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A Mistress for Major Bartlett Brides of Waterloo #2 His virgin mistress Major Tom Bartlett is shocked to discover the angel who nursed his battle wounds is darling of the ton Lady Sarah Latymor One taste of her threatens both her impeccable reputation and his career An honorable man would ask for her hand but Bartlett is considered an unrepentant rake by polite society; sweet Sarah would be spurned as his mistress and even as his wife He demands she leave but Sarah is just as determined to stay by his side—and in his bed Brides of Waterloo Love forged on the battlefield Award winning author Annie Burrows continues the enthralling Brides of Waterloo series with A Mistress for Major Bartlett a heart rending intriguing and highly engrossing historical romance that is absolutely impossible to resistLady Sarah Latymor has spent most of her life feeling unloved and unappreciated by her family and her friends – except for her beloved twin brother Gideon As the only person in the world who cares about her and who makes life bearable Gideon is a beacon of light in an increasingly dark and lonely world for Sarah and she is absolutely heartbroken when her twin announces that he’s going off to war to fight for his country and defeat the enemy Heartbreak uickly gives way to devastation when the news reaches her that her twin has been killed and is missing in action Unable to bear the agonising pain of not knowing her twin’s fate Sarah realises that she’s got no other option open to her other then to head to the front line to find Gideon Sarah had left her life behind for the dangers of the battlefield to find answers but she never expected to find her salvation – or love in the arms of the devastatingly handsome – but wounded – soldier Tom BartlettTom’s fearsome reputation on the battlefield is matched only by his prowess as a scoundrel with the ability to seduce any woman who strikes his fancy Tom has never cared much about what other people thought of him As a child he had been misjudged and mistreated because of his father’s mistakes and penchant for gambling and thus Tom had matured into a laidback daredevil with a passion for daring and danger With a reputation as a shameless reprobate distinct lack of funds and an inability to commit to any woman for longer than one night Tom has spent the best part of his life avoiding the shackles of matrimony But when he is rescued by a ministering angel in his hour of need his resolve to stay stubbornly single begins to waver – until he realises that the woman who has been tending to him is none other than Lady Sarah Latymor an innocent who is not only his social superior but also his commanding officer’s virginal sisterTom is well aware that Sarah’s selfless action could spell her ruin While he doesn’t care a jot for his reputation he is willing to do anything to protect Sarah from being cast aside from polite society Although his head is telling him that the only sensible course of action is to demand that Sarah leaves him his heart is breaking at the thought of spending the rest of his life without her by his sideIs their love strong enough to triumph against all the obstacles standing in their way? Or will the vast chasms that divide them succeed in tearing them apart?A Mistress for Major Bartlett is a spectacular tale of courage redemption hope and the healing power of love that gripped me from the very beginning and kept me mesmerized until the poignant denouement Annie Burrows is a gifted storyteller who deftly blends passion emotion pathos and drama in an unforgettable historical romance that I was unable to put downSarah was a wonderfully believable flawed and realistic heroine and her journey from spoiled and slightly lost society girl to a mature confident and resilient woman will strike a chord with readers everywhere and Tom was a gorgeous charismatic and beguiling hero no woman will be able to resistA first class Regency romance from a writer who gets better and better with every book she writes A Mistress for Major Bartlett is the latest must read tale from Annie Burrows’ talented penThis review was originally published on Cataromance The fist line of this book’s blurb is horrid And inappropriate for the storyI liked the cover of this one and have loved most of the historical romances produced by HarleuinMills and Boon why people don’t give them a chance I will never understand So I was a little shocked when I started it and saw it had a couple of horrific early ratingsEspecially so as I enjoyed the opening chapters so much Starting off a trilogy to mark the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this book goes into the sort of detail historical romances tend to gloss over and romanticiseI suppose the reason opinion on this one is divided is because almost the entire book is set in one room Normally I’d have had a real problem with this – there are some other authors who write lengthy scenes I lose patience with However it worked for me in this book most of the time Annie Burrows must be a good writer to keep me turning the pages in something I might not have enjoyed by another authorBecause our heroine makes the snap decision to nurse the hero back to health alone her reputation is essentially ruined from the outset so some liberties with behaviour can be overlooked I liked how the two fell in loveI think by the very end things were drawn out just a bit too much Too many scenes of the two agonising over why they couldn’t be together I also got a little bit tired of the heroine’s insecurities though I had to remind myself the timeframe of the story was uite short However I only found it dragging at the end and then there was the happy resolutionI like the idea of this series and Louise Allen – a favourite of mine – is writing the next book so I’m generally happy about this concept Review copy provided by NetGalley Very good book The book begins with Sarah desperately trying to find out what happened to two of her brothers Her twin brother has been reported as dead but she doesn't want to believe it