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Bright Star The Apprentice Volume 2 2019 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Award Where duty and passion collideA woman in peril A ruthless warrior A dangerous contractTo avoid execution for her father’s crimes Lilian embraced her one chance at survival and became the apprentice of the powerful warrior Lucius Mercio In return for Lucius’ protection Lilian yielded total control of her body intellect and will The arrangement has saved Lilian’s life and set her on a path to redeem her honor She is about to learn her trial has barely begun In the second volume in the Twelve Systems Chronicles Lilian’s enemies are determined than ever to see her destroyed A ghost from her past will imperil her future and threaten to destroy Lucius’ slowly developing trust To survive the next set of challenges Lilian will need to find new reserves of courage wit and determination When Lucius’ motivations and ambitions are revealed they are far extraordinary than Lilian imagined His rivals are about to increase in number and ferocity as they seek to limit his expanding wealth and power They will use any means to undermine and destroy his plans including his notorious apprentice To advance his ambitions Lucius must be ruthless and devious than ever before To succeed Lucius reuires Lilian’s brilliance To make use of it he must keep her alive It is going to prove difficult than he anticipated

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    Interesting but I wish that there was character development in either Lillian the heroine or Lucius her pseudo literal slavemaster In this second installment Lillian is still super smart and yet kind of oblivious Lucius is still eager to advance his power and use Lillian in any and every way he can There's some small hints that their relationship is starting to advance beyond the typical slavemaster apprenticebondholder dynamic but I can't help but wish that it would develop faster However the eye changing thing is an interesting reveal that hopefully will come into play in future books I'll probably pick up the next one because something about this series does appeal to me simply because it's so oddly different than any other sci ficorporatehistorical romance book I have ever read which really is none because no other book combines those things LOL

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    Another riveting installment in my new favorite space opera Intrigue of the political and sensual variety abounds in this series assuring fans of sexy steamy sci fi and major key suspense will not be disappointed Whereas the first book put me in mind of a sexy fraught Hogwart's dynamic surrounding the hero Lilian and her two study mate chums by expanding her network of apprenticed collaborators here Lilian creates a grown up circle and deepens her influence in the process I did find myself wishing at times that there were detailed hints at Lucius' grand scheme and it's only at the very end of this book that we are privileged to another clue as to Gariten's past crimes and their ramifications for our hero Stylistically I hope to see fewer lengthy excerpts from treatises and histories and original but pithy uotes or expositional elements to preface each chapter; also boldface type on the titles of preface sources is distracting especially when viewed directly above chapter subtitles One can only hope that as these stories increase in popularity as I'm certain they will the author will be able to invest in some uality copy editing and proofreading there are numerous enough misplaced apostrophes dropped and extraneous articles and occasional misspellings to distract this knee jerk copyeditor while reading Minor points aside I cannot wait for Book Three

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    Bright Star by EG ManettiThis is book two in EGManetti’s epic Apprentice Trilogy book three is expected next year I thought this was a well constructed story and not having read book one was not actually a disadvantage although it left me wanting to read book three to find out what happens to Lilian and her master Lucius next You know me I hate spoilers with a vengeance so I won’t go there Suffice it to say that an Apprentice is a kind of indentured assistant or bondswoman bondsman if male who sells their services as a personal assistant for a three year period The duties include those of a carnal nature so it is in line with slavery than apprenticeship in our world EGManetti’s characters are well drawn and seeing their personalities develop through the course of the story is interesting Lilian grows from being uite fearful at the start to uite confident at the end and Lucius her owner mentor and protector is responsible for that Their relationship is not one you would expect from master and slave and the love scenes are just that; explicit erotic and yet tastefully written The world constructed here is complex and well thought out a kind of sci fi space warrior with ancient Roman overtones The story is full of politics and intrigue and makes a fascinating read Copy is not perfect but errors are few and minor and did not affect my enjoyment of the story which pulled me in as time progressed At the point of writing this I am eagerly awaiting book three I want to see what transpires between Lucius and Lilian find out who the traitor is and hopefully see Lilian reinstated as a warrior with honour Time will tellA five star read for me

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    The continuing epic story of the twelve systems a complex and intricately crafted world which centres on Lilian and Lucius but with a supporting cast of interesting characters who each had their own specific voices and personalities an admirable job considering the numberPolitical and commercial intrigue intermixed with proud warrior and religious traditions provide a book that isn't an easy read you have to concentrate on this one but once read I wanted to go back and pick up on the parts you missed the first time round I gave this one another star compared with the first book as the characters come to life a little as their background are explained I particularly liked the spymaster and Rebecca and I hope E G expands upon their story further in the next book

