Haunted After Moonrise After Moonrise Connected to

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Haunted After Moonrise After Moonrise Connected to Possessed by PC Cast Book 2 Another hitAnother great story by Gena Showalter There is nothing that this woman writes that I don't love Check her out and fall in love with her worlds I hate to say this because I usually loveeee her books But I so didn't enjoy this book The prologue ruined it for me After reading it and the first chapter you pretty much know whats going on There are a few mystery's later on in the book which were a surprise but by then I had pretty much checked out of the book My advice is DON'T read the prologue and maybe you will have mystery to keep you entertained After Moonrise the elite detective agency crosses into the dark side but it can be dangerous when the living communicate with the dead Curtis Raef can channel the most violent of emotions His power has solved hundreds of police investigations But his gift comes with a curse cynical hard and alone he’s burning out fast Then Lauren Wilcox arrives with a haunting case her murdered twin sister is communing with Lauren’s spirit Raef’s the only one who can help But which twin does he want to save Interesting twists and turns although I did get a little lost and frustrated in the beginning I actually enjoyed these two short stories Although gruesome they show a lot of depth and detail gone into creating them This book was really good It was definitely suspenseful and had some interesting twists and turns in it I can't write too much about it without giving anything away so I'm just going to say you should definitely read it Even though it’s a gruesome story it was still entertaining This was ok It was a little slow in the beginning The weird thing is I feel like I’ve read it already but I couldn’t really remember A funny suspenseful tale of a couple who meet under strange circumstancesThe plot twist is truly interesting and h is funny and a ball buster at the same time their reality which is in suspense made me cry too a uick and delightful read 35If this were made into a detective type series I think it would be amazingThis is an older book from 2012 that’s been reissuedHarper felt drawn to a certain apartment building and dragged her roommate out of their house and moved in Meanwhile she’s been having blackouts and losing timeLevi a detective on leave for how his last case went down has been experiencing the same things Blackouts lost time and a weird compulsion to move into a crappy apartmentHarper has been sleepwalking er sleep painting She’s an artist and at night she’s been painting a horrific and bloody scene She decides to tell her cop neighbor her theory she thinks she witnessed a murder and her subconscious has been pushing her to paint it She wants him to help her figure out what she’s repressedHe’s grumpy and his partner is pretending he doesn’t exist He’s suspended and losing time He has his own issues he doesn’t need this hot blonde and all her chaos to upend his life But he can’t get her out of his head eitherI know that this is 8 years old but I don’t want to spoil it The prologue and the title allow for the fact that someone is haunted here In this book some people can seecommunicate with the dead some can’t It’s a normal thing And there’s a ghost hunter type company that operates like hiring a private detective would Harper’s roommate works for the local branch of them but she doesn’t want Harper to go to them for help Now this is something I wish had been fleshed out I wish we’d gotten information earlier on about them and that they’d been utilized soonerSo Levi and Harper band together to help figure out why they both are having blackouts why Harper is painting a gruesome murder that and looks like the last case Levi worked on and through it all figure out why they were both pulled to this crappy apartment buildingI liked this world and the characters It went in a different direction than I thought it would and that ending would really really make an amazing detective series Like I know it’s been 8 years but seriously a series based on these two would be exciting and something fresh out in Romancelandia I bought this book