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Sheikhs Forbidden Conuest The Howard Sisters #1 Taming the playboy prince Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar may be Europe's most notorious playboy but since his bride to be finally came of age he's sworn to be faithful to the princess he's never met Yet when feisty helicopter pilot Lexi Howard saves his life she turns Kadir's regimented world upside down His first duty must be to his country but avoiding the sensual pilot is becoming increasingly difficultespecially now that she's working for him Lexi's disregard for his command is somewhatrefreshing Can the desert king resist making her his final—and most forbidden—conuest

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    25 starsWhy oh Why do I keep torturing myself I keep promising myselfthis will be the last sheikh book I will readand still I keep breaking my promise Perhaps I hope that one will come my way that I will lovebut no here's another one that failed againif not for the heroine I will have given it a 1 starbut I kinda liked herhey she's a RAF helicopter pilot seen action in Afghanistanwhy the hell she would fall for such a twit of a hero is beyond meI really did not feel the love between these twoall that heroism for his countrypleasegive me a breakSo still hoping for an amazing sheikh story out there for me

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    Damn this was so deliciously good I found the starting too cheesy for my taste but this author seriously worked her magic Kadir and Lexi's story made me swoon like mad They are so loveable And Kadir though Heart eyes Heart eyes If you know me you'll know that I hardly ever like Alpha Male characters but he is simply so amazing I am truly in love with him In fact I can't wait to devour this story again

