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Twelfth of Never Sugar cookies and puppies and all that's right with the world Three of my beloved Walker couples gather in Will and Mark's coffee shop on Christmas Eve Joy and giggles At some point I will need to read the other Blind Faith books I read this now because I heard a certain couple would appear I'm glad I did It was so nice A sweet holiday story Nice to catch up with Mark Will Isaac and Carter A few tears lots of smiles and some very special guests as well Thanks Nicole for the holiday treat and thanks to Will Parkinson for being so persistent about it Thanks Nic for this little freebie available from ARe It basically brings us up to date with Mark yay and Willpfft still think Mark is too good for you Will Parkinson Colour me shocked and extremely happy when Matt Kira and the kids turned up wootand then when a little chocolate bundle of fur Hershey the Labrador pup made an appearance I was a goner I just know Mark and Will are going to be brilliant wonderful and fantabulous parentseventually 5 Happy Dancing stars Was free and I am only reviewing because it has one big no go for me And that is the whole I want kids he doesn't This is a huge problem in real life partnerships Here it was treated like a piece of fluffAnd the partner who said a clear and distinct no to children has to give in and do it because the other partner wants it so badlyThis is bullshitKids are NOT like a puppyChild care is hard work having children cost a lot of money and it DOES CHANGE YOUR WHOLE LIFE This is not something to be flippant about I really hate when they do this in books and I find it very insulting that people who don't want children in books get the see the light and get on board already treatment This is very disrespectful towards the partner who has a right to his own opinion And this neat you will see your error and jump into adoption is insulting to everyone who doesn't want children Because it discounts people's opinion who truly do not wish to raise children Believe it or not they have valid reasons  So Rant over By this time you might have noticed that this is something that hits close to home I hate this need to reprodruce in all romances Delightful These characters are all so sweet and special that just a uick glimpse into their lives leaves warm fuzzies Doesn't hurt that I love dogs as well NR Walker you can do no wrong in my book This was 24 pages of totally awesome SeriouslyI don't think I could possibly love the part where view spoilerMatt Kira Claudia and Nicky come into the coffee shop That was really great hide spoiler 45 Stars Say it with me now AwwwwwwwwwPretty much nothin' beats a Christmas short that lets me revisit favourite characters from not one but two of Nic Walker's wonderful series includes talk of babies blended families puppies and delicious holiday treats and has butt sex we must never forget the butt sex Will Parkinson has been with Mark Gattison for five years and in his words there has never been a dull moment Will has always been the serious one the responsible one Mark is the irresponsible man child who loves nothing than to make people smileBut Will has an ache for something Mark won't give himUntil he doesJoin Will Mark Carter Isaac and Brady Hannah and her family and some other special guests for Christmas and have yourself a Merry Twelfth of Never 8500 word free Christmas story The perfect amount of sweetness oh and tears because im a sap

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