regularly on children's book award short lists in the United Kingdom A longtime librarian Breslin was awarded life