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    Major plot spoilers ahead Read at own risk I know from the reviews on this site that it hasn't gotten the greatest reviews but I loved it It was really good I thought it was awesome I just loved it though I didn't think I would because in the beginning it was okay and I liked but I wasn't on the love train But as I got deeper into the story and into the psyches of the characters the absorbed I got and the I fell in love with this book with every turn of the page I just thought it was really great and very well done on Chantelle Shaw's part especially the emotional roller coaster and the journey that Kadir and Lexi go on together It was just delicious and very intense all the way through I know from reading the reviews on this site that most people weren't thrilled with Lexi as a Harleuin Presents heroine because for one she wasn't an innocent virgin and two because she was the sweet gullible naïve girl that most heroines are noted for in this genre People believed that Lexi was very gruff and too strong but I absolutely loved her It was nice change from the typical Presents heroine and added a whole new spin to the story She was just so uniue I uickly fell in love with her and could understand how Kadir had fallen so deeply in love with her I loved the blend of her character that shown both the strong side and the vulnerable side rounding out her character nicely I liked seeing the contrasting sides to her personality and how that played a role in her relationship with Kadir The main reason that she had those two sides of her was because of her past The moments of her past really shaped who she was She was rejected and unwanted by her biological mother who was prostitute when she got pregnant and had no idea who her father was Her adoptive parents no longer wanted her once they had their own child Athena and treated poor Lexi as a nuisance than anything even sending her away so they could focus on Athena And lastly her ex fiancé the person she finally let her guard down with and expected to get the happily ever after with him by betraying by revealing her already had a girlfriend and a baby back at home It caused her pain and caused her to close herself up again She became an ice princess with a firmly etched wall in front of her But I totally understood why and I could feel her pain of what she experienced during her traumatic past Then with her belief that she was unwantable and unlovable made me hurt for her even especially when she believed she was going through a similar thing with Kadir when she finally let her guard down with him My heart broke for most of the book and I just wanted to give her hug I wanted her to get her happily ever after and have some happiness in her life I teared up a few times when her vulnerable emotions were finally coming to the surface Because of all those experiences in her life he had to put that wall around herself to survive and not allow the hurt to touch her like it had for so much of her past That was where the strength portion of her character came to the surface and showed how strong she truly was I also loved that she had an unconventional job of a rescue helicopter pilot and she had been in the service So she had been through some tough terrain and circumstances along the way which also toughen up I loved seeing her bad ass side And she had one She showed when she stood up to Kadir for the first time when they met and showed no mercy not caring for who he was It did take her a back when she was so intensely attracted to him She never felt that way before and that's when the vulnerable emotions came into play I loved everything about her She was greatAnother thing I also loved was how they met in the first place because it was so uniue and different It made it have a uniue twistspin on the whole story Lexi was the helicopter pilot sent to rescue Kadir and his crew after his boat capsized during a major storm Lexi battled the elements and rescued Kadir and his crew without too much difficult but thought Kadir was a class one idiot for getting in the situation in the first place Boy sparks fly between them when they met and she basically confronted him and told him he was idiot not knowing who he was a Sultan or caring that he was such an attractive man I mean the sexual tension was immediately there and oozed off the page from that confrontation Not only that there was friction and back and forth going on that was a little bit playful but also reflected the tension between them I loved that It was so sexual charged from the beginning I didn't know how much sexual charged it could get before it melted the pagesLet me tell the sexual charged didn't dissipate throughout the story and just increased in intensity whenever they were in the same room together Heck it was there even when they weren't together The sexual tension was there throughout no matter what but it was off the charts when they were together To add the intensity was the back and forth between them throughout the book They liked to push each other's buttons Him in a playful way while she did it defensively and trying to keep him angry thinking that would keep him away from her Wrong That just challenged him and made him want to pursue her all the even though he knew in good conscience he shouldn't but he couldn't help it because he wanted her so much It was really enjoyable to watch and see their story play out The tension was thick but it was just enough and created this great anticipation to the story that had me dying for their first kissTheir first kiss was hot I mean steaming hot In fact all their intimate moments and sexy scenes were hot and sizzling It upped my temperature a bit for sure It was just all that anticipation combined with tension that just made the words melt off the pages until it finally exploded with that first kiss At first the kiss was meant to be punishment for Lexi after having pushed him too far but soon became all about the passion that they had for one another If Kadir hadn't pulled away when he did that would have been when they did deed But he did pull away remembering he wasn't free to explore the attraction between them because he was promised to another in an arranged marriage his father set up for him in order to secure peace among the nations And Kadir felt he had no option but to obey the wish of his father so he went along with despite he despearately wanted Lexi with everything that was in him He found it hard to stay away from him and from that hot kiss I could tell their love scenes were going to be boiling hot I knew I had to prepare myselfBut nothing really could prepare me for what was to come both on the emotional journey between the two as well as their intimate journey with their mind body and souls I mean I wish I could come up with another term beside sizzling but sizzling is the only thing I could up with Their passion broke the thermometer that's how hot there were Again it was a combination of the suppressed tension the anticipation and feelings starting to get involved on both sides Lexi tried her best to keep her guard up but finally knew she couldn't do it any She wanted to be in his arms where she felt safe and for the first time in her life she felt like she belonged all while in his arms It was a difficult thing for her to realize and she hated showing her vulnerable side to him but he just broke down her defenses and passion ensuedThere were so many sexy moments in this book and it wasn't just the lovemaking scenes either It was all the way through Whether it was a brush of hand or just sexy looks they were giving other It was all there The way it was written it was accurate betrayed and made to feel very believable I could feel the connection between them and it wasn't necessarily sexual It was than that They needed each other and I could tell when they finally gave into their passion that it was than just lovemaking for both of them Just many scenes made my breath catch and the pulse to race a little higherTheir first scene was absolutely beautiful It was beautifully written The setting was perfect on that secluded island at his private tent The timing was perfect as well and made sense why after all this time denying themselves what they wanted both for different reasonsthat they finally gave into it finally They were both in an emotional and vulnerable state but by being together they got their strength back temporarily Their time together was a revelation to both of them and made them realize much the other meant to the other Just everything about that scene was spot on and right It was tender loving emotional and very sexy Oh my goodness was it sexy It fit really well into the story and laid everything bare for the other to see But despite that intimate moment between the two things blew up and turmoil ensued afterwards with the bliss of their first time together having disappeared This was when my heart ripped out of my chest for her because she was in such a vulnerable spot She believed he used her and slaked his lust while she fell hard for him Once again she felt unloved and not wanted causing all this inner turmoil for her Her pain and emotional turmoil really touched my heart as I continued on this roller coaster with her All the elements of a great romance were in this story The tension The anticipation The friction The passion The intensity The vulnerability And finally the emotional roller coaster of the whole ride I loved seeing the vulnerable sides of their characters come and play It made the story richer It made me feel it in my own heart what the characters were going through And than anything it felt real and genuine this love story and the relationship It paced wonderfully so I could see the development not only in the characters but their relationship as well It was really nice to see all that build up They had a bit of friendship in the beginning and just grew from there Granted it was friendship fraught with sexual tension but it still was a friendship It was really refreshing to see and I loved seeing it play out on the page The story was developed perfectly I thought It had a perfect balance of playful moments to serious one For small book it packed an emotional impact not only for the characters but for me as wellAnother complaint in the reviews were that Kadir wasn't as alpha as people would have liked for a Harleuin Presents novel but I really loved him like I loved Lexi I thought he was the perfect match for her Yes he wasn't a cruel jerk that set out to beat Lexi down emotional like alphas have done in the past to their counterparts but I don't think it would have fit his character if he did do that He was too much of a loyal guy who grew up with a loving father and great upbringing with him He didn't want to cause Lexi any pain and hated when he did He felt guilty about it because he could read her so well and see her pain It killed him I thought that was a refreshing change from the typical Presents heroes It certainly made him loveable I loved his playfulness with Lexi but also liked seeing he had a serious side to him as well This book showed his emotional turmoil of what he wanted Lexi and his loyalty and duty to his father's memory marrying a woman that was picked for him ten years ago once she became of age I also loved seeing his integrity He vowed not to sleep with anyone once his bride came of his age so he wouldn't be cheating on her despite the fact that they never met before but he was willingly to and vowed to do so Well until he met Lexi that was And when he gave in to it he still vowed to go through with his marriage even when Lexi and him were intimate He saw how that hurt Lexi and that killed him I really loved him as a character Just seeing all the softer sides to him He was beautiful and yummy And totally rootableThe book was pretty perfect I thought I might have liked to see a scene between Lexi and her parents just to see hos they actually treated her because there were moments that I thought that maybe it was just her perception on things and not actually the truth But since there was never a meetingconfrontation between them I wasn't sure if her view was as accurate as she believed But regardless it was still a great story with an emotional intense roller coaster ride that I went on along with Lexi and Kadir Well done Chantelle Shaw and thank you for creating a satisfying emotional story that I completely dived into and didn't want to get out of until I finally closed the book Everything was great and pretty spot on I fell in love with this book It was just so goodCan't wait to read about Athena's story coming some time later in the year She intrigued me when I read about her as a character and I know that is going to be an emotional intense love story as well being that she has her own issues to deal with She needs some loving in her life I guess Luca is the man for that job Hopefully it will be as passionate and steamy as this one We will see

