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Seaside Embrace Love in Bloom Seaside Summers #6 Loved it loved it loved it Hunter is such a sweetheart and extremely patient with Jana He may have been a player but once he hooked up with her he never once wanted another woman I loved the way he understood and accepted Jana's needs and never gave up on her Jana has commitment issues that prevent her from fully accepting a relationship with Hunter She knows they are great in bed but is afraid of getting emotionally involved but Hunter's softer side gets to her There are some funny scenes with the girls from Seaside as well as some hot scenes between Hunter and Jana Another great story in the Seaside seriesI received an ARC for the purpose of an honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own Melissa Foster has done it once again Each time I choose to read a book written by Ms Foster I am guaranteed a heartwarming story Seaside Embrace was no different as it provided me with that and I have been following the Seaside series from the beginning and the stories get better with each installment  She elicits a myriad of emotions in this addition to what I consider to be a great series What I love about this series is that each book can be read as a stand alone therefore you can read them in any order you so desire However I should warn you the moment you begin this series you will not be able to stop at just one book In the previous installments we were introduced to Hunter Lacroux and Jana Hunter I was secretly wishing they would get their own story and now my wish has been granted Hunter and Jana are not your typical couple They have been indulging in casual sex with each other for some time unbeknownst to their family and friends Their connection was combustible and addictive Eventually what started out as casual became something with substance However because of their stubborn natures they were determined to fight their feelings Hunter is a womanizer who was not looking for a permanent relationship and Jana had commitment phobia  Will these two be able to move past their pain and fear and cease their chance at love I enjoyed reading about Hunter and Jana It was easy to relate to them I liked that they were not afraid to acknowledge their weaknesses and took steps to address them Hunter was patient especially when it came to Jana He loved her and wanted to change the status of their relationship However he was willing to wait until Jana was able to acknowledge her feelings  That's the power of love Jana is strong but beneath that tough exterior lies a wounded soul She has had her share of pain hence her fear of commitment  She had allowed her fears to control her eventually though she was able to move past it and reclaim her life The sub plot was an eye opener It dealt with the problems that couples have to deal with in their marriage  It demonstrated that no matter how much we love someone if we don't address these problems and seek help then it's likely to lead to an end of the relationship   It's my belief that the problems Hunter's best friend were faced with helped him to better handle his relationship with Jana The story which is beautifully written was engrossing I was pulled in from the start and was eager to see the direction the story was going to take Like all her stories Seaside Embrace is a story about love hope struggles and friendships  Each of her stories is different with uniue characters  There is so much laughter camaraderie and tears flowing between the pages that you can't but help feel like you are a part of this group of friends  Fans of Melissa Foster you do not want to miss out on this one For those who are new to her work you need to get a copy of Seaside Embrace You will love every moment of it I for one am looking forward to the next book in the series Love isn't about having all the answers It's about not caring if you don't because what happiness really comes down to is knowing that you don't need answers if your heart is full of the person you cherish most Jana and Hunter start out as just a hook up but one of them decides is in store while the other is afraid of commitment There is a lot of sexual chemistry intimacy and common interests to help this couple along And babieslots of adorable babies Foster always manages to write a sexy story that showcases the couple with underlying themes of family and friends and dreams being met without being repetitive and this is no exception Well done Provided by Tasty Book Tours Jana is the most contrary character to date that Melissa Foster has written Guess that is part of her charm It amazes me that Melissa Foster continues to surprise me after reading so many of her books Hunter walks the walk He has just the right amount of