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Elahs Plaything Playthings #3 ELAH'S PLAYTHING is a well written IR romance with diverse characters and a good flow I found myself annoyed with almost every character in this one at one time or another Being annoyed isn't a bad thing in this case it just means that Rowan created a story that got me involved as it unfolded It was one of those times when you wish that you could give a fictional character a good shake The annoyance with Elah was because he was just being what he is A demanding aloof and high handed man who is determined to exact vengeance on Lottie's father even at the expense of innocent people Lottie's father because he is a weak dishonest and selfish man willing to sacrifice his own daughter to cover his butt Lottie's mother because she claims to be concerned for her only daughter's welfare but she doesn't really go up against her husband when she finds out that Lottie is now married to a stranger and her husband just stood back and allowed it to happen She allows what happens to Lottie to stand because she doesn't want her husband's reputation to be tarnished Say what now I would have threatened to go public with all of his shenanigans myself I can't understand a mother who allows her husband to barter their daughter away and only get a little huffy about it all Lottie even earned my irritation by allowing herself to be used by her father I understand wanting to protect her father who has always been the man in her life that she admired but at some point you have to call a spade a spade Lottie is definitely naive than is good for her She is in her 30's and not a young girl with no life experience I wanted her to be a bit savvy than she was I liked that Elah isn't a gorgeous billionaire but is a self made and realistically successful man He's not a heart stopping classically handsome man His appeal all stems from his confidence power and determination which I liked a lot Although there is definitely somewhat descriptive sex scenes you don't get it until almost halfway into the story This is where my only real complaint in this story comes from Lottie goes from sexually inexperienced to a somewhat adventurous woman initiating an act that many experienced women wouldn't attempt the way that she did I felt that was a bit out of character for Lottie's personality When Lottie and Elah finally begin to come together the story wraps up pretty uickly Although ELAH'S PLAYTHING is book 3 in the PLAYTHINGS series it is a stand alone story and that's how I read it This was my first book by Lydia Rowan and I will definitely be giving her other works a try You can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviews “But that feeling paled in comparison to thoughts of Charlotte her sweet smile her teasing her warm welcoming heat the way her eyes lit up as he loved her The way she’d made him believe for the first time in as long as he could remember that there was to life than money or revengeThe way she’d made him believe that love was real” I was drawn into this story just from reading the introduction provided before Chapter 1 The author has developed the craft of making you believe you are part of the story and makes you cheer for a happy ending I enjoyed how she describes the characters They are brought to life immediately and you can feel the very heated intense connection between Lottie and ElahAs the story continues the writer provides the necessary background information on Lottie and Elah along with various family members This allows the reader to understand some of the decisions that are made and how they play into the development of Lottie and Elah’s relationshipThe author manages to interweave humor throughout the story along with creating an emotional buy in with the reader and the characters especially Lottie and Elah The story uickly progresses with Lottie and Elah discovering they really have feelings for one another and not sure how to handle them Their sexual connection is very intense with a little bit of spice Even though Elah comes across as domineering cold and hurtful he has a special place in his heart for Lottie; but he struggles with his growing feelings for herThe character of Lottie is a strong Black woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to fight for Elah’s heartElah’s Plaything portrays a real love story between two people who have been disappointed and hurt but find the way to give love a chance It is your classic love story with twist and turnsI would recommend this author and look forward to reading additional books by her Reviewed by Tanya Loved this bookStory BSex AI really liked this story I liked the others in the series but I especially liked this one Elah seemed so cold and unfeeling but then Lottie made his walls come down I liked the teasing between Lottie and Elah There were some parts with his dry sense of humor and her lightheartedness that made me laugh “So I’m married to either Batman or Michael Corleone Lottie said about Elah and I thought it was cute The sex was hawt But I will say that Elah was kind of a jerk during some of the scenes but he was dominating too which was sexy I wish that Lottie had of a backbone but I see why she believed her father over someone she just met And the ending was meh I wouldn't be as forgiving as Elah and the offenders didn't get what they deservedI also wish there was of a tie in to the other books in the series instead of just the main characters Can't wait for the next in the series I won't rate this since I'm DNF'ing 35% I'll just say that the uarter and a smidge I did read didn't capture me and I found myself being aggravated with the heroine's docile response to finding herself blackmailed into marriage Like chick you're not going to uestion your dad on whether any of the accusations against him are true before you agree to marry a man you don't know Then again her father went pale and mute so I guess that was enough to indict him And for someone who is involved in illegalcriminal activity lying your way through something should be second nature but Lottie's father wilted into a neutered pissant unable to say one word to defend himself Weak The writing is error free a plus but the content of the story rubbed me the wrong way and it could be due to the human trafficking stories I'm inundated with that reading about a woman being forced into marriage doesn't provide an escape from the cruelties of the real world Elah's plan to bring down his perceived enemy I don't see myself marrying my enemy's progeny as a way to extract revenge That would be like any one of us marrying Donald Trump Jr shudders I guess it he's lucky that Lottie is pretty and has ethics and moralsThe only character who had an honest reaction to Lottie being placed on the auction block to keep her daddy's misdeeds a secret was her mama And any relationship formed between Lottie and Elah would have hints of Stockholm Syndrome Sorry not sorry This is Lottie and Elah's story I enjoyed this couple because I like the theme of a woman with a pure loving heart thawing out the heart of the cold vengeful man She uses her goodness and her love to bring out the good in a man who appears to have no feelings because of trauma he has suffered from his past inflicted by Lottie's fatherI enjoyed this story Superb as alwaysI stumbled across Kaye Blue on day this summer and I have read almost every book she's written She is phenomenal Her BBW BWWM stories have a plot and they're hot I recommend all of her books Can love be born of hate and revenge Criminal Business mogul Saint Sinner Self made billionaire Elah Avakian has been called them all but labels and opinions are of no conseuence to him All that matters is his lifelong uest for revenge against his hated enemy a man who happens to be one of the city’s most revered politicians After decades of planning Elah is finally ready to get the justice he seeks His first step Taking his enemy’s most treasured possession his beloved daughter Lottie Trufant knows that her father is an honorable man so when Elah threatens to send him to prison and destroy his hard earned and well deserved reputation she can’t believe it She also can’t believe Elah’s price for her father’s freedom her hand in marriage Desperate to protect her father and convinced she can make Elah understand how wrong he is Lottie agrees to his terms and finds herself married to a stranger who hates her father a man who only sees her as a means to an end a man she finds herself drawn to and each day Not what I expected I thought this story was going to have a strong hint of BDSM I was wrong I don’t understand why Lottie so willingly agree to Elah’s proposal Lottie started out strong and alpha like but uickly weakened under Elah 15 stars

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