and the other one is missing Sarah is a society miss who has the reputation of being pretty but useless but she has the determination to escape from her protective family and head for the battlefield to search for themAlong with her older brother's ex fiancee Sarah searches the battlefield for her brothers They find the older one who is taken by his ex Sarah doesn't find her twin but does find another man who by his uniform is one of the men in her older brother's unit Unwilling to leave him there to die Sarah takes charge of him hoping to find care for him After discovering that a hospital is no guarantee that he would be cared for Sarah takes him to her own lodgingsSarah has never felt any kind of confidence in herself or her abilities She has never really had to take care of herself much less someone else Her family has always treated her as though she isn't too bright Her twin was the only member of the family who seemed to understand her She has surprised herself with the way she got to Brussels and now that she's insisted on caring for Tom She's determined to succeed in saving him and throws herself into the processTom is a man with the reputation of being a rake It is bad enough that Sarah's brothers wouldn't introduce her to him even though he's one of Justin's officers He has come by his reputation fairly honestly as he has never really cared what people think of him His grandfather lost the family title when he supported the Jacobites and his father was a drunk who committed suicide Tom was raised by an aunt and uncle who treated him badly so he acted up in response As an adult he is notorious for his womanizing He considers himself to be pretty worthlessI liked Sarah At the beginning of the book she had almost no self confidence though she was much smarter than she gave herself credit for I loved seeing the way that she made things happen Her rescue of Tom was great as was her determination to care for him I liked seeing her step up to the expectations of those who didn't know her such as the two soldiers who helped her with Tom Thanks to their belief in her she was able to do some things that amazed her I really enjoyed seeing her work out what she needed to do and how to do it Tom's fevered view of her was as an angel who had come to save him Once he recognized her he knew he should send her away to protect her from his reputation but he couldn't let her go I loved seeing how easily he understood her and her needs For a man with such a terrible reputation I thought he was amazingly honorable I loved the development of their relationship Both of them shared things about themselves that they had never told anyone else There were many ways that they were alike and the things they shared brought them closer together Sarah spends a fair amount of time trying to show Tom that he really isn't as bad as he thinks he is Tom's ability to sense what Sarah is feeling and give her the comfort or encouragement that she needs shows that his feelings are much stronger than he realizes The attraction between them is really strong Tom fights it hard being the honorable man that he is Sarah feels it also but she wants to give in to it She has no intention of ever marrying thanks to the example of her father but she still wants to be able to be with Tom Besides their own issues there are other obstacles to overcome not the least of which is her older brother There are two great scenes at the end involving him The first is between him and Sarah as she tells him exactly what she wants and intends making it clear she's no longer the same airhead she had been before I loved seeing her new confidence in herself and her feelings The second is between him and Tom as Tom faces the commanding officer who is also the brother of the woman he loves Another great example of standing up for your love against those who would prevent it I loved that conversation and how it turned out After completing this series I have bumped up the rating for this book to 45 stars rounded up on GR to 5 starsAnother wonderful installment in the series I hadn't had much of an impression of Sarah from the last book other than she was typical shallow daughter of a titled peer Tom got almost no page time in the last book so I had less to go on here However the author did an amazing job showing that there was A LOT to Sarah and Tom than the impressions given in the first book The character development of Sarah alone is worth reading this book Man what a lady Sarah did so much to help others while grieving for Gideon and worrying about Justin Tom also revealed his character is several layers deep as well Again no frippery or inane ballroom gossip this book was about who we really are and our capabilities when lives are on the line and devastation of war is our reality I would very much recommend this book It's been a while since I last read a MB Historical and I'd forgotten how good they could be There are few historical imprints out there that I can trust to pay such close attention to detail and overall accuracy and this book definitely fits the bill The opening scene of Sarah’s ride across the battlefield was vivid and powerful without being gratuitous or over the top Waterloo has fascinated me ever since I read Georgette Heyer’s An Infamous Army so it was good to see evidence of the true price of such a bloody battleAs I’ve not read the previous book in the series I came to this one without any prior knowledge of Sarah or Tom Partly I think this is a good thing since it sounds like Sarah didn’t exactly cover herself in glory in the first book but it’s also a bad thing We meet Sarah after she’s ridden alone from Antwerp to Brussels rescued a terrified dog spent the night in the stables to protect her horse and then rides out onto the bloody fields of Waterloo in search of her twin brother – and her older brother tooJudging by her actions she seems like a plucky intrepid kind of girl However her own opinion of herself and that of those who know her is uite different I found it a little hard to match up the Sarah I was reading about with the Sarah who’s