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    Sheikh’s Forbidden Conuest by Chantelle Shaw was a well written romance on the forbidden romance tropeKadir is an amazing hero because he takes his duty seriously and cares deeply about his people Lexi is an independent heroine whose best thing was her being a pilot She was strong sincere dedicated and refreshing from the usual set of heroinesThe romance was enjoyable partly because I loved both the characters and partly because they shared an amazing chemistryThe pacing was a little off and some parts dragged or were unnecessary and therefore my attention kept wavering at some partsOverall Sheikh’s Forbidden Conuest by Chantelle Shaw was a passionate and enjoyable read

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    When RAF rescue helicopter pilot Lexi Howard saves the crew of racing yacht in the midst of a storm she didn't realize that she was rescuing Sultan Kadir Al Sulaimar an award winning racer and ruler of his own country; all Lexi thought was that she was rescuing some rich playboy who'd rather put his crew in danger than pay attention to the weather and told him so This didn't go down too well with His Royal Highness but for a woman this incredibly beautiful woman to stand up to him like that so turned him around that Kadir didn't know what to do So he hired her as his private helicopter pilot since his finacee wouldn't be allowed to travel with a male pilot Brought into invariably close contact like that it's not too long before sparks fly between them but Kadir is intent on honoring his betrothal to a woman he's never met What will happen when the inevitable occurs? I don't usually like sheikh stories but this one has several different twists and turns that are intriguing Among them is Lexi's time serving in Afghanistan for the RAF and how that affects her personality Kadir's mother was English and he also carries an English title It's a great beach read

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    Prefer a sheikh romance to feature an uber alpha badass hero and virgin heroineplease not feistyshrewishpromiscuous Decided not to read due to the heroine Not my kind of fantasy

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    Doesn’t deserve a single ⭐️ Rude uncouth snappy ill mannered h What was CS thinking really And to pair this embarrassing woman with an Arabian sheikh who’s the sultan of his kingdom Really

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    AWESOMEI confess I loved this one the H is kick ass and the h is kick ass tooThey both have their own issues but are irresistible to each other and this really is a case of love conuering all H has sunk his yacht off the coast of the UK and the h comes to rescue him in her role as a rescue pilot for the UK coastguard prior to this she flew rescue in the RAF fr 10 years YEP this h is a genuine kick ass h She is independent and feisty has a spine she earns her own money while not suffering fools She also has a chip on her shoulder as she was adopted and her parents didn't want her once they produced a biological offspring Once she tracked her real mum down that didn't go down well either as she is a using tart Final nail in the coffin is a cheating ex fianceH is the half ArabHalf English SultanEarl who is betrothed to a woman he has never met in order to continue ruling his country and keeping peace His parents split when he was 7 as his mum couldn't cope with life as a Sultana The royal one not the dried fruit that would be weird He was torn between the 2 but chose his pops ultimately Both parents were ok though he just felt torn between them He of less falls in love at first sight with the h when she drags his ass out of the sea then bollocks him for his reckless behaviour He is shocked no one speaks to him like that but he hires her as his personal pilot and soon these 2 are in mega lovelust They both try to be honourable he to his invisible fiancee and she is pretty angry to find out hes a cheat but after a kidnapattempted coup they lurve is too strong and they go for it in a big way The H is a decent guy he goes to front up his fiancees family and break the deathbed promise to his dead dad and says he cannot marry the woman Phew conveniently she doesn't want to marry him either he wants to be a Dr and study so crisiscivil war dodged thereHe heads back to his woman to find her packed and ready to leave him which upsets him greatly turns our her biological mummy dearest was a ho a literal one not figurative and doesn't know who the daddy is not Sultana material H doesn't really give a rats ass but shes off anyway He kidnaps her back to the tropical island they were taken to before and they all live happily ever afterI love a decent h and the H was a pretty decent guy too

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    Very enjoyable

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