Thrilling Stories of the Railway Epub ß Stories of

Thrilling Stories of the Railway As stories they're pretty slight but the author's attention to meticulous although impossible to actually picture or tell whether it's realistic detail about the action is an interesting feature The main character's health system is a bit overdone but also kind of hilarious you might think of oatmeal and lentils as health foods but Dutch cheese is an odd one but his fourth healthiest foods pick is uh macaroni???? The writing is heavily indebted to Sherlock Holmes although it lacks Doyle's panachecontains 2 stories that are anti strikers so it's bad uite a few stories are really just about the mechanics of the railway and disrupting them a bit with the background basically meaningless he does provide diagrams for uite a few of these but it's still hard to picture Five stories with sleuth Thorpe Hazell Entertaining A series of short mystery stories that take place on trains The stories were OK Very short But Cumberbatch's narration is wonderful I mean he could read the phone book in that sexy baritone of his and make it fascinating but it's than that He is a skilled impressionist and that comes in handy reading audiobooks He gives each character a uniue voice and accent without making it sound like he's doing voices This reminded me a lot of Sherlock Holmes The Rediscovered Railway and Other Stories Three and a half stars is a fair average rating as some stories are better than others A nice collection of short stories although Thrilling is probably not the right word Thorpe Hazell is an engaging and interesting if peculiar detective with his strange dietary and exercise habits However I enjoyed the stories with him in them than the othersI imagine that any mystery loving train buff would really appreciate the attention to accurate railway detail in these stories Good Sherlock stories for a family road trip albeit predictable ones Very Sherlock Holmes'esk written in a similar style but with a likeable character in Hazel The stories were fun than thrilling but a uick read that was enjoyable Let's be honest who read this for the stories?? Benedict Cumberbatch reads five stories featuring the famous vegetarian railway detective Thorpe Hazell as heard on BBC Radio 4 In The Affair of the German Dispatch Box Hazell hatches a daring plan to retrieve a highly sensitive government document before it reaches the German Ambassador In Sir Gilbert Murrell's Picture when an entire wagon containing valuable paintings disappears from a goods train Hazell's skill is needed In The Affair of the Corridor Express a multimillionaire's son disappears from a moving train Hazell must find the kidnappers before the boy is lost forever In The Stolen Necklace a lady begs Hazell to help when the diamond necklace that she borrowed is stolen from her suitcase In The Affair of the Birmingham Bank customers keep drawing money from a Midlands bank so gold reserves are sent by train Hazell must guard against train robbery Great narration So awesome I loved the audiobook

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