arrogance and resolve to stay one step ahead of the game Jana may be fiesty but he is determined and that is a passionate combination I received an ARC of Seaside Embrace in exchange for an honest review With each novel from the Love in Bloom series I leave a little bit of my heart behind at the end Knowing I'll willingly do so all over again Seaside Embrace is a fantastic new addition to the Seaside series The way this story started off I knew the characters were in trouble especially JanaJana is a very strong independent woman who is insecure when it comes to her ability to commit to relationships Jana loves to dance box and perform in theater Lately life has gotten crazy and out of control that Jana has had to cut back on the things she loves Hunter is a creative and hard working when it comes to his sculptures and a major player in his personal life He's not used to relationships or romance Jana and Hunter are very similar with their player and non commitment behavior They often butt heads and get on each others nerves Hunter finds Jana to be a challenge is willing to pursue a chance of being with Jana Jana's insecurities about relationships and her past don't make it easy Hunter's patience and ability to communicate with Jana impressed and pleased me I couldn't put the book down I was too curious to see if Hunter and Jana could work it out I can't wait to see what is next for the Seaside Series I would love to see what happens with Clark and Nina Hunter's brother Grayson or Jana's siblings I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours all the opinions above are 100% my own It's a romantic story passionate with two strong and amazing charactersJana is too busy to pursue her dream she wants her professional fulfillment has no time and desire to have a serious and stable relationship Her ideal partner is Hunter a playboy who doesn't want a romantic love story The chemistry between them is really hot It seems both pleased with this relationship until she challenges him to do something different be romantic with a woman This challenge will make it clear to Hunter what he really wants Will he win the wounded heart of JanaHunter has always been a playboy who enjoy relationships without commitment But when he realizes that Jana is the only woman he wants in life he changes completely He is willing to wait complies with her needs and tries to give her safety with his love He's really a great guy sweet sexy determined Jana seems cocky and self confident but deep inside is very fragile and terrified to open her heart especially with a playboy like Hunter She had terrible disappointments in the past and it is understandable her fearI'm happy to be back in Seaside I love this city I would like to live here and get to know its inhabitants especially women I love their friendship the support that they always give each others and their way of welcoming new arrivalsThis is part of the Seasise Summers series but could easily be read by itself I highly recommend the other Seaside books once you read one you will want to read them allI love and Melissa Foster and look forward to her new release She creates magical and cozy places to live and characters very realistic believable and fascinatingThis is a must read as I started reading it I could not put it down For anyone who enjoys sweet reads this may be perfect for you 45 StarsI cannot tell you how happy I was to get back to the Seaside Summers crew Those couples are awesome and sexy and now I'm adding Hunter and Jana to that list Jana has so much going for her dancer boxer actress and sometimes a waitress for her brother Plus she's the one hook up that Hunter can't get enough of But is that enough for Jana and Hunter to have a stable relationshipKnow that Melissa has made Hunter this sexy temptation that even Jana cannot give up Hunter is a dirty dirty boy and I love it You'll know Hunter as Sky Grayson Pete and Matt's brother and Brock is Jana's eldest brother Melissa easily weaves the friends and families together in this steamy romanceHeartwarming and romantic Seaside Embrace is another must read in the Love in Bloom Seaside Summers Series Actually all of the books in the Love in Bloom series are must reads and my go to rereads Main characters that are incredibly real and secondary characters that feel like family are what make these books unforgettable This was actually my second reading of Seaside Embrace I’d just finished reading Bayside Romance which is Harper Garner Seaside Embrace heroine Jana Garner’s older sister’s story Jana is a secondary character in Harper’s book along with her two brothers Brock and Colton I remembered reading Brock the older brother’s story in a novella last year but even after reading the synopsis I didn’t recall reading