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    The cover of this book drew me in US edition 2015 That location is so gorgeous; I want to be there Part of the book is set in Corsica and the descriptions are amazingTHE BOOK OF LOST AND FOUND is about a young woman's uest to discover the story behind a portrait done 50 years ago and one that her grandmother kept hidden for many years The present Kate's story was set in the 1980s while the young artist's love story was set in the 1930s Who is the mysterious woman in the portrait who looks so much like Kate's mother? The premise of the book is completely my kind of story though overall I wasn't wowed While the descriptions of time and place were beautiful I thought that it was too wordy and slow The relationships presented weren't all that convincing This book covers many things love lost grief separation and family secrets An OK read for me just never truly hooked meDisclosure I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    This was an okay book and an easy read but it never uite grabbed me totally It tended to jump around a lot even changing timeframes within time frames and I was glad I was reading a paper copy so I could uickly look back and see which year I was in It also seemed a bit too long for its contentThose are just uibbles though The story itself was good and I rapidly became invested along with Kate in finding out what had happened to her real grandmother I very much liked the character of the young Tom Stafford and Alice was interesting too I guess I am not really a devotee of this kind of romantic novel so my rating may be lower than most people's It is probably a very good book just not for me

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    The book of lost and found was slow moving and lacked any real punchI bought this book in hard back and loved the cover and the presentation The premise of the novel had me intrigued and I felt this was going to be a book I would enjoyUnfortunately the story fell flat for me after about 140 pages and I think the reason for this was the lack of character development I don't mind a book to start out slowly if the the character development and plot warrants it I just never gelled with the characters in this novel A good sense of time and place in a novel will keep my interested even if the characters don't and again The Book Of Lost And Found fell flat for me as well An ok read but not a book I will be recommending

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    With the recent devastating death of her mother Kate found herself floundering The only constant was the daily visit to her grandmother Evie in the nursing home But when Evie confessed a shocking secret to Kate at the same time giving her an old portrait which she had had for many years Kate was filled with a mix of emotions Anger grief frustration – and then her grandmother diedKate’s journey to find the woman in the portrait would take her to many places – from her home in London to Corsica Paris and New York When she was finally able to arrange a meeting with the reclusive but famous artist Thomas Stafford on the island of Corsica she had no idea what the future would be She was nervous scared and sure she had made the wrong decision But a determination she’d inherited from her famous ballerina mother kept her moving forward And as she gradually learned about the past Kate came to realise there was a deep and romantic love story which had spanned decades unfolding in front of her From 1928 England when Tom and Alice first met as children through the war years in Paris of 1939 and on to Kate and her search in 1986 the lives of those involved took many turns While there was happiness there was also sadness and grief What would Kate find in her often desperate but also hesitant search? The Book of Lost and Found by Lucy Foley is a story of deep and abiding love but of separation and sadness loyalty and caring I thoroughly enjoyed the journey with Kate through the lives of the characters as she slowly found the answers she sought The Book of Lost and Found is one I have no hesitation in recommendingWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy to read and review

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    This novel begins with Thomas Stafford and Alice Eversley in 1928 and re aligns in 1986 when Kate an art student and photographer was lead back into her mysterious family history with the death of her famous mother The reader is taken on a three narrative journey from London to Paris to Corsica and New York and finally after spanning three different historical eras in the twentieth century concludes with a realistically portrayed happy ending of some sorts It is a captivating read For WWII readers there might not be really something new it's like telling the same story over and over again but with different characters and different places Yet although sad the novel remains an entertaining read about the suffering and challenges of a brutal war on the art world and the people living to tell their tales There is a wee bit of overkill in the historical background with too many characters added to fulfill the drama Too much of a good thingHowever it was a very good choice and one that should be considered seriously by historical fiction junkies The author manages to stir an emotional reaction to just about every scene and character in the plot The prose is really good devoid of sentimental fuzz I enjoyed the authors economy with words and her ability to use show don't tell proficientlyThis is the third book of this author that I tried and once again loved the writing style and prose Recommended

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    The story starts with a drawing of a woman All that identifies her is that she is ’a friend of the artist’s’ and the pen and ink drawing was from around 1929 From there it moves back to the meeting in1928 between Tom Stafford and Alice Eversley These two had known each other as children and lost touch over the yearsIt then jumps forward to Kate who is trying to come to grips with the death of her mother and best friend Lovely to see a mother and daughter relationship portrayed so positively instead of the negative representations of the mother daughter relationship we often get in books I really related to Kate and to her grief for her mother Kate’s mother was a famous ballet dancer It isn’t until her adopted grandmother Evie dies and Kate is going through her things that Kate finds there was a lot to her mother’s and her real grandmother’s story than she ever knew I loved the descriptions of Corsica in this book and I liked the way the story developed to help us learn of Kate’s real grandmother I enjoyed this novel and the way secrets and events from the past that shaped lives are revealed While it was an entertaining read about relationships love and sacrifice it wasn’t for me a completely compelling read Still it was a very enjoyable way to spend the time and the characters and setting were well developed and portrayed This is a debut novel and I will be interested to read of this author

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    Can't believe this is a debut novel I absolutely loved it Thought it was beautifully written It spans from the 20's to the 80's told from a few perspectives and travels from England Corsica Paris New York All executed brilliantly Loved this story even though it was heartbreaking

