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Just Cause I thought the plot was incredibly unpredictable; that's what I loved the most about it It gathers so many controversial topics like racism death sentence and judicial system weaknesses All immersed in the life experiences the diversity of characters had gone and were going through It was very fulfilling to get surprised every time the plot changed its course towards a situation I had not yet predicted I totally recommend this book specially to science fiction readers You will once realize that nothing is what it seems 455 BRUTAL 3 A fun read big twist in the middle typical best seller thriller story I switch to this kind of book to rest from the dense classics It was a good one takes little time to read Recommend it for some vacation at the beach or something like that Although this was a good read Katzenbach seems to use a whole sentence when a word would do The end seemed so impossible to be true that is left me unsatisfied That being said I still enjoy reading his books but find myself skimming sometimes to get to the point By the way the movie is only worth watching for the great acting but Sean Connery as Executive Producer should never have cast himself as a father with a young family so that kind of ruined it for me Ed Harris was great Matthew Cowart famoso periodista de Miami recibe la carta de un hombre condenado a muerte ue asegura ser inocente Pese a su escepticismo inicial Cowart empieza a investigar el caso comprende ue el acusado no cometió los delitos ue se le imputan y pone al descubierto mediante sus artículos una información ue permite al convicto Robert Earl Fergurson salir en libertadCowart obtiene entonces un premio Pulitzer por su tarea periodística Sin embargo y para su horror el escritor se percata de ue ha puesto en marcha una tremenda máuina de matar y ue ahora le toca a él intentar en una carrera contra el reloj ue se haga justicia fuera de los tribunales Main character is Miami news reporter Cowart who writes a story about death row inmate Ferguson who claims to be innocent of the killing of 12 year old girl who was left in the swamp Detectives in the small town of Pachoula had beaten a confession out of Ferguson Turns out he made a death row agreement with another killer Sullivan to take the blame for killing the girl so he could get off of death row and kill Sullivan's parents in return The twisted story plot leads the detectives and news reporter to New Jersey where one of them is killed by Ferguson in a back alley chase This leads them back to small town Florida to Ferguson's grandmothers' house where Detective Shaeffer from the Florida Keys who is investigating Sullivan's parent's murder kills the grandmother in a showdown Ferguson escapes into the swamp where he lays in wait for the detectives who follow and eventually catch up to him resulting in death and injury Great thriller What if you had the chance to free an innocent man? Would you do it? John Katzenbach presents this idea in Just Cause as well as the repercussions of that freedom I enjoyed this tight thriller and was pleasantly surprised that it presented 3 well thought out protagonists who added a lot of depth and character to the story After reading The Analyst I expected much when I bougtht this book Although it'ss not a bad I feel that it was way too long for what it actually is Just Cause is a dark brutal and riveting thriller full of suspense and paranoia While the story moves along feverishly there's a surprising amount of humanity and social commentary but that's just the cherry on top of this relentlessly entertaining and surprisingly disturbing novel John Katzenbach is certainly a master of his craft and I'll definitely be reading of his disappointingly small body of work The story concerns a journalist divorced from his wife and still in touch with his daughter who travels out to the little town of Pachoula Florida when a Death Row prisoner contacts him from there saying that he didn't do the crime that he's convicted for and asking for his help The crime was the brutal assault and murder of a little girl and the journalist realizes that the man may be innocentMatthew Cowart the journalist is a very human character and he's very layered and well fleshed out He's easy to root for and the fish out of water element with him in the small Florida town makes him interesting as a character The supporting cast are all interesting too with seemingly small characters slowly growing prominent and important as the story continues Tanny Brown and Bruce Wilcox the two small town cops that aid Cowart are also interesting in their own way though the reader slowly grows to appreciate themThe story is briskly paced and well constructed especially for a thriller and it does keep you guessing as to the outcome until the last third or so As players slowly get introduced things become darker complicated and disturbing view spoiler Once the true killer is revealed the sense of dread and impending doom only escalates further and things get and intense The book's final act is long and intense but it heats up rather uickly and it's punctuated by two thrilling action seuences near the end which I won't spoil hide spoiler I saw the film which is based on this bookJust Cause is an attention grabbing film that holds viewer's interest throughout A black man has been held in jail for eight years and will soon be executed His grandmother brings a Harvard University professor a letter from him asking the professor to look into his case because he is innocent of the murder he allegedly committed The professor Sean Connery hasn't practiced law for many years His wife is a lawyer and she encourages him to take the case The only real evidence against him is his confession The prisoner claims he was beaten for a very long time and confessed only to stop the torture Connery meets the senior police officer that handled the case a black man and it is clear that he is a hard hearted violent man There is another man in the same prison a white man who clearly murdered many people He was a serial killer and is about to be executed He was in the vicinity of the murder But while he admits to many murders he claims he did not kill the young girl who was allegedly killed by the black man Connery uestions him and is led to believe that he committed the crime This serial killer is clearly insane and viciousAlthough this film is 22 years old it is still relevant today and it is as attention holding and interesting as the best modern films

About the Author: John Katzenbach

John Katzenbach is a US author of popular fiction Son of Nicholas Katzenbach former United States Attorney General John worked as a criminal court reporter for the Miami Herald and Miami News and a featured writer for the Herald’s Tropic magazine He is married to Madeleine Blais and they live in western MassachusettsHe left the newspaper grind to write books racking up 12 novels so far p

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