Jana and Hunter’s story I guess since it had been a few years and there are so many books in Foster’s Love in Bloom universe and I’ve read so many books since then it’s somewhat excusable that I’d forgotten I’d read this book At least I keep telling myself that Any way it didn’t take long for me to realize that I had already read this book but while I remembered the main plot and sort of remembered the ending I’d forgotten much of the story So I did something I rarely as in never do I went back and read it again My first thought about Jana in this story was “she’s a bit of a slut” I mean come on five years ago when she was twenty and trying to break up with her then boyfriend Spencer who just wouldn’t accept that they were over she decides the only thing she can do to end it with him is to do his best friend and let him catch them together Who thinks that way In her first drunken hook up with Hunter she’s even calling out another man’s name while in the throes of the orgasms he’s giving her Then we’re told that Jana doesn’t do relationships since that one with Spencer ended so badly and all the ones before didn’t end well either She was only twenty freaking years old How many relationships had she been in So now she just hooks up for one night stands A lot Before you tar and feather me for slut shaming as a male chauvinist I also thought our hero Hunter who up until Jana was banging anything in a skirt and only did one night stands too was a man whore Understand that I grew up in a time when premarital sex was pretty much the norm but it was also for most of us pretty much limited to someone we were in a relationship with even if it didn’t stand the test of time So even though I’ve read probably hundreds of contemporary romances I still have trouble getting my head around the whole sex for sex sake with people you haven’t even told people you care about concept that is prevalent in most of these stories As it turns out Jana didn’t sleep with Spencer’s best friend but only made out with him And neither she nor Hunter have been with anyone but each other since they met six months prior to the start of this story Even though neither consciously realizes they’ve been monogamous over that period Especially Jana whom we realize as the story unfolds isn’t particularly aware of a lot of things in her life Hunter becomes the rare for me romance hero I at first at least liked than the heroine Once he decides he wants Jana as than an occasional drunken hook up his determination and commitment is admirable He’ll need it because Jana is uite frankly a hot mess She’d had so many bad relationships ending with Spencer by the time she was twenty with so many exes blaming her for the breakups that she’s convinced herself she isn’t suitable girlfriend material Add to that despite all her accomplishments as a dancer actress boxer etc she has very little self confidence The only thing about herself she’s truly confident about is her sexuality and she often uses sex and alcohol as a coping mechanism when her life feels out of control Get drunk get laid wash repeat The youngest of four siblings her brothers and sister really do care about her but none of them seem aware of how deeply emotionally troubled Jana really is At least not enough to suggest she get professional help for her self destructive behavior Either that or they’re so busy not wanting to be too judgmental of their little sister’s propensity for drinking too much and then hooking up with strange men on a semi regular basis to have an intervention Brock tries to counsel her but always backs off when she tells him to stay out of her personal life Harper just seems to think that even though she doesn’t drink as much or have one night hook ups Jana is just built differently and it’s a life style choice not a self destructive behavioral issue We don’t really know what her brother Colton thinks Even the Seaside Sisters still my favorite characters in all of the Love in Bloom mini series either aren’t aware of or don’t see anything wrong with Jana’s behaviorHunter eventually pushes to be than a “fuck buddy” Jana even though deep down inside wants is afraid to try tells Hunter she prefers fuck buddies who promise sunsets but deliver orgasms Understand that even fuck buddy is a major step up in their relationship since at the start of the book both are intent on not hooking up again because they just don’t do the same person than once or twice to avoid clingy relationship issues It’s just that neither is able to ignore the sexual chemistry that explodes when they get naked together Hunter despite his previous man whore ways when he realizes he really cares for Jana exhibits the patience of a saint as he gradually breaks down Jana’s walls and drags Jana almost kicking and