a mindless wigeon and gets other people into trouble It just seemed so unlikely But as the book progressed I learnt about who she was before and why she might have changed so much in such a short timeI actually uite liked her The way she rides out in search of Gideon may have been mostly driven by grief but was also brave and I liked her uncertainty when Tom was thrust into her care She’s never nursed anyone before no one she knows would ever believe she could but there’s no one else so she throws herself into the whole thing with gusto I loved how it gave her confidence in herself and how Tom really grew to understand her her fears and uncertainties and the person she’d been hiding inside all those yearsI liked Tom too He’s a typical womanising rogue not a rake as Sarah points out since her father was definitely one of those and a whole lot worse that is at heart terribly misunderstood and not half as bad as he’s painted He doesn’t think much of himself but he thinks the world of Sarah and I loved how their relationship developed and deepened with mutual respect and trust and belief in each otherDespite the opening there’s not a lot of action in this book since it mostly takes place in one room but I liked the intimate setting It really gave the main characters a chance to get to know each other far from the disapproval of society and family However the I am not worthy and I don’t want to marry anyone back and forth did get a little tedious towards the end and all the characters connected to the other books seem awful I’m sure if I'd read Mary’s story first I wouldn’t like Sarah but I didn’t so I find myself not liking Mary or Justin – and as for Flint let’s say I wasn’t left too eager to find out his storyEnjoyable easy to read with a lovely romance and a couple of less than perfect characters in need of mutual redemption It’s sweet it’s romantic and the historical details were beautifully doneI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review One of the interesting aspects of this novel is the fact that for the most part it takes place in one room at Tom's sickbed where Sophie nurses him Unable to help her twin who has died in the last skirmish against the French she turns her attention to the Major she finds lying in a ditch As he begins to heal physically they both tackle their emotional wounds And boy do they have wounds Tom's are a result of his grandfather losing the title and his father losing the money All leading to him becoming a womanizer so notorious he is known as Tom Cat Sophie the daughter of a notorious womanizer has decided not to marry living her life through her twin Gideon and hiding herself in dresses and frippery I was surprised that Tom's issues were taking of a role in the story than Sophie's as I would imagine that she is just as scarred by her father as by Tom Yet she overlooks all his rakish ways uite uickly believing that he will stay true to her I think her brother Justin has an absolute right to be worried even though she doesn't see it None the less a fun and relaxing read Major Tom Bartlett is shocked to discover the angel who nursed his battle wounds is darling of the ton Lady Sarah Latymor One taste of her threatens both her impeccable reputation and his careerAn honorable man would ask for her hand but Bartlett is considered an unrepentant rake by polite society; sweet Sarah would be spurned as his mistress and even as his wife He demands she leave but Sarah is just as determined to stay by his side—and in his bed I absolutely loved this story the characters were great I love how it all turn out the setting is brilliant I'd suggest not paying too much attention to the summary on goodreads It manages to spoil a fair percentage of the book and yet be completely misleading by making it seem much tawdry than it actually is The story begins with Sarah Laty the darling of the ton determinedly going in search of her twin brother who has been declared dead after a recent battle with Napoleons army I arriving at Brussels she discovers her older brother may be missing as well Combining forces with Mary the ex fiancée of her older brother Justin see book 1 in the series the two of them head out accompanied by her Justin's ' men Randall's Rogues in search of her missing family members Upon arrival at the battlefield there's no sign of Gideon but Justin is sorely wounded While Mary and the rogues see to his care Sarah inadvertently stumbles over another of the rogues also grievously wounded the infamous rake Tom Bartlett With no one else to turn to Tom's care falls to Sarah herself despite that so much as tending to him while unconscious could irrevocably damage her reputation and what will happen when he wakes up and is able to turn his roguish charms on Sarah herself? This is definitely an intriguing storyline A lot of the time I can take or leave harleuins it's hard to work a decent plot and believable endearing characterization into such a limited number of pages I think Burrows handled it uite well by limiting the number of characters that show up in the story and rather than have a complicated plot with excessive drama she focused on Tom and Sarah getting to know each other Being able to learn about the characters gives you much of an investment in what happens to them While Sarah had a few rough moments at first both she and Tom proved to be uite likeable in the end I'm looking forward to picking up the other two companion novels in the series when I get the chance I only wish there were books about the rest of Sarah's family as well her independent sister Harriet sounds like an interesting character and I wonder what happened in her relationship that made her change her views on marriage This book was so bad It needed no stars but I wanted it to post Unlikable characters The heroine cries at least 15 times during the book The hero is an imoralist dip s I was sorry for the other authors of this series who must of shaken with repulsion at this book and how it was so inadeuately supposedy merged with their own stories

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