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    Extremely well written book that has a fabulous Scifi world build a complicated and engrossing plot will great great characters This second book is better than the first which is saying something I can not wait for the third book Some may find the formal wording strange I think it fit the story and world very well The world build reminds me of feudal Japan in its social structure with a bit movement up and down the social ladderDeath to Martin may his shrunken head dangle from the Warleaders belt

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    3550Because this series is so interconnected and continues the over all storyline of Lilian an apprenticeei slave to Lucias Mercio My reviews will be continuations as well just not time to re cap earlier opinions which still stay strongIn this installment the sexual subjugation is still just as offensive but not uite as freuent Lucias thankfully is not a cruel man just a demanding one This makes the reading a bit less disturbing but no less uncomfortable Readers continue to learn and love Lilian even in this book Her strength and integrity make her such a sympathetic character that it becomes even harder to read of what she must do at Lucias's command Our abhorrence of how she must give in without uestion to his sexual demands is amplified because he has a wife and children that he loves We jump from his freuent sexcapades with Lilian to chapters with him loving and enjoying his wife YUCKNow to be fair in their society this is an accepted situation that no one uestions The problem as I see it is that while that may be so any woman in OUR society cannot help but take extreme offense at the situation Lilian has NO choice in the matter yet we must watch her as she becomes attached to him and then read about him with his loving wifeStill aside from that HUGE problem for me the rest of the story is so well written and enthralling that I could hardly put it down The author has so deftly wound LIlian and her plight into the reader's hearts that we must keep reading if only in hopes that she will overcome and find happiness

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    This is not fluff not light and easy and for me with a rather deceptive classification While the Sci Fi and romance aspects are practically non existent these books make it up in spades for this shortfall in other areas With complex world building complicated socio economic structure written in a formal and highly formalized language and style full of intrigue and machinations The Apprentice series will either engross or frustrate you I found myself in a first category even though some trends did frustrate me initially after a while both freuent and repetitive “sex times” and constant “milord” became a white noise which I kept skipping or ignoring in pursuit of the story line a small detail became a point of amusement for me in a highly technological universe with specific nomenclature for measurements the distance is still measured in inches and feet prevalent in America rather than Universally accepted decimal – based metric system I am caught hook line and sinker

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    Amazing SeriesI am in awe of the wonderful world created by EG Bright Star is an outstanding follow up to Volume 1 The character arcs are growing and expanding as characters are added and the intrigue grows Again the reader must get into the rhythm or the writing and I hope that is not discouraging readers from this series It is well worth the investment to understand the minutiae If one takes the time to savor these stories the characters and the world of The Twelve Systems the reader is transported on a wonderfully crafted uest

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    Reviewed in the 1 2 bundle

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    Some of you may remember my review of The Cartel from last year It began The Apprentice Series Now with volume 2 completed I am happy to share that Bright Star does not disappoint Lilian continues in her bond to Lucius The apprentice has endured many a harrowing trial in the first installment and her tribulations are far from over in The Apprentice Volume 2As vowed by her bonding Lilian must endeavor to put Monsignor's will and interests of paramount concern Her brilliant mind aids her in her work and soon Lucius's business interests receive a hefty boost in the form of a synthetic Vistrite known as Mercium Thanks to Lilian The Serengeti Cartel stands to gain considerably from the new Mercium that will allow some of the lower technology to be powered cost efficientlyIn addition work is going forward on The Bright Star initiative that will forge forward a new era in space travel beyond the 12 systems Indeed these are very exciting timesHowever things are far from perfect for Lilian Though she seems to have managed to impress Lucius and remains in his favor there are many others of eual rank in this honor bound society that will never see Lilian for anything than a foul doxy Will she fair well and endure these turbulent times?I uite enjoyed this second installment in The Apprentice Series In fact I would even venture to say that Bright Star is a marked improvement from its impressive predecessor The world building continues as Manetti includes canons from the 5 Warriors as well as some very insightful entries regarding Vistrite mining in the Crevasse In addition Lilian's character gets some further development that helps the reader relate with her on a new level The erotica is toned down in this seuel but the writing of the sex scenes has also improved evoking the physical response one would expect from literature of this nature All in all Bright Star is a delightful read for fans of science fiction and a seuel worth reading

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