screaming into a relationship With the help of the Seaside Girls who act as Jana’s older sisters helping her get her professional life in order and Hunter gradually helping her get her emotional as well as professional life in order Jana finally finds some inner peace and at long last confidence in her own ability to be in a relationship and in what she and Hunter share to commit to him This book is extremely sexy and romantic with plenty of laughs and good feels along the way to Jana and Hunter’s HEA I always look forward to a new release from Melissa Foster but after hotties Heath Wild Boys and Eric Daring her Love plus 'undercrackers' Duke Ryder to look forward to I didn't expect to like Hunter Lacroux as much as I didLet me tell you ladies this guy is HAWT He runs Grunters Ironworks with his brother Grayson his book is coming soon and let's just say that he's good with his hands in ways than one if you get my drift ;The object of his affection in Jana Garner a friend of Skye's These two just sizzle and it all takes place on the Cape; P'town Wellfleet Brewster Hyannisit took me right back to my holiday there last September and made me want to returnHunter had the most endearing personality and a gorgeous heartwhen these guys fall someone needs to shout TIMMMM BBEERRRRRAnd the bedroom scenes fans self talk about burn up the sheetsin fact I think I might just have to give this book a second read ;Don't miss this book ladies it's a scorcher You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh emotional and entertaining Make sure you have all night because once you start you won't want to stop reading Every book's a winner New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak Like Nora Roberts Melissa Foster has captivated me with her fantastic sexy romantic stories Kimberly Winning avid reader IN SEASIDE EMBRACE After working hard all day creating his beautiful metal sculptures sinfully sexy Hunter Lacroux likes to unwind with a hot sexy babe or two But after spending a handful of naughty nights with seductive and beautiful Jana Garner the woman who challenges everything he does and says Hunter wants As a dancer boxer actress and waitress Jana is tough organized and as dedicated as she is committed She has to be to maintain her crazy schedule But when it comes to men Jana's had a string of bad relationships and there's only one thing she'll commit to not committing White hot passion ignites every time Jana and Hunter are together but the closer Hunter gets the faster Jana runs When Hunter lays on the charm Jana throws out a challenge she's sure he can't meet and Hunter steps up to the plate forcing her to face her hurtful past or let go of him forever SEASIDE EMBRACE is part of the SEASIDE SUMMERS romance and Love in Bloom romance series Each book may be read as a stand alone novel or as part of the series Read the full LOVE IN BLOOM series SNOW SISTERSBOOK 1 Sisters in LoveBOOK 2 Sisters in BloomBOOK 3 Sisters in White THE BRADENS Weston CO BOOK 1 Lovers at Heart Treat Max BOOK 2 Destined for Love Rex JadeBOOK 3 Friendship on Fire Josh RileyBOOK 4 Sea of Love Dane LacyBOOK 5 Bursting with Love Savannah JackBOOK 6 Hearts at Play Hugh Bree THE BRADENS Trusty COBOOK 1 Taken by Love LukeBOOK 2 Fated for Love WesBOOK 3 Romancing My Love PierceBOOK 4 Flirting with Love RossBOOK 5 Dreaming of Love EmilyBOOK 6 Crashing into Love Jake THE BRADEN WORLD NOVELLASPromise My Love Rex Jade's Wedding NovellaBest if read after Weston Trusty Bradens THE BRADENS Peaceful Harbor MDBOOK 1 Healed by Love NateBOOK 2 Surrender My Love ColeBOOK 3 Crushing on Love ShannonCOMING SOONBOOK 4 River of Love SamBOOK 5 Whisper of Love TempestBOOK 6 Thrill of Love Ty THE REMINGTONSBOOK 1 Game of Love DexBOOK 2 Stroke of Love SageBOOK 3 Flames of Love SienaBOOK 4 Slope of Love RushBOOK 5 Read Write Love Kurt SEASIDE SUMMERS BOOK 1 Seaside Dreams BellaBOOK 2 Seaside Hearts JennaBOOK 3 Seaside Sunsets JamieBOOK 4 Seaside Secrets AmyBOOK 5 Seaside Nights SkyBOOK 6 Seaside Embrace Hunter COMING SOONBOOK 7 Seaside Lovers GraysonBOOK 8 Seaside Whispers Matt AUTHOR BIOMelissa Foster is a New York Times USA Today bestselling and award winning author She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance perfect beach reads with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page Melissa also co writes the Love on Rockwell Island series with New York Times bestselling author Bella Andre Melissa's emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog Hagerstown Magazine The Patriot and several other print venues She is the founder of the World Literary Cafe and Fostering Success Melissa enjoys chatting with readers and book clubs Send her an email invitation to your next event

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