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    Fun fact I went to the same high school as Lucy Foley She visited back in 2015 to give a talk about her debut The Book Of Lost And Found which was soon to be released at the time She read the first chapter and to be completely honest I remember being not at all gripped I had no intention of reading the book until two years later it popped up in my local library and nostalgia and that stunning cover implored me to give it a goUnder any other circumstances I wouldn't have bothered The synopsis read as a little cliché and I already knew that I wasn't a fan of the writing But the supposedly stirring romantic element a classic sweeping love story one critic claims had me interested I was in the mood for something moving There's no other way to put this the characters and their relationships are unconvincing The novel follows the dual narratives of two couples both of whom enjoy about as much chemistry as oil and water No one well I definitely don't likes instalove The foundations are hazy at best Foley expects us to believe that two childhood friends not even childhood sweethearts could instantaneously kindle a heated romance when they meet by chance having not seen each other for well over a decade There is no psychological connection between the couples; their stories lack depth and credibility So much for that sweeping love story I was cravingThe characters themselves are prone to caricature especially Alice around whom the mystery centers She is labelled as 'brave' 'independent' 'strong' etc you know the drill And yet she seems to wield no true personality or agency beyond her sex appeal Alice does nothing to justify these claims or at least not until one transient glimpse in the final fifty pages Even then the character development is reliant on the systematic routine of the Resistance fighter's tale However I should give credit where it is due Foley's presentation of life under Nazi occupation and the activities of the French Resistance were evidently well researched and never fanciful The concept is treated with respect most crucially Compare this to the travesty of The Nightingale for exampleThe writing is repetitive and unnecessarily convoluted; I don't think that such a relatively simple story should take the wrong side of five hundred pages to tell Initially I enjoyed the elegant descriptions on the other side of a few chapters however it became evident that the phrases were recycled So much time and page space was devoted to imagery and to little overall effect I am an advocate of descriptive writing really I am but only when it complements the plot rather than overwhelming it I skim read the later chapters which is never a good signThe plot was predictable We all knew how it was ultimately going to end but the journey there was slow and at times painful The narrative as a whole lacked any real punch despite some of the harrowing events described the paucity of character depth rendered the novel a bit too sedate for me I was never emotionally compelled I enjoyed the non linear narrative structure I thought it served the mystery well The stilted dialogue however was another facet that let the novel down and compromised my overall view As you may have gathered The Book of Lost and Found was very much a case of give and take; some elements were executed well others distracted from the accomplished facetsIt was a promising start but plateaued fast for me The glamorous prose uickly becomes ostentatious and the novel lacks true drive The Book of Lost and Found is a slow moving slog that doesn't achieve much

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    The first half of this book was slow I am 66% finished I am shelving it as finished I'm not sticking around to find out how it ends I really don't care how it ends Too bad the plot is interesting but oh so slow Four months in the life of Kate Darling with brief flashbacks to the early 20th century should not take four months to readThis is a debut novel This author has great potential She notices the details She uses some lovely phrases She understands human emotions She just uses too many words One lovely starry sky could have been described in one well constructed sentence instead of four long clumsy ones That is only one example of her verbosityThe publishing industry has not done itself any favours by cutting back on editorial services With a good editor this book could have been spectacular Lots of people want to read spectacular books Tighten up a book and increase the sales A good editor would have inspired the author to whittle down all those looooooong descriptions A good editor would also have cleaned up all the awkward sentences and grammatical errors Really a four sentence paragraph with eight I's in it? I would be the first person to agree that language evolves I don't dislike or deny evolution But even in the process of evolution some things do not change or change slowly As far as I know I is still used as the subject and me as the object Confusion reigns supreme when either of these words is joined with and to another subject or object For example Bill and I are going is correct whereas Go with Bill and I is not Seriously would you say Go with I? Well when in doubt pretend that Bill and is not there Yes a good editor would have corrected these errors And yes this particular very common error annoys meI could say but it would not be complimentary and I have already wasted enough time giving this book too many second chances Your luck has run out Kate Darling Au revoir Have fun in New York City

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    Kate is grieving the loss of her mother the world renowned ballerina June Darling when she receives some startling information from her grandmother Evie June had always known that she was adopted but believed that her mother had never tried to find her However Evie gives Kate a letter and a beautiful drawing of a lovely young woman and sets in train a journey of discovery that takes Kate to Europe and America in search of the truthThis is an unusual love story disrupted by the conventions of the times careers and by war The writing is very assured for a debut novel and the characters are well drawn particularly the central women Alice and Kate and artist Thomas Stafford It makes for a fascinating tale spanning three generations continents and time periods seamlessly With thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book to read and review

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The Book of Lost and Found From London to Corsica to Paris as a young woman pursues the truth about her late mother two captivating love stories unfurlKate Darling's enigmatic mother a once famous ballerina has passed away leaving Kate bereft When her grandmother falls ill and beueaths to Kate a small portrait of a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Kate's mother Kate uncovers a mystery that may upend everything she thought she knewKate's journey to find the true identity of the woman in the portrait takes her to some of the world's most iconic and indulgent locales revealing a love story that began in the wild 1920s and was disrupted by war and could now spark new love for Kate Alternating between Kate's present day hunt and voices from the past THE BOOK OF LOST AND FOUND casts light on family secrets and love both lost and found